DJ DAO : Introduction

Hello everyone!

We are the DJ DAO; an international collective of DJs, remixers, beat makers and electronic artists. In light of the severe decline of performance opportunities in the DJ industry across the world, we have come together to help enable these performers and provide them with wider networking, growth and creative opportunities through the NEAR Network.

A DAO has already been set up by djs.near, which can be found here; with netuno.near as a council member . The DAO will host a range of programs, starting with October’s run of Strictly Ballein.

As we continue to actively onboard members onto our telegram group (with plans for a discord channel in the near future), we are continuously brainstorming new ideas for events, workshops and content.

We are very excited to bring more great humans and great music to this platform :fist: :headphones:


Hey @netunoblu awesome first post! Love the progress with DJ DAO. I would like to recommend the use of the NxM Discord server in the meantime if that makes sense as we already have a cross-pollination of artists between the two DAOs.

Looking forward to the October DJ DAO funding proposal and for the October’s Strictly Ballein line up!


This looks great, very happy to see more DAOs popping up. I am sure you’ll find plenty of DJs in the ecosystem who would love the support!


Welcome, DJ DAO! :musical_note:
Looking forward to hearing more about what your future plans are and to attending your events soon.


Salute to the DJ Dao community,

Kudos to netunobluand vandal for inviting me to take part in this awesome collective, so great to see more initiatives using technology, metaverses, and Web3 to support and enable DJ’s and music creators to do what they love to do especially since the pandemic hit all of us who rely on live performances and such got hit so bad.

I’m looking forward to being involved, synergize and suggest ideas that will help to empower and grow the Dao!