Dev at Minting Music Weekly Update 2021-08-09

Hey folks,

We had a productive last week at Minting Music.

Technologies were on pace to meet the requirements posed by the initial influencer event date. We may get some of our “gilded” requirements online for the new influencer event date.


Productive conversations this week with Satori Sonar and Mintbase.

Prospects for integration and testing with Satori Sonar seem promising. More details to come.

Mintbase (Luis and Nate) were kind enough to demonstrate their deeplinking systems for us (Jaswinder and Quinn). We are considering employing this feature with QR to make NFT send/burn/receive/buy easy for our lowest engagement event-goers. We hope to have continued conversations with Mintbase concerning the status and implementation of Mintbase-JS and their indexer.


The beta version of the Web 3.0 application has moved to the test environment. This app contains nft display, wallet collectable display, and play/pause button for music. Great work Jass! Thank you Luis, Nate, and the rest of the Mintbase team for their fine repos.

Business Systems

We have had productive conversations amongst the team concerning our incorporation and partnership agreement. Once the draft is finalized it may be an interesting discussion case for the Legal DAO. Special thanks to Colin at Whiskey Ghost Entertainment Law.

Late last week we had a full team call concerning “community” and what associated internal and external community support software systems would look like. We came up with some great ideas that we are excited to test out and build. We discussed the onboarding of community members to our Web 2.0 site and what that could look like when integrating and improving on existing platforms. In addition, we are considering Discord and Telegram features to decide which best will serve our needs, as well as exploring alternative options for community communication. In addition, we are discussing the long term goal of building our own communication platform through our website and app.

Outstanding Considerations

Still thinking critically about Key Performance Indicators and the best ways to measure and display success for Minting Music vis-a-vis Near. I’m going to keep digging into existing data/analytics teams.

Thanks again everyone for all their hard work.