Do you think ".near" accounts are valuable or will be valuable in the future?

Hi Guys,

Do you think .near accounts are valuable or will be valuable in the future?

When I first learned about near protocol, I thought for sure that people would start snagging premium account names and reserve the names of their company, family members, ideas…etc. Is there a reason why not more people are reserving a human-readable *.near account name? If you think about it, once you get an account name on the blockchain, you’ll technically own that account name for as long as the blockchain exists and as long as you maintain the access keys (please correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not a technical expert and just discussing things as I understand them). If the Near Protocol blockchain really takes off and billions of people start using the blockchain daily then premium account names (.near) should become really valuable right?

P.S. has anyone checked the dapp and know how it works? Why isn’t there just a regular market place for .Near accounts?

On that note, wouldn’t it be great to have an official Near Protocol Account Names Market Place where users can trade account names like they are trading NFTs or web2 domains?

Appreciate your comments and advice.

There should actually be one…
We’ve see same thing happened on other blockchains also so having a .near name market place on near is a great idea

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Thanks for the response! If there is already an online near accounts market place, do you mind sending me the link?

The only marketplace I know of is Gonear but it looks like a lot of work needs to go on this site before it takes off, also there aren’t that many users. I’m hoping Paras will start a service where they allow users to sell account names much like NFTs.

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Check out NameSky. This is a place that mints and lists account names as NFTs. Very cool