Bring back ows[how to improve near & its ecosystem through rolling opportunities]

Hello guys :wave:

I’m psalm am a year plus on $Near Ecosystem and I’m making this post to share some of my opinion to improve near and increase different categories of onboarding new users as part of near vision.

I was onboarded through OWS and it was really helpful last year and made $Near pump during that period, because New people where expose to near during those opportunities.


  1. Keeping community members busy with activities
  2. Onboarding new categories of contributors
  3. Creating hype for Near community
  4. Making blog post about Near and Near related projects
  5. Keeping the forum lively and introducing new active member involving in activities
  6. Helping in memes making and translation of words
  7. Improving contributors on learning more by trying new opportunities
  8. Expanding near account on various social media
  9. Proving Infographics and giving opportunities to community members to involve in growing $Near
  10. Providing job opportunities to the communities


  • Lack of job opportunities
  • Lack of hype and creativity
  • Community Members are been inactive cause of less activities
  • Less onboarding activities
  • Lack of community engagement and contribution to the ecosystem

Of recent the community are been less busy and looking for activities to involve with.

A little story on my crypto journey

Joing OWS with lack of knowledge on Web3 and blockchain, but with the fact I wanted to involve with the little opportunity to promote Near I had no option but to start learning about cryptography and now from a No coiner

am now a good crypto trader,analyst , Degen and a good ambassador on Near which am proud of my growth and self development.
When the community is strong individually it’s an achievement for the Ecosystem.

It’s really unfair to give 10,000$ to just an individual all for the sake of professionalism to fulfill a project when you can give such task as a catalogue of opportunities to still fulfill same goal, like it was done Here before by the OWS so anyone in the community can pick any task they’re capable of doing, I believe the open opportunities given before really helped lot of people and it was a fair budget and was worth it.
propose to reconsider
We can reconsider the fact of bringing a New system of opportunities to the community so as individuals we are promoting near, it’s not compulsory to promote near as a DAO or guild as many don’t have opportunities to contribute in a DAO since the house of merit gets more opportunities.
Near was really doing good since the existence of opportunity given to communities to promote near and this brought attraction and got the attention of investors Processing: B5D69809-1718-48DA-98D9-39B4A01A29D6.jpeg…

Individuals can promote near in a very unique way and with a fair amount, it’s not compulsory to be a guild or DAO the community as individuals should involve and engage on activities

All for the sake of professionalism

Imagine what a guild is proposing for memes, such huge amounts going to just 1 project while the community during OWS collects 5$ per memes.

And there’s something I also noticed, cause leaders need to make good example, I also noticed favoritism power within our leaders which is not fair and out of law, everyone should be treated equally and no one is above the law

Please our leaders should make good examples let’s make $Near the best decentralized protocol, cause this is the community funds and should be used wisely to grow & build the Ecosystem.


With consensus from other OWS beneficiaries I would like us to make a comment below and drop your thoughts :blush:
Big ups :+1:


Bright idea. Bringing back the structure OWS built. I know a lot of people that found out and got onboarded by the rolling opportunities of OWS. This proposal is wonderful.


I believe the entire Near community is aware of this. Speaking as fact, the much I know about Near Protocol Ecosystem came through the OWS. The OWS was a starting point for me as a newbie in the ecosystem, the OWS gave me where to channel my energy and earn some cents. Most of the articles that gave me a ground knowledge of this Ecosystem were published by the OWS. Putting an end to such project with seen vision can sometimes have a seen negative effect on the community. I wish the ecosystem knew how far the OWS went to educate people about the Ecosystem. I’m sure if such amazing opportunity was there the number of nuisance being caused in this forum would reduce because people are engaged, Newbies are directed, they have classes which I Know never cost so much from the ecosystem. I’m of the opinion that if projects should be closed, not projects like the OWS, unless the team did something the ecosystem is not aware of.

Bring back the OPEN WEB SANDBOX, I plead, there would be lots of changes, since larger amount of funding has been released to the so called experts engagement around the ecosystem dropped, people who have something to offer but don’t see an opportunity become bitter and create nuisance here. I think before any community is closed, a general opinion should be sought, why this forum is suffering is because there’s no guide for newbies, and there’s no way for them to engage and earn… Put a stop to this whole mess around the forum by simply bringing back the OWS.


All vital points you’ve brought up @Dabbie3229 thanks for your response.

When making research on forum, I found out many amazing contributions and reports by @Dacha he’s an amazing person and I don’t know how he does such an amazing work, he’s really fighting for the communities and his confidence to bringing justice to the Near ecosystem is what I admire and wish he could be given a reward or award for all he’s done…
@FritzWorm is also a respected man fighting for the ecosystem but I haven’t heard from him for a while and hope all is well.
I remembered he brought in a new system of rolling opportunities but I can’t remember what happened seems it was declined/rejected.
@jlwaugh @cryptocredit @shreyas @David_NEAR @bailey12 @williamx @KriptoRaptor can we put this into consideration, let’s engage the community on activities for incentives, so each member in the community can be proud of been part of near growth.
If there’s a way I can even tag the NF would be a Nice idea :bulb: I do so much believe that with this idea and the NDC too near would be the best blockchain ever.
The honest truth is people are committed and support something they benefit from, else they would want to switch blockchain.
Only admins, mods, project owners and leaders that are gaining most times from projects, we should make a firm foundation to support community members by engaging them on activities that would help grow the ecosystem, even if other guilds and DAO have budget defined for promotion it’s not a waste the the community also gets task to promote Near Core projects , with memes, infographics, content post etc to bring in more hype and awareness, let’s join hands to support the house of stake community.


