[CONCLUDED] MintbaseSunday 6th edition

Alexandre Macieira

  • Near account for payment: macieira.near
    Bianca Victal
  • Near account for payment: biancavictal.near

Holding a collective publication on the Mintbase website on 05/15/2022


Title: MintbaseSunday 6th edition

The idea of the project is to invite participants of the Gambiarra store and also other artists of the Mintbase-NEAR network to publish (mint) their art. An important strategy of the value at 0.77 NEAR is precisely to draw the attention of investors to the action, the value will be available for 24 hours (throughout Sunday) and after that time the work will no longer have copies and will cost 7 NEAR a single piece (if there are copies left). In other words, it is a special time to purchase a work of art from the Mintbase-NEAR network.

Show the strength of the Mintbase-NEAR network collective through the Gambiarra store and how it is possible to have punctual actions that encourage artists to continue publishing their works and creating.

MintbaseSunday Edition becomes NFT: The gathering of all visual works will become an NFT, to compose this final work a JPEG file will be produced with the list of participants’ names to be used along with the file that will become the NFT.

See the NFT of the 1st edition of MintbaseSunday

See the NFT of the 2nd edition MintbaseSunday

See the NFT of the 3rd edition MintbaseSunday

See the NFT of the 4th edition MintbaseSunday

See the NFT of the 5th edition MintbaseSunday

Marketing: In order to register the MintbaseSunday edition in the Mintbase-NEAR network, a list of the participants of the event will be organized, with name and link to the work.
Images of each publication made in the network Mintbase-NEAR will be prepared for the production of a video that will be published on the Youtube channel Gambiarra with a list of all participants with a link to the work of each. In addition, an exhibition will be organized with the works at 3XR Space.
All the history of previous editions is available at the link: mintbasesunday | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree

Complete list of participants of the 1st edition of MintbaseSunday

Complete list of participants of the 2nd edition of the MintbaseSunday

Complete list of participants of the 3rd edition of the MintbaseSunday

Complete list of participants of the 4th edition of the MintbaseSunday

Complete list of participants of the 5th edition of the MintbaseSunday

*Event poster: production of a poster to publicize the event on social networks, it will be published and will become an NFT, it will be distributed among the participants and interested collectors.


History: MintbaseSunday is an action that was born inside the Gambiarra store of the Mintbase-NEAR network.
The 1st edition #MintbaseSunday took place on a Sunday, December 26, 2021, with the participation of 13 artists.
The 2nd edition #MintbaseSunday took place on January 30, 2022, with 18 artists participating.
The 3rd edition #MintbaseSunday took place on February 27, 2022, with 21 artists participating.
The 4th #MintbaseSunday took place on March 20, 2022, with 22 artists participating.
The 5th edition #MintbaseSunday took place on April 17, 2022, with 25 artists participating.
The MintbaseSunday Collection reaches 101 works of art and a total of 54 artists participating in our editions.

In editions 4 and 5 the project also became educational with the participation of @cleusaraven . With the arrival of new artists in the Gambiarra store we began to realize that many want to understand how the whole system works. Alexandre Macieira takes advantage of MintbaseSunday to invite members of the community in order to live the experience of participating in a project, so they can learn how to make a proposal, set up an event and participate in the NEAR forum. I thank the Mintbase-NEAR network for the opportunity.

The Action:
Always hold a special action for the Mintbase-NEAR network on the third Sunday of every month. Invite Mintbase-NEAR participants to post 7 copies of a work for 0.77 NEAR each. Use the hashtag #MintbaseSunday both at the time of publication (as one of the 4 hashtags, if it fits) and at the time of posting on social media.

From May 3, 2022 the graphic materials and texts will be produced for the following week to be disseminated.
Divulgation: from May 9 to 14 will be organized the texts, poster and performed all disclosure and invitation in Telegram groups, Whatsapp and Discord of the network of artists interested and active in NFT. All this content will also be available for dissemination in the social networks of Gambiarra DAO. This announcement graphic material invites artists to participate in the collective publication.
MintbaseSunday: on 05/15/2022, when all the artists participating in the project will be published collectively.

Budget: USD 500 in NEAR

USD 400 in NEAR to be paid to macieira.near
To teach and assist Bianca Victal in the entire process of creating, executing and reporting on a project.
Manage the production of the project’s artwork and images
Organizing the entire production of the project’s actions
Minting the arts at Mintbase
Mounting the collective NFT and minting at Mintbase
Organize and set up the exhibition at 3XRSpace
Accountability at the end of the project

USD 100 in NEAR to be paid to biancavictal.near
Publicize and make the call for participants (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of Gambiarra DAO and in the personal profile of the proponents).
Participate in the organization and production of the project’s actions
Accountability at the end of the project

SIGNATURE: Alexandre Macieira

Alexandre Macieira:
Link Curriculo: alexandremacieira | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree
Site: http://alexandremacieira.com.br
Bianca Victal:
Link Curriculo: biavictal | Instagram | Linktree


Mintbasesunday has already become a success within Gambiarra.
The way he encourages the artists of the Near network is very good. I really like this project and the way it is executed, in the end the expositions are beautiful.
With the relevant growth, with the artistic evolution that happens every month and following the guidelines of Gambiarra Dao, this project is approved.



Project Status: CONCLUDED

Project accounting:
We conducted a movement on Mintbase, through Gambiarra, encouraging artists to make a collective publication, on Sunday, May 15, 2022.
We created two galleries at 3XR Space with the works that participated in the 6th Edition MintbaseSunday.
We made a cut of the edition with works selected by Gambiarra’s curator Ghini that were exhibited at GambiarraDAO’s building in the Cryptovoxels metaverse - Voxels .

Artists posted the hashtags requested at the orientation and so we identified who signed up. #MintbaseSunday #GambiarraNear

We put invitations on posters for the event.
The links can be found in @gambiarraNear’s bio

Budget: USD 500 in NEAR

400 USD - ALEXANDRE MACIEIRA macieira.near
100 USD - BIANCA VICTAL biancavictal.near

Updated project schedule:
In the second week of May 2022 the graphic materials and texts for dissemination were produced.
In the third week of May the dissemination with text and poster inviting the community through publications on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, in addition to Telegram, Whatsapp and Discord groups of the network of artists interested and active in NFT. All content was also available on Gambiarra DAO’s social networks.
Official-Event: May 15 was the official day where artists minted their works worth 0.77 Near and 7 Issues, and shared on their social networks using the event tags and @mintbase @gambiarranear

Highlights and comments:

The 6th Edition of MintbaseSunday was about strengthening this action that we love so much here at Gambiarra DAO, it continues to be an opportunity for artists to spread their work and for us to insist on an action that aims to bring investors to the Mintbase-NEAR network and get to know our work. And our collection? Great joy to announce! We have reached 122 artworks and a total of 56 artists participating in our editions.

It’s been 6 months and many learnings, the 7th edition comes different in June, wait for news. The work continues, many artists have stood out in their research, shared their works with descriptions and amazing works.

Next steps:
The next MintbaseSunday will be on June 19, 2022.


NFT Art to promote the sixth edition of #MintbaseSunday

NFT Arte para divulgação da sexta edição #MintbaseSunday

Participants of the sixth edition #MintbaseSunday

Participantes da sexta edição #MintbaseSunday

**NFT 6th Edition MintbaseSunday - First Part | 05/15/2022 **
NFT 6ª edição MintbaseSunday - Primeira Parte | 15/05/2022

**NFT 6th Edition MintbaseSunday - Second Part | 05/15/2022 **
NFT 6ª edição MintbaseSunday - Segunda Parte | 15/05/2022

Visit the MintbaseSunday 6th Edition Exhibition at 3XR Space, click on the link. | Visite a Exposição da 6ª edição MintbaseSunday no 3XR Space, clique no link.

*** First part of the Exhibition | Primeira parte da Exposição**

*** Second Part of the Exhibition | Segunda parte da Exposição**

Complete list of participants of the 6th edition of MintbaseSunday
Lista completa dos participantes da 6ª edição MintbaseSunday

Participant disclosure publication published on 05/15/2022
Publicação de divulgação dos participantes publicada no dia 15/05/2022

Publication of publicity with artwork and 3XRSpace gallery
Publicação de divulgação com artes e galeria 3XRSpace

Instagram publications:
Publicações Instagram:





Twitter publications:
Publicações Twitter:






It was awesome! Congratulations on the organization @macieira and @BiaVictal. I look forward to the next edition. :grinning: :grinning:


Muito obrigado @Mayramendes !!! Vamos com tudo para a 7a edição! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you very much @Mayramendes !!! It will be awesome to have you in the 7th edition! :star_struck: