[CONCLUDED] The BlockChat — Near Friendly Talks with Baga Defente

Proponent: @bagadefente

NEAR account for payment: bagadefente.near

Duration: May, 9 to 31th (two biweekly episodes with 45 minutes each)

Requested Amount: 500 USD in NEAR ou DAI

The BlockChat is a project for an online talk show created, produced and presented by myself, Baga Defente, that aims to have informal friendly talks with artists from different areas and languages, part of the Near ecosystem. The main idea is to create a space for those artists to present a bit of him and herselves, talking about their personal journey, motivations, influences, creative process, how they joined Near Protocol and all that came along.

For this “first season”, I reached Gambiarra DAO to present a few of the many Brazilian artists part of this guild. The choice of this specific group to start the project is a direct consequence of the fact that it was through them that I first heard about and became part of the Near network. And Gambiarra was already thinking in more ways to promote their artists, so when I shared my initial thoughts with their marketing team (who’s offering conceptual, technical and operational support for this proposal), things made sense.

Furthermore, I still really don’t feel able to conduct a live interview in a language other than Portuguese, so I’m planning to extend this proposal to other Portuguese-speaking DAOS. But, training my English on chats and meetings, I believe that, if the project goes ahead, expanding to talks in English will be just a matter of time.

Production of the first two episodes of the talk show. Intending to be biweekly, the show will be broadcast live via NADA Studio Criativo’s YouTube channel, with approximately 45 minutes per transmission.

For the first episode, guest will be @Ghini, visual artist, poet, meta-architect and meta-curator of BrazucasNFT, which exhibited more than 120 Brazilian NFT artists; and FEMINU, an exhibition that presented 60 Brazilian cis, trans, non-binary and transvestite women artists, both showed at museum.xyz and Cryptovoxels.

The second one will still be selected and invited.

First (and obviously), the members of the Gambiarra community, as well as other Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking DAOs and communities in Near ecosystem (IncubadoraPT, nomadelabel, The Clan, CUDO, etc) and any interested external audience.

The fact of being live on YouTube can be a form to reach wider audiences from the guests’ networks, who have interest in understanding more about blockchains, web3 and all that, but don’t always try to get their hands dirty… so, using all available social profiles (DAOs, community members, host, guests, etc.) we’ll try to reach and bring these curious people closer to us.

The live episodes will also be recorded and permanently available to watch after the live streaming at NADA Studio Criativo’s YouTube channel. If we’re technically able to do that, we’ll streaming on both channels (NADA and “Hosting DAO”, in this case, Gambiarra). If not, the recorded version can be uploaded or shared on a playlist on hosting DAO channel.

9-13/05 — pre-production, technical tests and guidelines for ep. 1
17/05 — episode 1 live streaming
23-27/05 — pre-production, technical tests and guidelines for ep. 2
31/05 — episode 2 live streaming

Planning & Pre-Production - 175 USD
Divulgation (graphic & video pieces for social media) - 125 USD
Instagram promoted posts - 25 USD
Transmission & Host - 175 USD
Total = 500 USD in Near or DAI for bagadefente.near

Gambiarra DAO is a Brazilian NFT artists guild on Near formed in January, 2022, already with more than 120 artists.

I’m Baga Defente, poet, publisher and artist-etc. who works with several media, languages and supports, all of them connected through the poetics of chance. I’m also the founder and creative director of NADA∴Studio Criativo, a hybrid of multimedia creative studio with an independent micropublishing house. I started in NFTs in March, 2021 and joined Near through Gambiarra in late January.

Sarau Akangatu is a poetry gathering I created in 2018, with seven editions that took place in cafes, bars and plazas in Botucatu (SP, Brazil), until covid came in 2020, when it morphed into a live streaming event, with another seven editions until 2021. When moved from real-life to the virtual world, it turned into a kind of talk show, with Baga interviewing writers and then opening the mic for participants. Here’s one of my favs:


Hey @bagadefente! I found the project very meaningful and it is a great honor to be invited to debut this beautiful initiative. Congratulations!

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Adoro um talk show :sunglasses::raised_hands:

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thanks, Ghini :pray:
it will be a pleasure talk to you and other artists! =)

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tô quase entrando num #jôsoaresfeelings :older_adult:


Hello @bagadefente … interesting your proposal.
Could you explain a little about the divulgation?
Will you create graphic material and videos to be published on social networks?

Will the interviewed guests participate voluntarily?

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Hi @Dazo,
thanks for your questions!

Will you create graphic material and videos to be published on social networks?

