[FINISHED] Carnival Photography/Illustration Bounty

Carnival is a big event for different cultures. We are aware that it is commemorated on different dates around the globe, but we are inviting you to participate at this Bounty wherever you live.

It is really easy to participate.

  1. take a picture /or create an image / gif / short video that shows carnival feelings.
  2. comment the picture and your near name on this post to be added to a open store so you can mint it.
  3. tweet the picture and tag @mintbase & @mintbasedao & link to the NFT on Mintbase
  4. comment the tweet below on this post
  5. receive 1N for participating
  6. Our (mintbaseteam) favorite picture receives 5N, second place 3n third place 2N

Only 25 people can participate.



This is going to be so much interesting

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Should i comment here first to participate, or i should submit the picture first?

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thanks, i changed it! post the image here pls and send your near name



you are added to the store and received 1n, now tweet and comment below

Eid Ul Azha 2021

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sorry, how is this carnival related?

@frado @hiimf :confetti_ball: carnaval 22! :open_mouth:

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to be added to a open store so you can mint it.-> where can i check this?
i have connected to mintbase but couldnt found it.

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Click on the mintbase logo @martine , and then you will see the newbase store there.

thanks for your help!

link to tweet: https://twitter.com/astromartine/status/1497249824260825088?s=20&t=p5WiYtVk4im828KSSXZFOQ

It is asking me tht i must hav 6.5 near tokens in my account , for what do i need it ? I dnt hav it ryt nw :see_no_evil:

no, the 6.5n is to deploy the new store

here are the steps:

  1. once u submitted the photo and approved here, go to mintbase website
  2. click the mintbase logo (top left)
  3. you will see newbase store , click it
  4. click “mint” and upload your photo, put description etc
  5. click mint and approve from wallet.
  6. done, check “owned” and copy the nft link

hope it helps.


It means i hav nt yet got the approval ?

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you need to check your mintbase account. if it is approved, you can see the “newbase” store.

for the twitter post, you should post the NFT link, not upload the photo.

Its asking for ght amount , not letting me go through tht