Community Squad Weekly Update: 16 FEB 21

:fire: Community Squad Update Thread

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    Priorities (Update every Monday)
    Progress and blockers (Update every Thursday)


ETHDenver.SputnikDAO.near @jlwaugh

We have introduced DAOs on NEAR at ETHDenver to emphasize our commitment to decentralization and on-chain governance. 127 Proposals were summited by around a hundred users, and a total of 3000N has been distributed through this initiative.


During the Paras Lunar New Year event, we saw a growing number of participation and engagement on Paras. There were a total of 411 transactions among the Paras users, with 169 cards minted last week.

:building_construction: Community Squad’s Effort Last Week:

  • ETHDenver :white_check_mark:
  • Paras CNY event :white_check_mark:
  • Tech talk with NEAR PH and Paras:
  • Sputnik DAOs launch (:fire: ongoing)
  • Guilds 2.0 relaunch (:fire: ongoing)

:abacus: **Boring Metrics

  • Global community update:**
  • Discord total members: 9077 → 9218 (+141)
  • Telegram total members: 8289 → 8436 (+147)
  • Active guild: 28

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 12.13.02 AM

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 12.13.09 AM


Progress from last week:

  • Guild onboarding+transition [Ongoing]
  • Guild strategy and sprint planning [Ongoing]
  • Tech talk with NEAR PH and Paras:
  • NEAR Au sync and blockchain Sydney planning[ done]
  • What can i do for near project sync with @MostafaLotfy [Making really good progress. Aiming for soft release next week]
  • ETH Denver [Done and dusted]
  • Review Educational initiatives for India [Sent to council for approval]
  • Hiring [Ongoing]

Priorities this week:

  • Guild onboarding+transition
  • Guild strategy and sprint
  • Hiring & review
  • Techstars
  • NEAR PH meeting with @OrvardJam
  • NEAR Turkey core team meeting
  • What can I do for NEAR sprint
  • Guild rewards and points system with @3UN1C3
  • 4NTS bi-weekly
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Priorities this week:

  • HK Guild onboarding and meeting (nearpotal website is up, under review and optimization)
  • NEAR India meeting with Jiten (discussed about community events in India)
  • Guild rewards and points system with @shreyas (finished calculation and will follow up with guilds in the coming week)
  • 4NTS bi-weekly (done)
  • Community forum flow chart and reorganization
  • Catch up with Awen on Commond Fund (meeting in the coming week)
  • Follow up on Paras CNY event (done)
  • NEAR wallet feedback

Thanks as always for posting these threads Eunice :slight_smile:

I’m “focused” on:

  • Structuring and helping with the launch of OWL (Open Web Labs) - early stage incubation program for Creators and Builders. (Createbase spin-off/sub-guild)
  • Team sync and sharing priorities with other teams/guilds at NEAR Core
  • 2x hiring processes for OWL/PM role and Tech Speaker Program
  • Publishing JDs for unfilled role (seems like we can find talent faster than I can write JDs :star_struck: )
    • Hackathons Lead
    • Community DevRel
    • Guilds/Community Ops lead
  • Working on a proposal for an Ecosystem Development Fund as a FoFs to support/grow our ecosystem and communities
  • OWC teams mentorship, support with funding/investment
  • Gitcoin partnership
  • PMing SputnikDAOs platform with MP
  • :eyes:
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Progress from last week:

Priorities for this week:

  • publish recap of ETHDenver Sputnik DAO and promote via social media
  • coordinate with DevRel team and launch Open Sourcery DAO
  • collaborate on ideas to develop the first campaign / adventure
  • create new GitHub issue listing TODOs re: DevRel Guild
  • write forum post about NEAR governance and support Metagov research project involving both intrachain and interchain DAO interoperability


How can we (re-)design DAOs, DAO contracts, and DAO frameworks in order to support a family of use-cases around DAO interoperability and DAO-to-DAO interactions?

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I think we should officially start the DAO Guild and perhaps have Josh as the coordinator/lead? (compensated position with 5-10 hrs/week commitment?)

Our DAO efforts could really benefit from some centralisation and coordination by a PM

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