Community Squad Weekly Update: 9 MAR 21

:fire: Community Squad Update Thread

@shreyas @jlwaugh @nima @chloe @starpause
Priorities (Update every Monday)
Progress and blockers (Update every Thursday)


:hammer_and_wrench: - On-going
:ballot_box_with_check: - Done


  • Sync with Laura on Marketing :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Hiring :hammer_and_wrench:
  • Community Hack :hammer_and_wrench:
  • Fuzzy Dice Proposal :hammer_and_wrench:
  • Guild onboarding :ballot_box_with_check:
  • NEAR Australia event review and sync :ballot_box_with_check:
  • India educational initiative kick off :hammer_and_wrench:
  • Sync with Rare Effect and Caro :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Marketing guild sync with Jilian :ballot_box_with_check:
  • NEAR Africa meetup :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Guild sprint :hammer_and_wrench:
  • Sputnik DAO for guilds with Eunice and James :hammer_and_wrench:
  • Rust educational meeting with Incredible Devs :ballot_box_with_check:

Priorities this week:

  • Guild onboarding
  • India accelerator planning, ops and more
  • Fu22y Dice Usability guild meeting and proposal review
  • NEAR Arabia + Tech meeting
  • Community Hack
  • Sync with Asia team on accelerator involvement with Amos
  • NEAR India monthly meeting
  • Guild rewards with Eunice

:warning: Blockers: :warning:

Community fellowship + RFG
I’m hoping to put together a detailed plan on the community fellowship. Would love to get some help from

  • Grace, if available, to brainstorm some structure, project planning etc.
  • @jlwaugh, if available, to help with copy, blog post and anything else in general.

:loudspeaker: Need inputs :loudspeaker:
The entire website is being reworked. While we wait for that to happen, most likely in phases, we have removed some sections from the guilds website that was confusing like the rewards and the guild example. My proposal is to embed the video that @Ozymandius had created to explain the guild program until we decide a better flow:

I think this can be in between the What is a Guild? section and Who should start a Guild?. @jlwaugh , @3UN1C3, @nima, @chloe, @starpause - WDYT?


Priorities this week:


I think that having the video up for now is really helpful. If people actually want to start a guild, it seems reasonable to watch an 8 minute video. Also, from YouTube, even though the visuals are English only, the audio can be easily subtitled into any/most languages.


Yess! Chloe, that’s a fantastic idea. @3UN1C3 can we get a bounty going on for translating sub titles for this video? Perhaps a good one for sandbox maybe, @Ozymandius ?


Ya i think we can create a small bounty event for this, it’d be great to get a list of videos we need other language subtitles, and share in sandbox. Lets discuss more in the sync call!


Prios in this week:

  • Hack that ETH liquidity plan
  • Telegram group: handoff plan and token club guild formation
  • Guild point system review
  • Guild reward calculation
  • Follow up with HK guild community building
  • Onboarding new guild: Turkey
  • Follow up with Arabia community AMA

:warning: Blockers/Need :warning:
After talking to Nima and Amos, we have a higher priorities on community growth tasks. Would love to get some help from the team or external helpers on general operation and management on Discord channel and guild.


Fwir, YouTube does a really great job with the auto audio translation for subtitles. Someone from Createbase says they watch our calls after the fact because they don’t know English well. I checked other languages and it seem to support quite a few.

Could be great to get a quick write up of the video maybe for those that don’t want to watch for 8 mins :sweat_smile:. I know the data is elsewhere, but having “watch this or read this” could be helpful.

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Progress from last week:

  • meeting about Open Sourcery Guild
  • posted community update with links to weekly updates
  • submitted proposal to partner with Metagov in organizing a Governance Challenge
  • coordinated with NEAR Marketing team and MP on ideas for a Design / UX Guild
  • writing about governance and v2 Sputnik DAOs

Priorities for this week:

  • plan Governance Challenge with Metagov
  • help Cameron with new contributor form
  • submit PR to update near/community GitHub repository
  • update my task list for Open Sourcery
  • publish weekly community update including metrics
  • share forum draft re: NEAR governance
  • promote first gathering of Open Sourcerers
  • answer questions about Sputnik DAO from Corwin
  • collaborate with MP and TEC on CF proposals



  • Continue on-boarding (Resolving access issues as I run into them)
  • Establish landing page build timelines with MagicPowered
    • Open Web Community Hack
    • Sputnik
  • Explore community partnerships (internal and external)
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I like surfacing this video. The audio, even for English, is quiet so cleaning the subs and localizing them is a good call!


Hey Eunice! Re this ^ how about creating a Discord mod taskforce? Could collab with @jlwaugh on identifying 3-4 most active community members on discord and then set them up with some basic processes and admin rights.

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Good idea! Perhaps best to link to it as community created content on Guilds?

:wave: haha did this task move from Eunice to you James? :eyes: Cc @3UN1C3

I meant including community metrics in weekly updates like this one:

Ah got it! Would be helpful if you rename those to weekly near community updates to not be confused with our prev and current community updates that go to the entire mailing list! But thanks for doing this, super valuable :slight_smile:

Ya, that works, i received some suggestions from some discord users and i can review with James

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