🦄 PRIOS for this week (1-7 FEB)

:fire: Community Squad Update Thread

Priorities (Update every Monday)
Progress and blockers (Update every Thursday)

  • ETHDenver starts Thursday / Friday! Lots of moving parts ~ I’ll be hanging out in the NEAR channel of their Discord
  • manage video production about Metaverse Art Gallery + Sputnik with Gui and Felipe
  • Rainbow DAO collaboration with cDOT and Govbase
  • promote dev content ~ Trevor Clarke demoing Vue.js plugin
  • Social Tokens Guild meeting Wednesday, February 3 at 1pm EST
  • community analytics project discussion with Tiffany and Yifang
  • weekly governance meeting (about community repo and forum)
  • synthesize Live Contract Reviews on Twitter
  • establish council of the first DAOcademy

Priorities this week:

  • Guild onboarding+transition
  • NEAR Turkey meeting
  • Tech speakers, CBIR and RfG
  • NEAR India website
  • Guild description on notion
  • Bi weekly with 4nts
  • NEAR Australia and Sydney blockchain
  • NEAR Indonesia
  • What can i do for near proposals
  • ETH Denver
  • Review Educational initiatives

PRIOS & updates :v:

Busy busy week!

Main thing: expanding community fund funding programs in various ways. Learning towards a FoFs strategy to back smaller funding DAOs and programs. We already have 3-5 proposals.

Defining 3-5 new roles on the community team aka squad to 10X our execution capacity! We’re looking for technical community managers or community-minded devrels to join our team to support activities like hackathons, bounties, … and support the growth of our guild program.

Also made significant progress with our friends at MagicPowered on both SputnikDAOs platform and a future ambitious platform/hub for all NEAR Guilds, DAOs, … and communities.

Lastly, working with Jordan (Xoogler member of Createbase and founder of codame.com) on a cohort program (with dedicated funding) for Open Web Creators :star_struck:



  • NEAR Turkey onboarding done! We now have a Telegram group to start(Telegram: Contact @Nearturkey)
  • Tech speakers, CBIR and RfG - Did some thinking around this, but didn’t get a lot of time. Part of the focus sprint for guilds…perhaps. :thinking:
  • NEAR India website- Thanks to the awesome work of @jiten123321 , @sanket, Yash, Gyan, Kushboo and the rest of the Guild india team. Our goal is to roll our a v1 by the end of February. This will be a basic website with the functionality to add analytics so that we can measure our impact. For now, we’re planning to link articles in English, Hindi, Tamil and Odiya. As we grow the guild, we can incorporate more translations.
  • Bi-Weekly with 4nts- @Ozymandius discussed about the plan with Sandbox. Rewards, governance and more. Excited about the progress on that and the opportunity that exist for new contributors to get involved.
  • NEAR Australia and Sydney blockchain- Moved to next week.
  • NEAR Indonesia- Moved
  • What can i do for near proposals- Spoke to @MostafaLotfy about the specifics. Will start the work on this soon. The goal is to put out a v1 version that outlines the different contribution pathway and bare minimum details- for example, if you select Design and go into how to contribute through Design, you’ll have a link to http://near.org/brand along with some instructions with the a link to join the Design Guild. The second phase would be to reach out to all these communities to ask them to add specific details to the page and maintain it. The website would be open source, and after the v1 is rolled out, we can still keep adding and building.
  • ETH Denver: Kicked off! Inviting volunteers to join us at the NEAR booth! If you’re interested, do let me know.
  • Review Educational initiatives: Did a deep dive session with some educational partners in India. Updated proposals to come in next week, which will then be reviewed. Overall, plan has a lot more clarity now.

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