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Hi all! I am looking into growing my own NEAR project. It’s NFT and gaming based, but having difficulty finding a dev team with a lot of NEAR experience. Is there a place where I can chat with and potentially interview and hire devs in this forum or a job board somewhere?

Thank you.



I’m interested in the NFT Near Project and I’d love to apply to be part of it as A Community Moderator

Here’s my Resume https://.google.com/file/d/1QVyI6OBtQHexRNo79dcli_tUduKNiJP9/view?usp=drivesdk
I have a ton of experience in community management and moderation and think I’d make a great asset to the team. Let me know if you have time to chat.


Mmenie Etudor

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@andresdom check this bro

@Nathan you can contact Andres here: t.me/andresdom2004

Good evening! Will happy introduce your project in Near Games group :blush:


There are a tonne of students getting qualified as NEAR Developers as we speak, might have some luck in the NEAR University Discord channel

Best of luck with the project! :tada:

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I’d love to be part of the project as a frontend developer.

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I am a Blockchain developer and I have 7 years of web development experience.
I started blockchain 2 years ago and so I worked on ETH for 1.5 years and 0.5years for solana.
Now I am working on Near for 5 months and I have done much work on Near.
I have good exp to build NFT marketplace on Near and I did NFT Stakings for VexedApesClub, ApeNearClub, KokumoKongz.
And I am helping KaizoFighters to build their 1v1 Fighting Game(I have a game dev also so I can help you on Game side also. I am familiar with Unity and Phaser for Game development).
Recently I did NFT minting and staking and dashboard for Terraspaces and The minting succeed and 777 sold out in 18 hours and 70k+ funds were go to Treasury.
I hope to discuss with you.
Thank you. Xu