Createbase Guild Goals and Metrics June-August 2021

Createbase Guild Goals and Metrics June-August 2021

1. Social Channels

The Createbase community has been developing steadily in 2021, with the number of members and followers on Telegram and Twitter – our main channels - growing consistently over the last few months. In July Createbase celebrated 1000 Twitter followers with a successful NFT giveaway, and we also saw a spike in Twitter impressions, mainly due to our participation in the Wilde Möhren festival in Germany (the festival-specific @Wildeverse1 Twitter account has now 7079 followers and had 99.8K impressions over the last 28 days). Createbase shares a Discord channel with Mintbase, so we do not have specific Discord numbers for CB.

1.1. Createbase Social Channels - Metrics August 2021

1.1.1. Twitter

  • Impressions: 64.7K
  • New followers: 55
  • Mentions: 207
  • Profile visits: 5.003

1.1.2. Telegram

  • Total members - 611

1.2. Createbase Social Channels - Metrics July 2021

1.2.1. Twitter

  • Impressions: 69.2K
  • New followers: 64
  • Mentions: 124
  • Profile visits: 6.626

1.2.2. Telegram

  • Telegram total members - 575

1.3. Createbase Social Channels - Metrics June 2021

1.3.1. Twitter

  • Impressions: 46.200
  • New Followers: 86
  • Mentions: 143
  • Profile visits: 5.158

1.3.2. Telegram

  • Telegram total members - 564

2. #CreatebaseThursday

In August we started #CreatebaseThursday, with the goal of concentrating all main Createbase activities and events on Thursday (AMAs, Community Calls, Minter’s Highlights, VR Events on Cryptovolxels and Somnium Space, NFT giveaways, etc) in order to simplify community awareness and participation.

3. Activity and Ranking

Createbase has been one of the most active guilds on NEAR from the start, and currently ranks #1 on in number of proposals submitted. We have prioritized our role as community facilitators, funding a large number of small-scale proposals and onboarding mainly creators/artists who are just starting out and need initial support. We have also served as launchpad for several other guilds, DAOs and initiatives on NEAR.

4. Future Outlook

With recent growth in the NEAR ecosystem and increased usage of Mintbase, we believe Createbase can continue contributing towards supporting NFT communities and guilds, onboarding new minters, increasing the organic growth of purposeful NFTs and also – very importantly – educating both crypto and non-crypto communities about the value that NFTs can bring to the space.

As of 01 September 2021 Createbase will count on new facilitators - @lenara and @talktoricardo will dedicate themselves to other projects and therefore won’t be able to continue in their current positions (both will however continue participating in the community). With this in mind, we make the following suggestions, which the new community facilitators will decide upon:

4.1. Continued/improved support to current community members, including ongoing bounties and proposals, online events, post-pandemic local meetups (Lisbon Node, Berlin Node), workshops in festivals and live/online events, etc.

4.2. Approaching/onboarding new artist/developer collectives – connect to existing art collectives, geographic/thematic communities, etc, potentially with specific bounties/grants.

4.3. Fostering new NFT use cases – Createbase would benefit from focusing on onboarding/funding new use cases, i.e. other products in digital creative economies (partnership with gaming studios, music labels, film studios, etc), ticketing (events), DeFi (integrating NFTs with yield-bearing products).

4.4. Funding larger-scale proposals – Createbase has acquired considerable experience in evaluating and funding a large variety of NFT project proposals. Part of future development could include a specific focus on highly innovative projects with high-potential and larger scale, which help increase visibility of NFTs outside the crypto space. A first example of this is the current NewFoundTrees project, which aims at using NFTs to fund sustainable rewilding initiatives worldwide.

4.5. Exchange and collaboration with other NEAR guilds and DAOs - The volume and diversity of NEAR guilds and DAOs have been increasing exponentially, and this brings both opportunities and challenges. In order to make the best use of time and resources, it would be essential to facilitate collaboration and coordination. Createbase can take advantage of its solid experience with multiple types of NFT-based projects and communities to make this happen, both by interacting with NEAR and CreativesDAO, as well as by proposing bounties and projects which foster collaboration (i.e. between different DAOs, between creators - artists/musicians/devs/writers, between existing and new use cases, etc).

4.6. Education and awareness – We believe this could be a major focus area for Createbase in the future. Despite improvements in communication and usability, knowledge about blockchain and NFTs outside of the crypto space is largely superficial, as we could witness during the Wilde Möhren festival. This contrasts with the fact that the general public is often very curious about these topics and open to new information and learning, which presents both a need and an opportunity. Concrete initiatives may include further bounties for guides/articles, specific online courses/workshops, as well as on-site events and courses as part of hackathons and city nodes.

We thank the Createbase community, Mintbase and NEAR for the engagement, the unique experience and the trust, and we look forward to witnessing and further contributing to the development of the ecosystem as active community members.