Open Sourcery ✨

Bringing Devs and Creators Together

Purpose, Visions, Missions

As you know, NEAR is constantly evolving, yet our community remains connected by the vision of a world where people have control of their money, data, and power of governance. Ultimately, our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to open technologies by growing and enabling a community of developers and creators.

Objectives and Key Results

Strategically, we are focused on helping others build meaningful applications on the NEAR platform. This not only requires better tooling and more accessible resources, but also, we should refine community structures and processes to facilitate collaboration between various members of NEAR collective, the NEAR developer community, and specific guilds / projects.

“Open Sourcery” Project

We’re coordinating a sort of “DevRel Guild” as one way to increase our capacity for supporting all kinds of developers. I hope our community will generate magical Sputnik DAO councils, united by the purpose of rewarding cool developers, who help others build meaningful applications on NEAR. Ultimately, our intention is to learn together and help everyone drive progress through creativity.


The NEAR Developer Relations team is known as “Open Sourcerers,” thanks to @potatodepaulo! Naturally, we must develop a narrative around this elite coalition of magical beings. This fun experiment can help build a support system around the core DevRel team, so they can focus on magic stuff. Ideally, our growing community of apprentices will support developers building on NEAR, while recruiting and training others who might have powers.

Adventures / Campaigns

You might know about Dungeons and Dragons, the interactive RPG with a flexible, narrative-based structure. We plan to create a modified version of that experience, adapted for the purpose of coordinating real opportunities in the NEARverse. Every now and then, our community of apprentices will gather to participate in stories with NEAR goals, including:

  • Technical Support for Hackathons
  • Guided Tours of Demo Apps
  • Producing Educational Content
  • Auditing Documentation and Other Materials
  • Overall, Growing the Number of Monthly Active Developers

Join us each Friday during March to explore many worlds of possible risks and rewards… BEWARE! Don’t miss the forest for the trees. You never know what you don’t know, until you do. Truly, we believe that everyone has magical powers, and all are welcome to participate and learn with open sourcerers :sparkling_heart:

You Are Powerful

Step 1: Get a NEAR Account

Reply in this thread to get help creating your wallet!

mainnet | testnet | betanet

Step 2: Join our Community

You will meet fellow characters who can help you achieve your goals in this journey. Learn from everyone and opportunities may present themselves. We are looking forward to collaborating!

Telegram | Discord | Twitter

Step 3: Read the Docs and Learn

Try Sample Applications

Step 4: Ask Questions!

You are welcome to ask here on the NEAR forum, on GitHub, Discord, Telegram, or using the [nearprotocol] tag on Stack Overflow. And if you’re looking for Open Sourcerers, here is a good place to find them:

Step 5: Contribute and Earn Rewards

Believe it or not, it’s really up to you how the story might be told in the NEAR future. Choose your own paths… Join the Open Sourcery movement and use your powers for good!

Submit Proposals to the Magical Sputnik DAO

Everyone is welcome to make payout requests or suggestions to improve this experiment. The initial council members, @potatodepaulo, @zavodil, and @chloe will review payouts, and others might be added to the council.

Current Purpose: We coordinate and support developers who help others learn to build meaningful apps on NEAR :infinity:

This reward system is meant to build a sustainable community around the core developer relations team of NEAR Collective.

Create Your Own Sputnik DAO

Join Our Weekly Adventures

Next Campaign: 2021-03-05T17:00:00Z

Join the intrepid few open sourcerers who secretly assemble in the library of Rustville to prepare for a journey into Ethazon forest… Can the guild survive this perilous trek, or will mysterious characters lead them astray? Question everything ~ is there only one way to find out?!

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NEAR Open Sourcerers Priorities

  • Priority One: Increase the number of successful apps running on MainNet
  • Priority Two: Increase the number of successful developers deploying and improving their apps on TestNet
  • Priority Three: Support the continued maintenance of the material that will allow devs to self-serve and be successful

Main question:

  • James: Identity management and the CRM integration. As people join, we need to see the updated description.
  • James: How this program for the devrel guild can fit into the NCD. Can we carve out a space in that discord.
  • Peter: How can we get people to stand up key activities?
  • Peter: What goals and numbers can we make public to inspire people to act in this community?

Thoughts + concerns + "How do we accomplish this?"

  • James:“Tokens!”
  • Chloe:“Feeling confident that you’re correct as the person supporting”
  • James:“Certain questions must be answered by the DevRel and NEAR core team”
  • Chloe:“Taking care of community leaders”
  • Dani:“You can work with us, and then you ship an example app.”
  • Chloe:“As many efficient examples is important”
  • Chloe:“A scavenger hunt or developer flow”
  • Sasha:“It’s difficult to get questions answered. The question was sitting there for 72 hours”
  • Sasha:“Zero karma doesn’t allow new users to even ask a question.”
  • James:“the forum is the best place to start. Forum participants, create a request for tokens”
  • Cameron:“He was on stack Overflow, went to Discord, then went to TG and got a quick response”
  • James:“I’m all for rewarding people for contributions on any platform, but we need to consolidate”
  • Dorian:“What mechanisms do we have to track these people? How can we measure credibility?”
  • Cameron:“The list of devs is in Airtable”
  • James:“How do I add to the AirTable? Can we make a form?”
  • Cameron:“Yep. Next week.”
  • Chloe: “So would Dani’s idea to have grants for tasks/pathways DevRel wants members to go down and those tasks can be sent to the relevant contributors make sense? Tracking and Reputation still important ofc”
  • James:“We need a hands off approach to rewarding devs. I would have other people proposing to tip people.”
    Cameron:“Weighting contributions is difficult to crowdsource. You need to start with a benevolent dictator. It’s beneficial to hear from the community on what should be considered a contribution. It’s important from someone to provide guidance on the pricing.”
    Sasha:"If you like the answer to your question you tip a fraction of near. If you solve my major problem, I tip you a 100 near. I decide by myself. ‘Oh man, this guy just saved my life! Here’s ten cents’ "
    James:“Number one priority is identifying the pathways that are valuable. Then we can have a dry run.”

Process and needs

  • A single place for people to be aware of new issues in docs, new initiatives etc.
  • A wiki where we can explore what developer problems are
  • A documented pathway to getting active for Open Sourcery members
  • Developer kits for devs to present and to take to their friends/communities
  • Onboarding flow into the DevRel guild. (Includes publishing flows that people can get started with). E.g. “Audit of an example app or documentation and writing issues.”
  • A process for answering questions on: Stack Overflow
  • Airtable: the developer list
  • Talk to that list one dev at a time
  • Documentation on “tipping people”
  • A person responsible for each component of the guild
  • A framework for success: Inputs and outputs


  • Next week James will do a dry run of the experience of the themed story-telling activities based on the pathways.
  • These could evolved into text based quests on the forum.

Key activities for Open Sourcery

  • Writing documentation
  • Writing issues in code libraries
  • Writing PRs to the code libraries
  • Dev chat support
  • Presenting workshops
  • Supporting hackathons
  • Educating new members of the dev community
  • Campaigns

Next Steps

  • [ ] James to start talking to the list of devs
  • [x] James picks the place of a single source of truth for this: Private Forum
  • [ ] Y writes the process for answering questions needs owner
  • [ ] Cameron owns list of devs, and will move forward on dev form
  • [ ] DevRel Guild · Issue #31 · near/devrel · GitHub << Update the tasks here.