[complain] report on the fake wallets scheme

I respect your point of view, its valid. We are looking forward to the investigation as we are not hiding anything. What is not valid are the baseless accusations and hostility we are receiving. What was that for?


We are not offended if it were true, but it is not. We can take this as a step forward towards improvement if indeed we are slacking, but then again, we are not. I just find it funny that you are reporting discomfort yet causing discomfort to other people.

How did you come up to this?

NF won’t waste an energy restructuring things with DAO verticals if this isn’t worthy to pursue.

Also, why is it feel like its very illegal for us to clear our name from baseless allegations? I hope most of us are aware that this is defamatory and can be sanctioned if persist.


Your comment just proves my point. Thank you :v:


As I said above, I didn’t delve into the investigation of Filipino Artist Dao. so I can even agree that there is still not enough evidence against you, but there is against William! just take a look to his final wallet, to which he sends his money to be withdrawn by a broker. it receives from several other vwallets. you just can’t see who doesn’t want to.


I will answer will other user’s words, becouse they already explained the idea, hope that will be okay.

I’m not judging or trying to accuse or ofend you or someone else. We will wait for NF answer and if someone who was in that list will be clear and will feel himself discomfortable I’m ready to apologize.
The reason I’m still active in this topic is simple, as a community member I would like to see more transparency, the research @Isa_Danoninho did is big and need verification and clarification.
Community first.


Well, since I reported this comment and nothing was done I’m going to say it openly: if this isn’t a personal attack I don’t know what else it is. Do you think it’s funny? Who’s laughing? Am I causing discomfort? Discuss how and why… I am a person of the community and I have the right to express myself. You as moderator should at least maintain decorum.
What a wrong comment of yours. Respect is good and I like it.

We urgently need better rules for moderators, a code of behavior or somenthing… this can’t be right!

I’ve been abused in this forum for weeks because if you don’t say what everyone wants to hear, everyone wants your head.

The truth hurts, I know, but it needs to be told.


I am not surprised. I am afraid the system works this way.

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Wow! What a read.

Great work too. I can imagine all the hardwork it took to gather all the informations.

I also appreciate your courage to stand up boldly to post this.

I am really looking forward to reading the final result of all the investigations promised on this thread.

But in all I look forward to a better, unbiased, truly transparent and decentralised and more conducive community.


More than 3 months waiting for an answer…

Hi @Isa_Danoninho,

Although your complaints might not have been specifically addressed, systematic changes have been implemented.

This post gives and overview and contains the important links to the process.

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