Asking if i may reimburse near tokens For the near names & near tokens i sent to friends the past few months to help them set up

i was told i can get reimbursed for the near names and the near tokens to get them strarted that i sent onboarding some friends for the past few months i made rough list of the names i sent using nearnames gifting . bitjamin.near wowcrypto.near hariram.near bala.near lynn.near definitelynotme.near hosherama.near teammanila.near encryptedmagic.near mryuk.near abstractgrid.near cryptoyuna.near and luluxxx.near i know there is more but this is the ones i remember i am not really sure how i can check in blockexplorer (i used both mohini.near and ooakosimo.near) but im just trying to get reimbursed if that is possible but if not is okay they were initially as gifts and i just got those near tokens for free from participating in proposals and from art sales in paras :slight_smile: . so far this list has 12 people would like to get 2 near for each name cos i also sent to most of them between 1 to 3 near tokens each at at time.

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