This is a great :+1: idea bro, I really support you this one :point_up: let’s make this work.

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This has to stop


Bringing back ows is the goal now, let’s make this happen guys :+1:

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Exactly it’s has to stop :raised_hand:

Interesting and noteworthy observations.

I’m wondering what were the specific reasons why OWS was stopped? I know some community funding verticals were temporarily paused for review and I also know we are making progress with NDC, but the road to decentralisation and governance is a long one. Wondering where OWS may fall in that Review/Governance Reqs spectrum.

I agree that there is an ongoing need to both engage community and provide opportunities and I am wondering whether they may also be other ways to address this.

I note that AstroDAO is going through some significant changes in the UI to place Bounties front and centre. This is the beginning of the X to Earn economy - I believe in the short future all projects on NEAR will be able to create bounties, source work from the community, and distribute funds that way.

A couple of the benefits I see from using the Bounties system as it is being improved by Astro are:

  • Ownership - each project has a much better understanding of the content needs and the quality required, expected. They are also more meticulous with the allocation of funding (as opposed to the perception of an unlimited community fund)
  • Increased engagement with Ecosystem Projects directly, removing any intermediaries.

Perhaps OWS v2 could itself start leveraging these Bounties structures within Astro? I believe it could receive an initial, modest amount of money even from sources like Marketing DAO, once operations resume.


GM @satojandro thanks for your information and contributions

I concord to this

So happy to hear this Goodnews, good initiative from astrodao they’re really building.
I don’t know if you have more info about the setup of the UI if it’s going to be a P2P or voting system to get paid or both features would be available?

Buy IMHO I would love to see OWS v2 if the NDC can make a site containing catalogue of bounty for the ecosystem and provide a system of payment for bounty carried out it would be a good idea :+1: honestly the community need to be engaged on activities else they would be nonchalant to the ecosystem growth.
I can broadly remember how last year rolling opportunities brought so much hype and new member and contributors to the forum.
Let’s build more hype to attract investors and bring the trust of our stakeholders that $Near really is the future.

Let’s improve on
bounty opportunities

Memes as source of hype and marketing

Educational program to educate inspiring leaders on the Ecosystem

define important project on $Near and increase the hype 2x to reach broader audiences

Let’s improve and concentrate on vital areas and project that would get near ongoing to the top :top:
Thanks to all wonderful people still holding $Near and finding all way to make it the best, this is our home we not to run when there’s problem or crisis rather we solve all problems and get back to action :blush:
Big ups to all

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AstroDAO has this for you!

The UI update to feature a bounty feed is new and under utilized. Astro has been speaking with members of community DAOs to let them know about the feature and encourage use, hope to see more traffic there.

We know there are still rough edges to the bounties flow & will continue to iterate. Please share your feedback as you explore:

Our UI north star is for Astro to be the quickest route to earning after learning about crypto. It’s inspired by successful projects like NearCrowd (2nd most active dApp on NEAR as of today, behind sweatcoin), OWS, and the NEARWEEK News DAO.

For bounties to be successful the work needs to be right-sized & the work needs to be well described. The perfect fit for bounties is work that can be completed in a few hours to a few days and work that requires skilled human approval. Anything smaller can be prototyped with bounties, but should ultimately be optimized with autonomous companion contracts. Anything bigger currently requires off-site organization (there are tools like NEPBOT, FUND3R and DeepSkills to help with that). A focused DAO is a successful DAO :muscle: If any DAOs or orgs would like to go deeper and workshop what this means for you, please do reach out!


Hi @starpause thanks for your response would go through the newly inputed UI on Astro and give my feedback here :point_down: there’s always room for iteration

But would love to ask questions on how can the new UI track bounty hunters if they’re crypto pro like you’ve said here :point_down:

And I enjoy the fact that’s bounty hunters need to deliver accordingly as the project owner requires, noted :ok_hand:
So this other project with deeper knowledge or professionalism do they have an educational system to educate people to study before involving with their opportunities?
Cause there’s a program Binance is holding they would train/ educate you on all you need to know about blockchain and employ you after going through training.
Once again thanks :blush:

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The next design iteration includes the ability to sort work by size and complexity. Size is a time estimate and complexity is an estimate of the needed expertise. It’s important to remember these are estimates and that people are generally bad at estimating, so they are very rough guidelines. Expertise is especially tricky since there are so many skill vectors. To accommodate all of those we’re also planning for filterable tags.

Rewarding earners for learning is something that DAOs can do with the bounties on Astro. Products need to focus on doing one thing well. We will prioritize features that have the most support on and that enable the most X to Earn opportunities.


Nice pointer, but I thought Astro DAO Bounties are also trying to solve the problem.
@starpause wdyt?

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Thank you partner, I am all right :wink: having a flu this week.

Also very busy taking care of my baby boy who is 5 months old now :slight_smile:

I am still around reading and have been participating in the NDC,

big hug! :vulcan_salute:

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Sebastian? Or Sebastian now have a younger siblings? Between nice to know you’re doing ok, and glad to hear from you :smiley:

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