Weekly Analytics Update Feb 25

This is the Ecosystem Overview and Notable Metrics for the week of Feb 14 - Feb 21.

What happened?

Ecosystem Scoreboard

Stats on Feb 22

Stats on Feb 16

Monthly Active Developer(Internal): 561 → 584 (+4.1%)

Monthly Active Developer(Internal) is defined as all users who used CLI at least once in the past month, since CLI is the center tool for development on NEAR at the moment.

Monthly Active Developer(External): 93 → 115 (+23.66%)

Monthly Active Developer(External) is defined as developers who interacted with our core repo on Github.

Total Amount Transacted: 2,921,070,647 → 2,951,450,212 (+1.04%)

Total Amount Transacted is the sum of all transactions amount in the NEAR ecosystem.

Key Efforts Last week

Many of these are contributing factors to the data changes last week, although it might be hard to draw direct correlations at the moment

Feb 15

  • Engineering Updates on Twitter
  • Humans of NEAR: Arto Bendiken

Feb 16

  • NEAR on Blockfolio Announcement

Feb 17

  • Berry Club Blog Post 2
  • Flipside announcement
  • Humans of NEAR: Frank Braun by 4NTS Guild

Feb 18

  • NEAR and The Graph Partnership announcement
  • nearnames only need 0.1N

Feb 19

  • P2P Validator Joins NEAR as a Node Operator
  • NEAR Medium Handoff to 4NTS Guild
  • OWC Batch II Open Cohort Announce

Feb 23

  • Flux Blog Article Part 1
  • H3LLODecentralization Virtual Event - Peter
  • H3LLODecentralization Virtual Event - Matt


  • Certificated Developer Program Launched

This might not be the full list, and we will work to include more comprehensive updates. Meanwhile, please reference our team updates across the forum.

Top Line Metrics Dive

Daily New Developer

From CLI data

New Developer number of CLI increased by around 200% to 34 on Feb 16 and continued with 32 new users on Feb 17. Though it is hard to find one event that clearly and directly contributed to this change, one hypothesis is that it was a combined effect of the NEAR educational program on Figment and the launch of Certificated Developer Program. If you have not checked them out, please do!

Weekly Active Developer Internal & Weekly Active Dev-deploy/Deploy

From CLI data in the last 30 days

Along with the new developer number increase on Feb 16-17. we see an increase in weekly active developers here on Feb 17 to 187, by ~12%.

  • Note that the ratio of WAD vs. Weekly Active Dev-deploy/deploy remains 2:1
    • We performed consistently in retention, and we can use this as a metric for evaluating our developer retention and engagement in the future
  • The average level of the two numbers are higher than the type in the last 2 weeks created by ETHDenver from 130 to 170
    • We have successfully retained around half of new developers attracted from ETHDenver

Daily New Accounts

Small increases happened last week with no significant changes. Noticeably, the average level of new accounts created daily is much higher than two weeks ago indicating some positive retention

Daily Number of Active Contracts MainNet

Compared to the number of new accounts on MainNet, the number of active contracts’ average level increase seems to be much less significant. This is a sign that we need to drive more dapps adoptions and end user engagements. Spread the words, direct your friends and families to near names, very easy process to get your near account, try out berryclub, paras and more!

All data at NEAR are anonymous and follow GDPR

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