[Contest] End of the Year Holiday Art Bounty šŸ•Æ

Ho, Ho, Ho MintbaseDAO Artists! :innocent: :partying_face:

The holiday season is upon us. We would love to show off some of the art of our community on our Twitter and Instagram! :cowboy_hat_face:

šŸ§‘ā€šŸŽ„šŸŽŠ We know people celebrate all kinds of different holidays at the end of the year: be it Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year, to name a few. Create something special related to your culture or a culture you like and submit it.

Would you like to participate?


  1. Apply to participate in the contest, commenting your near wallet on this tweet
  2. Create a 1/1 art piece inspired by festivities of the end of the year and mint it on mintbase.
  • Never minted on mintbase? Create your wallet at wallet.near.org and comment your near name as a comment on this bounty. We will add you to an open store and cover your first minting fees.
  1. Comment your minted NFT on this tweet.
  2. Tell your friends to like your tweet and upvote on the mintbase thing page.
  3. The NFT with most likes on the tweet + most upvotes wins the community prize (5N) and the MintbaseDAO Council will vote on their favourite internally, which will win the mintbase prize (3N)
  4. We will communicate the winner on the 5.1.2022
  5. Winners can create payout proposals on MintbaseDAO

To clarify: The community prize winner will be calculated with the number of likes on the tweet + the number of upvotes on the mintbase thing page.


This was fun, thanks for putting it together! Replied to the tweet with my minted piece. Happy Holidays!


Hi its my First Time joining in Mintbase Bounty Contest. I dont know how To Mint in Mintbase :relaxed: in the details it says comment near name here and you will help for open Store :heart:



Hey, could you please add me to the open store? ananastya.near


Added you @AnaNastya

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Mission complete :grin:


hey @loam, have you commented on the tweet too?


Want to join here on mintbase my Near wallet id is: louietism.near


Iā€™m in it! Posted my entry just now!

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Yes, sorry I should have been more clear. I have commented on the tweet, and followed the steps. Thanks! :relaxed:


@louietism sorry it took so long, added you as a minter and sent you some inicial funds to mint <3 comment on the tweet as soon as you minted pls


madhan909.near will be happy if i get a chance

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added you and sent you a lil something :slight_smile: @madhan

Thats my piece

If we like it, upvote it :wink:

Hey, could you please add me to the open store? dhatboi.near

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my submission for the contest

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Your wallet does not exist