[complain] report on the fake wallets scheme

Hi @Isa_Danoninho I’m SG one of the councils of the Filipino Artist Guild for a couple of months now and I own the guaschingmachines.near wallet that you are suspecting and all the other council members are @nirvanaraf11 @midofrbs @maryrazel.near @runesofuttoria @saii @quiapogi.near and, yes, we are open for all the review and questions that anyone might have.

To add, we are also sending the monthly reports and a thorough records of each event that we had in the past and up to date. There are also descriptions of the transactions that was made on the astrodao. Please feel free to review them first and then come back with the questions. We can do it anytime but I’d prefer a Saturday or Sunday as I also have a 9-5 job.

Thanks! Have a good one!


I’m not on the mods side, but I think you should better choose words. That comment dot have any constructive criticism in it, and mods will be right when will ask for banning you. So let’s be respectful and write only connected to theme comments


We are all working together for a common goal, in spite of their work, they are here to support the community. I feel this is written in bad taste and totally inappropriate to insult/abuse anyone.

I have flagged your comment. Let the mods take the final call.


This comment has been reported and flagged as inappropriate use of language.

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Hi @Isa_Danoninho , Thank you for putting this effort and the courage to stand up and report any kind of misbehaviour within the Community.

From reading your whole investigation and a little bit of my investigation, I couldn’t be convinced with most of the proofs you have made within your post. However, in the recent light of this event, the NF and NEAR Community does acknowledge the lack of efficiency from @creativesdao-council in term of funding for projects/proposals or the mis-use of funding on approved proposals.

Hence, multiple discussions and actions are happening within the NEAR core team itself and throughout the widened Community.

Again, everyone should be reminded that we are still in the testing phase of everything which means we have to try out as best as we can, 1 example of failure doesn’t mean we stop trying until we figured it what is right and what is wrong.

Come back to the main topic of this post, I very strongly recommend you and everyone who has doubt about the @VN Artists DAO to have a chat with @williamx or perhaps could have an AMA/Twitter Space/Calls with whoever concerning this matter to figure all un-answer questions.

With everything being said, please consider my suggestion and connect with both parties to work on a better solution.

Again, please consider a better choice of words when you express yourself within the NEAR Community - A positive and constructive words can bring out a better result.

Kindly regards,


Hey Bailey,

Thanks for your investigation and sharing your thoughts.

Can you please elaborate about how you came to this conclusion as Creatives DAO have been waiting to hear from NF about guidelines and structures needed from NF, so we can have an aligned vision and a success measurement system.


Hi @Cryptonaut

Please work with relevant parties regarding the next step of Creative DAOs. I do believe that the current and clear guideline should be laying out soon. Please be patiently wait for further instruction from NF or relevant parties working on this matter.

Regarding the conclusion, this is my own personal opinion along with all the data I collected during my investigation based on my own assessment Feel free to connect with me during a call to clear out this issue.

The following is my calendly:


Hey Bailey,

I’m a moderator for creatives DAO and my team is already working with NF. We had a call with Shreyas yesterday about this.

Personal opinions towards a collective and calling efforts as inefficient where we don’t even have metrics to measure success can be a bit disheartening and without data can be misleading as your comment directly mentioned @creativesdao-mods.

Request you to be patient while we are trying to create this new structure.

Thanks for being there for the community and coming in when clarity was needed.


I proposed and created a Creatives DAO v3 in order to evolve with more decentralization, but got not enough support.

The Creatives DAO v3 I created allows all the community to express their opinion on chain and impact on approvals and rejections, instead of the blind system where DAOs are not really checking the proposals.

Hope that kind of solutions to transparency can be reviewed and discussed further.

The proposal took time, I first made a review and we had a forum meeting

Also, time was given and then discussed with all the community in a call

When I started receiving attacks and there was lack of support or understanding I share my report

Even when some of the arguments here in this complain are wrong or misleading, as for example VN Artist is one of the few on my opinion really building community for Near, even though, I understand your point that Creatives DAL should evolve in a more decentralized scheme.

At the same time, I didn’t saw you @Isa_Danoninho so active sharing opinions back then when I share ideas and even took actions, like spend from my own pocket to create an LLC for Creatives DAO and creating the v3.

