Introducing the NEAR Day Community Content Bounty Program for ETH Denver 2023

Introducing the NEAR Denver Community Content Bounty Program for ETH Denver 2023

We are thrilled to announce that the Marketing DAO is launching a Community Content Bounty program for all community members attending ETH Denver. We want to encourage members to unleash their creativity, capture and amplify the NEAR experience in various formats while rewarding the best contributions.

NEAR Day @ ETH Denver

This year we are going HARD. NEAR is going to have a unique and unprecedented presence at ETH Denver which includes:

  • NEAR Day - a 1-day mini summit on the Main Stage at ETH Denver.
  • Hosting official opening party - Ethereum Without Limits
  • Participate in ETH Denver Hackathon, Build on NEAR
  • Dozens of side events, among others.

Call to Action - Bounty Bonanza

The objective of the bounty is quite simple - to capture and amplify the energy and key announcements from the conference so that EVERYONE can live the NEAR experience, even if they are not able to attend.

We are looking for original content across platforms, including:

  • Tweets, twitter threads
  • Original memes
  • On location photos & Videos
  • Shorts (TikTok, Reels, YT)
  • Blog Posts
  • Interviews with speakers, builders and key event stakeholders

Categories: Before the Event & During the Event

To ensure we get wide coverage and allow participation from our global community, we’ve created the following categories: before the event AND during the event. Each category will have a separate, dedicated pool of money to reward the best content. A detailed outline of the prize money available for each category, eligible content and specific criteria required for claiming each bounty will be available closer to the conferences dates.

  1. Before the Event

Fire up the FOMO! Anyone can participate in this category, even if you are not able to attend ETH Denver.

We are looking for original content leading up to ETH Denver that generates excitement and high expectations for the NEAR presence at ETH Denver.

To be eligible for the bounty program, the content should:

  • Be organic and original: we are looking for content that shares a specific point of view, such as a personal journey, what makes you most excited about attending, authentic invites encouraging others to come hack with you, etc.
  • Include NEAR branding
  • Help position NEAR’s as an ecosystem with a special and collaborative relationship with Ethereum ecosystems.
  • Invite the Ethereum community to drop by and learn more
  • Raise awareness of and generate excitement about NEAR talks, speakers, events and news that will be shared during NEAR Denver
    • Ex. Share schedule the schedule in a creative way
  • Increase in-person attendance at the event and online participation/engagement with NEAR Denver content
  • Let people know that they can participate in the ETH Denver hackathon and build on NEAR
  • Increase total number of hackathon participants building on NEAR
  1. During the Event - NEAR Denver

All Eyes on NEAR. We have a rock solid lineup of speakers and, word on the street, is that there are going to be very interesting, special announcements and releases. Whatever the speakers throw at you - be present, be loud (online), and be proud.

The following bounties will be available for every talk on Main Stage during NEAR Denver. See full schedule here.

Some initiatives may include, but are not limited to:

  • Tweet major announcements
  • Live-tweet presentations as threads
  • Images of speakers, slides, venue, etc.
  • Short videos (TikTok) summarising talks
  • Organic content - why does announcement matters? Why are you excited?

How it Works & Next Steps

  1. The Marketing DAO will post a proposal on the NEAR governance forum requesting funding for the Community Bounty Program.
  2. Once approved, NEAR Foundation will transfer funds into Marketing DAO AstroDAO.
  3. Rewards will be paid by the Marketing DAO directly to bounty recipients via Astro.
  4. We will provide specific instructions for claiming bounties.

About the Marketing DAO

The Marketing DAO allocates funding to NEAR ecosystem marketing initiatives seeking grants under $10K USD. The Marketing DAO is made up of globally-distributed marketing professionals, creatives and NEAR enthusiasts. Learn more in the Marketing DAO Handbook, connect with us on Twitter @marketingdaoers or email us at


Very excited about this initiative!

Was there a link to the Content Working Group where content ideas can co-mingle?


Link to join Content Creators group - Telegram: Contact @NearContentCreatorsWG


Looking forward to hearing community feedback and input on this new program as we move forward.

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Awesome! Looking forward to amazing content from the community!

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That’s great for Near community, we will also participate. Thanks for sharing @satojandro


I am Definitely going to show recap and create an reels and post share it on Talsk on Near

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How to submit all the bounty action … is there anh form or just need to share it on Near forum

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