[Idea] 🥰 Emoji Adress Near.Account / adoption-friendly community attraction

Hi :star_struck:

Stefano and I having a thread in Github, discussing the emoji usage in Near.Accounts
So to make The Fun of having human-readable-wallet-address even wider ^^ :zap:

“This is very interesting, but can’t be done by the wallet alone.”
So may be this is the question for Community ?^^ )

Here are some sneak-details i found:

There are YATS

some celebs are onboard (Paris Hilton and Steve AOKI A$AP and so on)

YATS just partnered with OPERA Browser ( so you dont need to write “http// www . com” you can type only emoji adress)

Cake-Wallet and Mymonero wallet are allready there

during our talk the The @ShapeShift_io DAO voted like 4M people
overwhelmingly in favor of integration Yats into the Shapeshift wallet

… well i mean sounds like fun, and like community friendliness … and as marketing instrument (tool) as well. So might be we need to boost this initiative as well ?

Here are the details on why it’s not possible as of today:

This is the standards section at the link above:

and now the question-mark ^^



By the sounds of it, in the Github thread, this isn’t technically possible atm (though I’m sure there’s a solution someone could develop).

Are you proposing, in this post, that you take on board the development of this? Or is this something you’d like to see in the future?

I think it’d be a neat one for a future Hackathon, if it’s technically possible anyhow! :tada:

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yea true that !
my point of this post is to know if/how is it possible.
im not a developer atm . but yes this is deff something i would like to see in the future

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Hi David do you think we can scedule it for the next Hackaton ? how then ?

There’s a Hackathon ongoing right now :tada:

Check this out: