[CONCLUDED] The BlockChat (July, 2022)

Proponent: @bagadefente

NEAR account for payment: bagadefente.near

Duration: July, 19 to August, 02nd (two episodes with an hour each)

Requested Amount: 500 DAI

The BlockChat — Near Friendly Talks is a live streamed online talk show created, produced and presented by myself, Baga Defente, in which I have informal talks with artists from different areas and languages, part of the Near ecosystem

The show works as a space for those artists to present a bit of themselves, talking about their personal journey, motivations, influences, creative process, how they discovered the cryptoworld, NFTs, joined Near Protocol and all that came along.

Besides that, in each episode we talk about existent elements, concepts and technologies we’re discovering living on web3 context, sharing our experiences with a wider audience.

Gambiarra DAO has a huge diversity of interesting members, and I could stay years talking to them, but I guess it’s fair to move on, interacting with other DAOs, talking with its members and leaving this spot open for other proposals.

So, on this third month of The BlockChat, I’m once again asking for your support before saying goodbye — at least on that first round of this project :wink:

Produce two more one-hour each episodes of the talk show, broadcasting live via NADA∴Studio Criativo’s YouTube channel.

To have more divulgation time — and wait for this proposal to be approved —, I’ll delay the show in one week and stream those episodes on 19th, July and 2nd, August (both at 8:00 PM GMT+3 / 11:00 PM UTC).

For episode #05 my guest will be Thais de Almeida Prado (@filmesdeinfiltracao), filmmaker, screenwriter, multidisciplinary artist and actress.

On the sixth, I will talk to Isa Danoninho (@Isa_Danoninho), psychedelic illustrator and cultural producer in the Metaverse.

First (and obviously), the members of the Gambiarra community, as well as other Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking DAOs and communities in Near ecosystem (IncubadoraPT, nomadelabel, The Clan, CUDO, etc) and any interested external audience.

The fact of being live on YouTube can be a form to reach wider audiences from the guests’ networks, who have interest in understanding more about blockchains, web3 and all that, but don’t always try to get their hands dirty… so, using all available social profiles (DAOs, community members, host, guests, etc.) we’ll try to reach and bring these curious people closer to us.

The live episodes will also be recorded and permanently available to watch after the live streaming at NADA Studio Criativo’s YouTube channel. The recorded version can be uploaded or shared on a playlist on the hosting DAO channel.

Episode #5
7-17/07 — pre-production (research, advertising pieces, guidelines and divulgation for ep. 5)
18/07 — streaming setup and technical tests with guest
19/07 — episode #5 live streaming

Episode #6
20-31/07 — pre-production (research, advertising pieces, guidelines and divulgation for ep. 6)
01/08 — streaming setup and technical tests with guest
02/08 — episode #6 live streaming

Planning & pre-production - 175 USD
Divulgation (graphic & video pieces for social media) - 125 USD
Instagram promoted posts - 25 USD
Setup, transmission & host - 175 USD
Total = 500 USD in DAI



Muito obrigada pelo convite @bagadefente estou muito feliz em poder contribuir com o seu projeto <3


Eba! Super feliz com esse encontro nos cybermundos/ metaversos! Simbora nesse BlockChat :wink:


eu que agradeço vocês duas por toparem participar disso comigo, @Isa_Danoninho e @filmesdeinfiltracao! :pray:t6: :pray:t4: :pray:t5:


THE BLOCKCHAT Ongoing Report

Project Status: Ongoing

Project accounting:
The main goal of this proposal it’s to make possible the continuity of The BlockChat — Near Friendly Talks, a talk show hosted by me that is presenting Brazilian members from the Near creatives ecosystem through informal talkings live streamed on YouTube.

As all Near processes were delayed in July, the first of the two proposed episodes was live streamed on 19th, which gave me two weeks to advertise, but made the next episode to be streamed only on August 2nd, so this is an ongoing report.

Highlights & comments:
In the fifth episode I talked to @thaisampr, the first guest that I already knew personally — after a decade of not much contact we met on the Near ecosystem! maybe that’s why this was the longest episode so far, with 80 minutes instead of the regular 60.

This was also the first episode with a NFT giveaway, a short film collaboration between Thais and myself with @blusw soundtrack. I used a bot to make the draw on YouTube’s live chat, which kind of worked, but not 100%, so I’m trying to improve for the next episode.

The NFT was minted at Mintbase in an edition of nine: one for each creator, five for the giveaway and one put on sale. Coincidentally, all winners already have a Near wallet. Here’s the link for the piece:

For the next episode, with @isa_danoninho, we will also create a collaborative NFT for another giveaway. I will also try to run an experiment with multi-platform transmission — still studying which, how and if it’s possible.

Here’s the link for the episode, divulgation pieces and some screenshots with metrics:

Episode Metrics

Video-invite link & metrics

Instagram ad metrics




Project Status: CONCLUDED

Project accounting
Here’s the final report for this project, related to the sixth episode, with @Isa_Danoninho as my guest.

Highlights & comments
I had a really nice talking with Isa, this time keeping around the 60 minutes. Besides her artistic background and previous experiences, we focused on her actual performance inside the Near ecosystem, which made clear to the public the huge differences between these two universes (web2 and web3), with the latter being much more favorable for artists, valuing their activities as never before. Isa also explained, in an easily understandable way, what is and how it works two important concepts: NFT royalties and bounties.

This time, the NFT for the giveaway — a collaboration between Isa and me — was minted at Paras, with five editions raffled during the show and already sent to the winners. You can check the token on this link:

Four of the five winners already have Near wallets, and the fifth one is Isa’s aunt, which we still don’t know if she wants to receive it. If she wants, I’ll create a wallet and sent the NFT for her; if not, I will use this left edition to do a special giveaway — maybe during the BlockChat Live @ NEARCON, if approved? :crossed_fingers:t4: —, as we also have a left one from episode 05.

Talking about numbers, I guess this was the episodes with more public on its debut, reaching 50 visualisations with 21 simultaneous viewers, as you can see below:

On the advertising part, this time I was only able to boost the post two days before, reaching fewer people than last time. It’s getting hard to do all by myself, but this should change for the next episodes, as I will explain on the Next Steps segment. But before, here’s the screenshot from the Instagram ad:

Before going for the next steps, I’d like to share something that happened the day after the show and made me very happy: @Isa_Danoninho messaged me on WhatsApp to say thanks and told me that, besides people texting her — her parents included — about the show, someone from the community invited her to work on a animation project after knowing that she also works with this!

I asked her permission to share here a screenshot of our conversation:


After this first six episodes funded by Gambiarra DAO, it’s time to leave this spot open for new projects from its members and move to another place. I’d like to thank the artists and board members for the support — if it wasn’t for that, maybe this project wouldn’t even exist (certainly not this way), so thanck you very much! :pray:t6:

The next two episodes will be proposed for NADA DAO, where I hope I could count with some professional help for better advertising support, being able to reach more people and focus myself on the show technical and human aspects.

I also intend to start do simultaneous streaming on Instagram (where I have some public) or Twitch (where I’ll have to find it). Also, I’m planning a bounty to have the aired episodes subtitled to English.

That’s it by now.

If you like the show don’t forget to send the link to others, and follow us to see the news!

Instagram: bagadefente | NADA
Telegram: bagadefente | NADA
Twiter: bagadefente



Muito feliz em fazer parte do BlockChat! Desejo toda sorte do mundo para você @bagadefente ! A comunidade aqui precisa de mais pessoas como você! Vamos em frente!


grato pelas palavras, @macieira :pray:t4:
sigamos adiante, apresentando os brasileiros e registrando nossa presença na história da Near!