DAO Builder Group


The following community (“builder”) group is to support and bolster the development of on-chain DAO’s on NEAR and build open source tools to support these DAOs. Originally started as the Astro DAO office hours on Tuesdays at 11AM PT, we are transforming this to the DAO Builder group weekly meetings.

Our Thesis

With the ability to create on chain DAOs, subgroups, put DAOs as voting members, treasury management and cross contracts call as a DAO, we argue that DAO tooling on NEAR is the most comprehensive in the Web3 space, and must be leveraged to bring more users, community and liquidity into the NEAR ecosystem.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Notes can be found here https://nearhacks.com/dao-notes :date: Calendar can be found here https://nearhacks.com/dao-calendar
:speech_balloon: TG-Group: https://nearhacks.com/tg-dao Governance forum post: DAO Builder Group

this was a request from @starpause

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@minorityprogrammers thank you for helping bring this to fruition!

Previously there was a DAO technical discussion meeting every Tuesday but it was word-of-mouth-invite-only and become cumbersome to maintain the invite. By making this open we will bolster the interest and innovation around DAOs on NEAR!