[CONCLUDED] The BlockChat (August, 2022)

Proponent: @bagadefente

NEAR account for payment: bagadefente.near

Duration: August, 15th to September, 5th (two episodes with an hour each)

Requested Amount: 450 DAI


The BlockChat — Near Friendly Talks is a live streamed online talk show created, produced and presented by myself, Baga Defente, in which I have informal talks with artists from different areas and languages, part of the Near ecosystem.

The show works as a space for those artists to present a bit of themselves, talking about their personal journey, motivations, influences, creative process, how they discovered the cryptoworld, NFTs, joined Near Protocol and all that came along.

Besides that, in each episode we talk about existent elements, concepts and technologies we’re discovering living on web3 context, sharing our experiences with a wider audience.

After six successful episodes funded by Gambiarra DAO, this month I’m proposing The BlockChat to be part of the first funding request by NADA DAO, the web3 focused version of NADA∴Studio Criativo, the production house behind The BlockChat since its inception.

And this brings an interesting change to the show, as detailed below.


Produce two more one-hour each episodes of the talk show, broadcasting live via NADA∴Studio Criativo’s YouTube channel.

As all processes, including submissions and approvals are delayed this month, and to have more divulgation time, I’ll once again delay the show in one week and stream those episodes on August 23th and September 5th, both at 8:00 PM GMT+3 / 11:00 PM UTC. The later episode will be exceptionally aired on Monday instead of Tuesday, because September 6th it will be a holiday eve, and people will possibly be on the streets or traveling and it will be hard to compete with that.

The above cited change is that now, with the show being outside of an artist collective, I feel more comfortable to talk to anyone who can contribute to the main theme of the show: blockchain, NFTs and everything related to web3. This means talking not only with artists, but developers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and whoever I can have a nice friendly talk on those subjects, including people (still) outside the Near ecosystem.

I’m already talking with some people, and for episodes #7 and #8, if possible, I intend to talk to a non-Brazilian (but Portuguese speaking) artist and a Brazilian developer, both already inside Near.


First (and obviously), the members of the Gambiarra community, as well as other Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking DAOs and communities in Near ecosystem (IncubadoraPT, nomadelabel, The Clan, CUDO, etc) and any interested external audience.

The fact of being live on YouTube can be a form to reach wider audiences from the guests’ networks, who have interest in understanding more about blockchains, web3 and all that, but don’t always try to get their hands dirty… so, using all available social profiles from DAOs, community members, host, guests, etc., we’ll try to reach and bring these curious people closer to us.

The live episodes are all recorded and permanently available to watch after the live streaming at NADA Studio Criativo’s YouTube channel, and we intend to have them all with English subtitles as soon as possible.


Episode #7

  • Aug,15-21 — pre-production (research, advertising pieces, guidelines and divulgation)
  • Aug, 22 — streaming setup and technical tests with guest
  • Aug, 23 — episode #7 live streaming

Episode #8

  • Aug,24 - Sep, 3 — pre-production (research, advertising pieces, guidelines and divulgation)
  • Sep, 3 — streaming setup
  • Sep, 4 — technical tests with guest and episode #8 live streaming


  • Planning & pre-production - 175 USD
  • Divulgation (graphic & video pieces for social media) - 75 USD
  • Promoted posts - 25 USD
  • Setup, transmission & host - 175 USD
    Total = 450 USD in DAI


sorry for this very low thumbnail, it’s YouTube’s fault :upside_down_face:



Project Status: ONGOING

Project accounting:
As Near processes are still delayed in August, the first of the two proposed episodes was live streamed only on 23th, with the next to be aired this week, on September 8th, so this is an ongoing report.

Highlights & comments:
In the seventh episode I talked to @blusw, and we had a lot of talkings about a huge variety of themes, from philosophy of music, glitch aesthetics to how the web3 and metaverses are dealing with non-binary people, and because of that we break the duration record from episode 05, with a +90 minute show!

We had another NFT giveaway, a videopoem collaboration between Blua and myself. Besides our YouTube Live Chat giveaway, I tried to make another from NADA social media profiles, but it didn’t work as expected, and I explain why on Learnings below.

The NFT was minted at Mintbase in an edition of eight: one for each creator, four for the YouTube giveaway and two for social media giveaways — as this dind’t happen, I raffled then too on YouTube and, this time, I didn’t put one on sale, so they only will be available on secondary market.

Here’s the link for the piece:

Here’s the link for the episode, divulgation pieces and some screenshots with metrics:

Short URL: bit.ly/blockchat07

Advertising pieces

NADA ∴ Studio Criativo on Instagram: "HOJE, 23/08 das 20 às 21h ao vivo @bagadefente entrevista @lea_blua preparem-se! bit.ly/blockchat07 #NFTs #NFTgiveaway #NEARProtocol #nearnfts #talkshow #experimentalart #NADA #DAO" (video)



Learnings and next steps:

It’s been really hard to do things by myself, especially the advertising part. I tried to use NADA’s social profiles, my as they are not active as mine is, the reaching was low. I also created Twitter and Instagram boosted posts, the numbers during the period were nice, but I don’t know how to access and measure all that, so I really need someone to help me with that, because keeping doing the show while managing the NADA DAO beginning was a little trouble, as things generally are when they are starting.

So, after the next episode, I’ll give a break from the show in September to make things work better, find the people we’re looking to join us and be back with The BlockChat in October, if I’m able to. Meanwhile, I’ll try to get the already streamed episodes subtitled in English so we can try to reach a wider audience.


Short URL: bit.ly/blockchat08

See you on the next BlockChat! :wink:



Project Status: CONCLUDED


Yesterday (Sep, 8th) we live streamed our eighth episode, with @gabrielfelipejacomel.
Among the artist’s background and his works, we talked a lot about how web3 technologies can help writers, publishers and readers develop strong and more transparent connections.

We also made a NFT giveaway, 05 editions of an exclusive work created by the guest and I, all already sent to the winners’ wallets. Here’s the link to the NFT, with only one put on sale:

Instead of the usual Tuesday, this episode was streamed on a Thursday, because on Wednesday we had a National holiday here in Brazil and I chose to make this change so as not to compete with the night before the holiday, when most people would be out and not at home watching YouTube.

I also chose to do the show usually on Tuesdays because of that: Thursday is almost the weekend, and it’s common for people to go out. And this seems to make sense, as this episode had less people watching it live than the previous ones. The adversing was also affected by some internal problems, as more detailed in our DAO’s latest report, with only organic divulgation without any paid posts. And this also made difference.


The video invite was posted only on Instagram stories, so here’s the link if you want to check it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NWgkWQTD9yTvpID1FVJU69ELpvReVcHV/view?usp=sharing


I’m taking a one-month break from The BlockChat, so we can reorganize things in our DAO, including bring new members and have a better advertising work, because the show it’s getting better every episode, people who watch and participate are giving really nice feedbacks, but we have to expand our reach, specially to people still outside the Near ecosystem.

Have the previous episodes translated and subtitled to English is another short term goal; with this in hands we’ll make a campaign to present the show to english-speakers within and outside near, including short videos extracted from the episodes, with useful information related to web3 concepts and Near things.

Thanks for watching, reading and feel free to ask and/or suggest anything!


Thanks for the opportunity, Baga, it was a pleasure! :raised_hands:t4: