[Demo] Run a scalable & compliant grant program on top of your DAO

FUND3R brings compliant, scalable & transparent funding capabilities to the NEAR ecosystem.

In the following post, I will walk you through the motivation for this, cover how it’s built, and show you a demo of the end-to-end product.


  • End-users: Getting a grant within the NEAR ecosystem is now an easier and more transparent process. Submit your info once, schedule a call with the team & demo your product milestones in public calls.
  • Grant operators: Run your grants program with the state-of-the-art DAO tools without worrying about not having invoices, signed agreements, or milestone check-ins FUND3R provides a streamlined compliant process that uses on-chain payment, legal agreement, and accounting to speed up the process and bring more transparency.
  • Everyone: Check out the video, testnet version & bring your feedback.

Video demo


Demo website on testnet



FUND3R aims at making life easier for both the end user and the grant operators.

On the user side, it provides a unique place to submit and follow up the process to make the experience seamless.

On the grant operator side, FUND3R aims to bring more compliance, transparency, and scalability by not only unloading the grant operators from some administrative and legal work but also connecting the payment to the DAO.

Proposed solution

FUND3R is a platform that provides tooling for end-to-end management of a grant lifecycle, significantly improving the barrier of entry to run your grant program.

It provides the tooling to run a smooth submission & office process:

  • Scheduling the interviews for project validation/rejection (integrating with Calendly)
  • KYC Validation (integrating with KYC DAO)
  • Contract agreement signature (integrating with HelloSign)
  • Accounting (Auto-generated invoices)
  • Transparent on-chain payments (integrating with AstroDAO)
  • Management of milestones (interviews & payments)
  • Email notifications (feature to be implemented soon)

Technical Architecture


We appreciate your feedback

Please join our Telegram group to share your feedback: https://t.me/FUND3RNEAR

Contributors to this project

  • Sandoche from NEAR Foundation is doing end-to-end development
  • Gus from NEARWEEK bringing the idea & feedback
  • Denys from Stardust for technical feasibility & troubleshooting
  • Rest of my engineering & product colleagues at NEAR Foundation for testing & feedback

Wanna join? We are looking for more contributors & projects that wish to test out the software in practice


This is solid stuff, @sandoche! Coordinating grants through a composable interface plug-in is an excellent experiment and I would further propose we test it out by coordinating a 100-500 NEAR grant for a public goods proposal. :rocket:

cc: @starpause


This is awesome! Nice work @sandoche and team! Given that everything is on chain, I’m wondering if we could also leverage stats gallery (cc @jacob) in some way.

Couple of ideas off the top of my head:

  1. Assuming we have a huge influx of grant applications, we could leverage stats gallery levels to help prioritize the grant applications of people that are already active in the NEAR ecosystem.
  2. Maybe there’s a way we could use a badge to indicate x number of grants completed that a person earns when they successfully complete a grant by delivering on the milestones & KPIs.

@shreyas You’re completely correct - if everything is on-chain, we can easily implement badges for this sort of thing.


Solid work @sandoche!!! - Looking forward to following this and getting to use it


Great work @sandoche. I can only comment that for the Review and Evaluation stage, there might be several roles involved when it comes to actually approving a Grant request. You’ll need to account for several roles: Business Reviewer (at least one), Technical Reviewer (at least one, most likely two) and a Manager (who provides final green light taking into consideration feedback from the previous two roles). The actual review/evaluation/approve process is not a single step done by a single role (though one person can have multiple roles depending on the Grant scope).

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Wow, Great stuff! It’s simple and everything at one place! :rocket: Can’t wait to see on mainnet.