Still, I am glad this discussions are happening now, just wish it could turn into a constructive path and I share my example on how it can be done.

Big hug fam


I will not take into consideration any comment by any name that has a link to the denunciation that I have made here.
What I want to know is: IS ANYONE CHECKING?
Because I would not give my face for nothing.

I’m not seeing any clicks on the sites, especially the transactions that I brought.

@David_NEAR please investigate this, and not get attached to comments.

It’s all on the blockchain so we can check it out.
But alone and without tools I can’t go much further than that.

I can help with more material that I have the team that is in charge of this.

Thank you and a good day to all.


And if anyone is willing to set up a deeper investigation team here, call me in DM.

We will have a language barrier, but we will manage.


It’s funny that 5 minutes ago nobody clicked on the transaction links, and now most of them are showing up clicked.


Hi Isa,

That’s a pleasure to see somebody saying something other than “Great proposal,” lol because he gets the cut.
You brought analysis, facts, and verifications it is clear that the round of wallets pass money one to another.
It is enough to see too many transactions to the wallets and the sloppy way they created alts. Sometimes is embarrassing.

Besides some people’s schemes, frauds, and incompetence, I tried to do the same. I’ve noticed a complete distortion of reality when put in front of fact and checks.

You analyzed Wallets, when I did the same → my message was flagged by Kemo and Fritz, mad that I “shared” public information to the public (which is not sharing because I didn’t share anything they were already shared I just pointed it out as you did); nevertheless, the post was eliminated a clear abuse of the “rules” of the forum directly against the “transparency” principle of near itself.
They have some “empty projects”, fake companies, and fake experiences nothing was disclosed nothing was signaled, and everything was ignored by those who approved.

Now I read fritz’s intervention about “innovations” to an anti-fraud system and make me laugh when he is one of the many that took this nice initiative as a milking cow to make a nice salary.

He doesn’t want his wallet analyzed and doesn’t want to be questioned about his activities, but he has some ideas on how to fix a problem he caused in the first place.

You said unwanted things… It is very easy to spot fraud because these guys are clumsy and not good at what they do. But the issue lies in who approves these unproductive projects, artistic emptiness, and NFT scams, and not in who tries to scam the system.

Because there are only 2 situations → They are extremely incompetent or collude with the fraudsters.


I would love to see the constructivism that everyone talks about so much, but I only see people dropping fallacies and doubting the complaint when the person is asking for help to get to the bottom of it. Out of debt, out of danger. Where is a work team to defend our community from fraud or just to prove that everything is ok? I cannot think of a bigger and better opportunity than this for potential investment by the Near Foundation.



Exactly, the role of the moderator is to investigate, to check the information and not to take sides and attack the person who made the report.

And I agree that the problem is exactly in the moderators.

They are the ones who approved all these corruption projects.
Either they are blind or they are involved.

Just note their posture, including here in the post.
Every name involved and every project approved.


@Isa_Danoninho Thank you for putting this effort and the courage :heart: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:



Just highlighting that this has not been dismissed or ignored by the NEAR Foundation.

There’s a lot to digest here. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

If the thread devolves into name calling, or anyone persists in violating the Community Guidelines, then it will be locked.

Cheers :beers:


Appreciate the sentiment and indeed, the proofs posted in the conversation aren’t enough nor valid but need to be cleared. As one of the existing Creatives DAO mods, allegations against us were unfair and fueled by displeasure and hostility.

However, we are not lacking with any efforts that is for the community and I find this opinion unjust. Please dig more about Creatives DAO and read how we are working in it before saying things to us such as this:


I can understand that you doubt the proofs, but cannot agree that they are not valid, till the major investigation will be made


I wonder why creative mods get so offended when asked about the quality of their work… Everyone makes mistakes and everyone can improve. Since June this here is a mess, it wasn’t good before but it’s not good now either. Will it improve with this week’s news? I hope so but I highly doubt it. The problem everywhere is people. There is no common sense, there is no care, everyone is on edge. I suggest in this funding stop that everyone takes a vacation :v::sun_with_face: then maybe the people come back renewed as a self to later fight for a better community.