[Approved] NEAR Day Community Content Bounty Program for ETH Denver 2023

Following our initial post announcing the NEAR Day Community Content Bounty Program for ETH Denver 2023, the MarketingDAO is excited to share additional details. In this post, we will share:

  • Content requirements
  • Available rewards
  • The MarketingDAO request for funds to pay out rewards

During ETHDenver, we have the opportunity to work together as a community to amplify the NEAR ecosystem at an important time. Before we dive into the details, a few things to keep in mind:

We intend this program to reward content creators for work they’d already be producing and also help identify great content creators in the NEAR community for future MarketingDAO initiatives and activities.

Eligible Content Types

This content bounty program will reward the following types of content. This is a general list. If you produce content on a platform not listed below, you are still welcome to submit:

  • Social media posts (Near.Social, Tweets/Twitter threads, Instagram, LinkedIn, BeReal)
  • Video content (YouTube/Shorts, TikTok, Reels)
  • Audio content (Podcasts, Twitter spaces)
  • Blog posts (Medium, Blogchain)
  • Translations

Content Requirements

To be eligible for content bounties, content submitted must:

  • Comply with NEAR Community code of conduct and guidelines
  • Be original (no AI), authentic and present a unique point of view
  • Directly relate to ETHDenver and/or NEAR Day
  • Must increase positive awareness of NEAR protocol and ecosystem
  • Appear on a platform that is public
  • Reference one of the following from the ETHDenver/NEAR Day event:
    • Specific talk/panel
    • Opening/closing event
    • Side event
    • Hackathon
    • Major news/announcement
    • NEAR ecosystem project/initiative with presence at the conference
  • Appear on an account (social media, Medium, etc.) that is at least two months old (created before 2023) and displays evidence of an existing, substantive audience composed of real accounts/followers. We are intentionally not including a baseline follower count here, as smaller accounts can be influential
  • For social media, display an engagement rate of at least 2% (based on 1-5% industry standard across platforms)

In addition to the above requirements, the MarketingDAO reserves the right to use discretion to ensure rewards are allocated to high-quality, original content with organic traffic.

We will not reward content that is:

  • Associated with suspicious account activity (including bots and ghost/fake followers)
  • Published on accounts that fail to display evidence of an existing, substantive audience composed of real accounts/followers
  • Poor quality, hard to hear/understand due to audio or visual production issues
  • Misrepresentative of the NEAR ecosystem or factually inaccurate
  • Financial advice

Bounty rewards:

The MarketingDAO is requesting $10K to reward community members for producing original, authentic, positive content related to ETHDenver and NEAR Day.

The reward structure will be as follows:

  • $500 All Star content bounties (4) – $2K total
  • $100 Standard content bounties (50) – $5K total
  • $100 Hackathon/building-in-public content (10) – $1K total
  • $20 Individual tweets (100) – $2K total

We will aim to reward the total amount requested, but we acknowledge that there is no guarantee that we will receive the exact number of content submissions that meet the requirements outlined above. We will hold any funds that are not rewarded and incorporate them into the next bounty program. Rewards that meet the requirements will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis except for the All Star content bounties, which will be selected and allocated after the close of the conference.

Lastly, note that the MarketingDAO will pay rewards after receipt of the funding from the NEAR Foundation.

Submission and review process

Use this form to submit content that meets the above requirements and reward structure. You can submit multiple content links at one time.

The MarketingDAO will review submissions and award rewards on a rolling basis through 3/12/23.

Total Amount - $10,000 USD

Target Wallet - marketing.sputnik-dao.near


Thanks for putting this together Lorraine,

Happy to support this initiative.

Very excited to see Bounties come to life. Looking forward to seeing what great pieces of content come out this.


@so608 excited for the content bounties.

A suggestions to add from myself and BeeHouse DAO is to enable remote people who are not physically present in the event to participate.

That could work in multiple ways:

-Someone records video (interview, scenes…) and someone else remotely edits the video (bounty could be split up)

-Repurposing content from existing content published online by creators (e.g. someone makes a 10-15 min YouTube video from the Tweets, short videos…and content made by someone physically there)

For the content we’re working on, I’d be down to edit a select number of videos for free with split publishing (published on the creator’s channel, ours, and could reshare on NEAR or Marketing DAO).


Happy to support you! For all contributors: please let me know who is willing to do some content about Aurora or able to retweet one significant announcement on Thursday March 2nd and get the bounty for the work (@kmotiv on Telegram ASAP please);


Hey @pooriaarab – there are no location specs in the requirements so in my opinion, have at it!

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We are happy to support Near. We are starting creating videos, medium articles and posts to create awareness around the project and engage the community.
#Nearday #EthDenver #Nearisnow


Just wanted to add my support for this first Bounty initiative and ask the community to help us make this a success. Everyone can get involved by creating content or raising awareness through reposting on their social channels. LFG!


Wow this is awesome and great timing. Proud to be a NEARian and to contribute.

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We have received applications from:

  1. Ola retweet https://twitter.com/auroraisnear/status/1631377256894570496?s=46&t=WHRBqMo_ehX6Xunxi7eGbQ $20 not yet claimed Inspiratibiz.near

  2. Mohermmerd ali https://twitter.com/mohermmmd?t=tRPUXQb88vdAZ8DEC89mwg&s=08 $20
    not yet claimed Moha.near

  3. Kristjan Sokoli

https://twitter.com/kristjan90/status/1632213831715008513?s=46&t=8E-7sIgVXHErGNhkAiBwCg $100 , not yet claimed, b3aa219da39aab456157a358c7867f9d3603e961df875073d1d596f068bcb96d

  1. crypto_groggs $20 not yet claimed, bjirken.near https://twitter.com/crypto_groggs/status/1631285071511429120
  1. Shubham Navratan Karwa Major Highlights of Near from ETHDenver Event. | by Shubham Maheshwari | Mar, 2023 | Medium, https://twitter.com/TalksonNear/status/1633178356652077056?s=20 $120 shubham007.near not yet claimed
  1. Muva of Marketing double
  2. Elias Zinas double
  1. NEARWEEK , https://twitter.com/nearweek/status/1631726524717203456?s=46&t=a1IAA-U3AhChEaHNTht1Ww $100 Standard content bounties, not yet claimed, unlimitedlove.near , paid

  2. BGem https://twitter.com/realBGem?t=JXwgl7hrKm4zb6FhO5o88A&s=09 , * $20 Individual tweets, paid, bheegem.near

  1. Genx Artist https://twitter.com/Goatboy_360/status/1632489960627478530 , https://twitter.com/Goatboy_360/status/1633232679847051264 https://twitter.com/Goatboy_360/status/1634243283257020416 $1500 All Star content bounties, not yet claimed, genxartist.near paid

  2. NEARWEEK , EthDenver NEARWEEK Blog - Google Docs , $500 All Star content bounties, not yet claimed, unlimitedlove.near paid


Good work so far.

I recommend everyone to go through and give each a retweet or like etc to continue to boost


Thanks @Dacha for sharing the current submissions on the forum and good suggestion from @Niall to further amplify the content.

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@marketingdao-council I just filled the form and submitted all the posts, threads, articles, and also Event highlights.

Now, What’s next and Whom should we contact for Bounty Winners !!



Please create a transfer on Astro DAO, Marketing DAO https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals Near or USDC.E


Confirming that submissions through Sunday will be considered?

I just filled the form and submitted :hugs::heart:

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I’ve submitted my proposal yesterday

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Hi @Dacha when will proposals be signed?

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Just submitted two pieces of content! Looking forward to hearing back this week :slight_smile: