Concerning the possibility of attack by fake accounts

The drama around electing of officials for NDC has been funnily alarming to be honest.

I feel as though the accounts attacking people in such proposals is being done by a single entity from using fake accounts or coercing people to speak negatively and without thought to the forum.

Is there of preventing fake/pseudo accounts from happening? because if we are primed for mass adoption we might deal with a worst case than this, in the sense that it would be hard to identify,curb all this issues.

If there are fake accounts, they can affect important voting decisions.

I think something needs to be done


Yes, they’re issued an initial warning before being banned if they persist. This has already happened once and will happen again if it occurs again.


What if it’s done on a large scale on a voting decision

We monitor the same flags for all accounts on the forum.

It’s not going to be possible to mitigate sybil attacks 100% of the time without some form of KYC/Proof of Humanity IMO.


Well since this forum isn’t really mean for Decentralization and anonymity, can’t kyc be done?
To prevent all this

We’re not gonna do KYC on the forum, no. That’d alienate a huge amount of individuals and hinder growth imo.