Community Squad Weekly Update: 9 FEB 21

:fire: Community Squad Update Thread

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    Priorities (Update every Monday)
    Progress and blockers (Update every Thursday)

SputnikDAO * @jlwaugh

~40 proposals have been submitted to SputnikDAO.

NEAR Grants Pilot Program

The NEAR Grants Program is live! In the first half of 2021, the NEAR Grants Pilot Program will award USD 1 million in grants funding and resources to promising teams whose work will foster and expand NEAR’s technology and community. The NEAR Grants Pilot Program will award grants and bounties across four streams: Open Source and Public Goods; Startups; Education Initiatives; and Bounties.


Paras has been actively building its digital art card marketplace on NEAR since its launch in December 2020. To promote the platform, the NEAR Asian community team has joined hands with Paras to run a Lunar New Year Celebration event from 5-19th February. There are also a other community activities going on this week such as AMAs and Red Packet giveaway.

ETHDenver (5-12 FEB)

ETHDenver has kicked off! Please tune in and join us at the NEAR booth! If you’re interested, do let me know. More updates and a post-event summary will be posted next week.

:building_construction: Community Squad’s Effort Last Week:

  • ETHDenver (ongoing)
  • Paras CNY event (ongoing)
  • Expanding community fund funding programs
  • NEAR Turkey onboarding done! We now have a Telegram group to start(Telegram: Contact @Nearturkey)
  • What can i do for near proposals

:abacus: Boring Metrics

Global community:

  • Discord total members: 8814 → 9077 (+263)
  • Telegram total members: 8194 → 8289 (+95)
  • Active guild: 26

China community (Prepared by Angela):

  • Officially managed groups: 17 (Total members: 4988 → 5283)
  • Guild managed groups 24 (Total members: 4801 → 4516)
  • QQ officially managed group: 224
  • Active guild: 6
  • Official Account (think of it as newsletter subscribers)*: 7411 → 7585

Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 12.02.24 AM

Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 12.02.35 AM


Eunice’s prios this week

  1. Guild checklist and point system (review comments and revise)
  2. Working with Paras and NEAR Chinese team on CNY event
  3. AMA with Paras on Wechat
  4. Sandbox relaunch with 4NTS - Marketing plan
  5. Hong Kong guild - Portal website content review
  6. Community metrics and updates with On-going discussion on guild ranking and categorization
  7. Telegram engagement and promotion - Promote poll post
  8. New user onboarding materials (with Sherif)

:firecracker: I will be OOO from 12-15 Feb for CNY :red_gift_envelope:

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Priorities this week:

  • Guild onboarding+transition
  • Guild strategy and sprint planning
  • Tech talk with NEAR PH and Paras- Go @riqi & @OrvardJam+ NEAR PH team.
  • NEAR Au sync and blockchain sydney planning
  • What can i do for near project sync with @MostafaLotfy
  • ETH Denver
  • Review Educational initiatives for India
  • Hiring

Progress from last week:

Priorities for this week:

  • ETHDenver continues!!
  • create guide for launching Sputnik DAOs
  • write forum post about Rainbow Bridge upgradability and governance
  • revamping contributor program, a.k.a. Dev Guilds
  • coordinating updates to website
  • dev support on Discord

Hello hello :wave:
This was an exciting week. I’ve been focused on funding and early stage guild/community/project incubations.

We started the week with a small reorg of our team:

  • Shreyas going to be focused on and lead Guild program (will be in charge of Guilds 2.0 relaunch sprint - TBA soon! :rocket: )
  • James is going to focus on community devrel by launching a guild dedicated to devrel
  • Eunice will be the owner of channels and community comms (& PsyOps :wink: )
  • I’m focused on community/dOrg incubations, figuring out funding programs for them and growing our team to meet increasing demand for community programs/initiatives

We’ve identified a few areas of growth and are going to be hiring for:

  • Hackathons Lead (ops and execution of our 2021 Hackathons strategy)
  • Community DevRel (technical support of hackathons and other community-led programs)
  • Ops and PM for community projects
  • Tech Speaker program (:star_struck: @chloethedev.eth is going to join us to focus on this new program)
  • As we grow the # of guilds and communities we will need to hire additional community managers/generalists to help us :slight_smile: if you’re interested comment here and introduce yourself! <3

We’ve been collaborating with a few active members/leaders of Createbase to come up with a more structured cohort program for supporting creators/builders in our community. We’ve made a ton of progress and already have a few mentors, supporters and a dedicated program manager to run this experiment. Codename: :owl: OWL/ Open Web Labs

On the DAO/social/community side … in conversation with an A++ community-led incubator in the space to see how we could support the growing social tokens space with NEAR tech!

ETHDenver DAO Panel: James Young and David Rune from our DAO Guild were on a panel at ETHDenver about DAO standards. Joined by Illia and moderated by Mr. @insideNiMA :wink:

Watch the recording here: (hint :wink: soft announced 100M$ of community funding available to fund cool DAOy stuff! )

Please let us know what else you would like to see from the Community Squad! We’re here to serve and empower our community <3