Decentralized Clarity is a call to action concerning the majority of crypto enthusiasts who are new in the space but are not really conversant with the technology or dont have the savviness to understand technical crypto terms. Decentralized Clarity aims to serve as a hub for simplified and very explicit crypto education while also being a portal for promotion of crypto communities, projects, tech etc


Decentralized Clarity is a web 3 initiative that aims to be an oasis of simplified learning for the uninitiated in web 3. A project and at the same time a repository for simple analogical explanations and education of core web 3 concepts to the lame man for a smooth and conveninent initiation into engagement with core web 3 concepts and technology


There are a lot of people who are interested in crypto but are put off by the complexities involved.

There are people who are interested in crypto but are not able to get very far because of exploitation from the people who are putting them through

There are people who are interested in crypto but are dissuaded by the volatility and setbacks due to lack of information and proper education of a whollistic understanding


Decentralized Clarity would create educative content with simple everyday analogies to explain hard line crypto concepts for the ordinary person just enetering crypto

Decentralized Clarity would create instant Q and A portals for users to ask direct questions and receive very descriptive answers that are concise and easy to understand

Decentralized Clarity would create a meeting point for users to interact with C.E.Os, Project leads and team members to directly enquire about the project and then receive watered down answers that are analogous to everyday social metabolism for easy understanding

Decentralized Clarity would be a very potent and strategic marketing portal for marketing projects (defi, DAOs, etc) through its social handles in a simplified manner to draw interest from everyday people


The mantra of Decentralized Clarity is to break down hard core crypto knowledge into simple nuggets of understanding for non tech savvy people and the lay man in order to facilitate a smooth transition and onboarding process for lay people into web 3. This mission would be actualized by the utility of simple everyday language that is thoroughly expanded in order to fully convey a grounded understanding of the subject. An example would be to say that we want to define a blockchain , conventional definitions would say that a Blockchain is a record of transactions that is stored in a decentralized manner. This definition as sufficing as it is most liklely doesnt create a proper visualization for the everyday person who has not heard about what a blockchain is or what decentralization actually means. A Decentralized Clarity style of explanation of what a blockchain is would go thus: A blockchain is a record of transactions that occur within a system and which each participating member of that system possesses a correct and updated copy of the record of transactions. This definition is much more at the level of the uninitiated because it employs semantics that are to closer to the verbal comprehension of the individual.

Decentralized Clarity through a strategic marketing campaign would be the reference point for crypto newbies to possess the necesaary enlightenment needed for them to interface with mainstream crypto projects and be grounded conveneniently within the Web 3 space. Endearing an audience through meticulously crafted social adverstisement materials and a standby community response and attention team, the project would avail utility and productivity that would synchronously be in line with the main objectives of the project which are 1. To create a platform for simplified analogies and explanation of crypto concepts to newbies, non tech savvy people and timely learners 2. To publish web 3 projects through its social arms and translate them in the manner and language that is in coherence with the project’s mantra 3. Be an avenue for marketing web3 concepts, projects and Dapps with simple watered down semantics


Decentralized Clarity as a product comprises of the listed interfaces below

A Telegram community strictly dedicated to answering questions directly from enquires, provision of fellow individuals seeking education, open space for asking any crypto related question no matter how mundane, access to educational materials.Using the split community feature in the telegram app, Decentralised Clarity would employ different room categories to cater for the different enquiries by the community

A Discord community “”“”“”“”"

A website hosting archives of educational content and streamlined courses tailored to the assimilation quotient of the students

A blockchain encyclopaedia: glossary for all things, terms and explanations of crypto

Social Media channels for promotion of created content and web3 updates


A documentation curated with a hierarchical approach to understanding crypto by using very simple words to convey crypto knowledge as palatable as possible to the uninitiated. The documentation would follow in the pattern of the conventional “Crypto for Dummies” Tutorial books that explain core professional concepts in very simple ways.


A youtube series that would entail episodes of crypto education in the same delivery format as the CRYPTO FOR DUMMIES PDF but this would entail audio accompaniment and animation to fully convey the genuine meaning of the crypto lessons involved


M1-M3 Build a thriving community, establish brand image, curate necessary educational content, streamline project structure and relevance, onboard highly skilled professionals,

M3-M6 Fully running beta version of website, avail dedicated course content, expand project reach and utility, commence creation of blockchain encyclopaedia

M6-M9 Normalize inviting web3 project managers and CEOs on community calls and AMAs for simplified clarity on the projects that they are running