Ecosystem Team Weekly Update - 12/11/2021

What we’re working on:

  • Ecosystem Team has organised into
    • Business Development (BD) - encourages entrepreneurs and developers to build new projects and on NEAR.
    • Ecosystem Success (ES) - supports those already committed to building on NEAR by removing blockers and accelerating the journey to a successful launch. The ES team maintains a catalog of service providers willing to support NEAR projects across a variety of domains.
  • Building the framework for a highly detailed community-driven NEAR official ecosystem map to power multiple front ends
  • Actively refining the dealflow pipeline criteria and process
  • Wiki and Service Menu updates published
  • Onboarding decks for community, spin outs, fast grants, onboarded projects to reference for resources & support right away
  • Continuing to onboard projects that are funded/building
  • Regular syncs with projects to inventory needs, capture important dates/milestones to provide support leading up to them
  • Structuring a handoff & support process between ES<>OWS in regards to size & scope of projects joining
  • Stood up a calendar for project milestones/ecosystem events for cross org visibility and reference to ensure they are kept on top of
  • Onboarding two new members Nicky and Norah.

Exciting events/milestones in the NEAR Ecosystem: