Curious about where NEAR is in the following few weeks?

Gm Gm all you wonderful people! Here is an overview of where NEAR will have a presence over the next few weeks:

:speaking_head: Conferences:
Paris Fintech Forum - Leaders Summit; May 30-31, Paris, France. Marieke, NF CEO, is speaking.
Crypto Valley Conference; June 1-2, Zug Switzerland - Marieke Flament, NF CEO, is speaking.
AURORA Nordic Web3 Conference; June 4, Helsinki, Finland. Dennis Huisman, Pagoda DevRel Engineer, is speaking.
Epic Web3 Conference; June 9, Lisbon, Portugal - Chris Donovan, NF General Counsel, is speaking.
Viva Tech Paris; June 14-17. Marieke, NF CEO, is speaking.

:computer: Hackathons:
Waterloo Blockchain OlympiHacks; May 20-21, Waterloo, ON.
Encode X Aurora Hackathon; May 30 - June 25, online. BOS bounty, technical workshop, and judging.
ETH Seoul; June 2-4. BOS bounty, workshop.
ETHPrague; June 9-11. BOS bounty, workshop.

:spiral_calendar: Community events:
Gameball JAM May 24, London, UK
Gameball Rally May 25, London, UK


You should consider this one too

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This is awesome! Really looking forward to seeing the turnout :fire:

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