Yes, each episode will have an exclusive visual piece created by me based on the guest’s artwork or aesthetics. This piece will be effusively shared everywhere we can, and I’ll also record and edit a video invite for each episode, preferably with some words from the guest and myself presenting the show ( keeping it under 60 seconds, thinking in Instagram reels).

Will the interviewed guests participate voluntarily?

Also yes, as they will have free space to spread their art and ideas to reach wider audiences.

Let me know if this answer your questions or if there’s anything not clear enough =)

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Project Status: ONGOING

Project accounting: In the second week of May I started to create the logo and the first pieces of divulgation for The BlockChat. One day before I shared a video on my social media profiles inviting people for the show’s first episode, which was live streamed on NADA∴Studio Criativo’s YouTube on May 17th at 8:00PM, with myself interviewing @ghini. Initially thought of as a 45-minute show, the conversation lasted an hour and was highly praised by the audience present at the broadcast.

Planning & Pre-Production - 175 USD
Divulgation (graphic & video pieces for social media) - 125 USD
Instagram promoted posts - 25 USD
Transmission & Host - 175 USD
Total = 500 USD in Near for bagadefente.near

Updated project schedule: The second episode should be streamed today, May 31th, but I had to change that because of a scheduling conflict, so the show, with @gushlewis as guest, will air next Thursday, June 2nd. I started the divulgation last week and tomorrow will share another inviting video, since it seems to pique people’s curiosity.

Highlights and comments: Before the start, even having done similar projects, I was a little afraid, especially with technical questions. But the unexpected and very professional support of my long-time friend @pozzi in the morning before the transmission made everything much much better! I was able to do more than I thought I was able to, so here’s both my special thanks to him and an advice to everyone that needs to do live streaming, from a simple to a complex one: you really should work with @pozzi!

As I already said, the first episode received many compliments, both during the broadcast and in personal messages. We had 43 people watching live, with a peak of 20 and a total of 89 visualizations and 28 likes until the time of writing. The conversation happened naturally, the atmosphere was friendly, topics related to web3 technologies and art were mixed with the artist’s trajectory and relevant questions were discussed, so, the proposal — to have an informal talking, but rich in content — was successfully achieved already in the first episode!

About advertising, I shared the material inviting the community through publications on Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and WhatsApp, where I created three transmissions list sending it to more than 600 of my personal contacts, resulting in a lot of nice responses from people I haven’t had a talk with in years! All content was also available on Gambiarra DAO and NADA∴Studio Criativo’s social networks.

The social platform I use the most is Instagram. I’m not even close to being a social media influencer, and that’s why I was impressed with the reach of the invitation video: almost 1850 plays and 2000 accounts were reached organically since I got myself lost in timing and couldn’t make a sponsored post for the episode.

Learnings: It’s been really cool to accomplish that old desire of being a talk show host and talk to interesting people about subjects that interest me, like art, technology and creative process. I need more antecedence in the definition of the guests, because sometimes it’s difficult to sync agendas with guests, and to better schedule the disclosure periods. To improve this, I intend to make a kind of road map with at least three months of actions and expected guests.

Next steps: The second episode will be live streamed on June 2nd and I already posted the proposal for the next two. My plan over the next months is to expand this project and walk through other DAOs to show how diverse the Near ecosystem are!





The BlockChat ep. 1 video invitation



parabéns baga! aprendeu rápido… ta ficando mara!! :pray:

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:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: I like this project :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Project Status: CONCLUDED

Highlights and comments: I’m updating this report with the insights and information from the second episode.

@gushlewis and I had a really nice talk, exploring his artworks, the creative process and tools behind them. We also talked about how the Near Foundation funding is changing the life of many artists, specially in underdeveloped countries like Brazil., being Gus an example of this.

Talking about numbers, we had less audience than the first episode, I don’t know if that happened because of the curiosity behind the first one (just for being the first), or if the day of the week affected that (I had to change from Tuesday to Thursday because of calendar conflicts), but the next episode will be back on Tuesday, so we can see how it will happen.

Besides that, we had some nice interactions from YouTube’s live chat, with someone asking how to join Gambiarra and another one interested in understand what is and how DAOs works, so I guess that the ideia of the show — informal talks about art making in the web3 and related topics — was once again successfully achieved!

Here’s the screenshots with some numbers, the mentioned chat and the link for the full show.

I’d like to once again thanks Gambiarra council and members for beleive in this proposal and give me this opportunity, I’m really enjoying! :pray:

See you on the next BlockChat! :wink:

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 17.06.54

Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 17.07.41


The next episode, with @LulucaL as a guest, will be on June 14th, 23:00PM UTC
See you there! :cowboy_hat_face:


Hey hooooo let’s gooooooooo :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket: