Community Moderator Team Intros

Hello Everyone,

DTC here, I published my introduction recently and now I have intros from the rest of my team. We’re here to support you and the NF ecosystem. They’re all dedicated to the growth and progress of the NF Community, please show them love!


Hello everyone!

First of all my name is Andres, and it is a pleasure for me to be part of the new team of moderators under the NEAR Foundation community department.

A little bit of information about me: I am involved in the WEB3.0 environment since August 2020 where for a few months my action was based on acquiring extremely basic knowledge for several months, and then I went deep into blockchain technology and this process of blockchain experience was 100% through NEAR Protocol! During 2021 and 2022 I was very involved in the NEAR community and throughout the ecosystem where I met many exceptional people and wonderful teams. Nowadays you can see me on all NEAR Official channels such as Discord, Telegram, Reddit, this same governance forum and I’m also contributing to NEAR Foundation’s AMAs on Twitter!

I would like to take this opportunity to mention that one of our main objectives is to maintain peace and respect throughout the community, therefore I insist on strictly following the community guidelines in order to have the best possible experience among us!

If you ever want to have an off-topic chat with me, I am very interested in fitness, football, traveling, old trucks and personal development!

That said, I look forward to serving in the best way possible to the very valuable and outstanding NEAR community, let’s get it!

Chi Ha

Hi there, it’s Chi Ha here. I also go by the name DF in Discord and Telegram :smile:

I joined the Near Foundation Community Moderator team 2 months ago and it has been an exciting journey so far. I’ve had the chance to connect with knowledgeable colleagues as well as hard-working project owners and community members. To me, it’s important to learn from each other, so we can grow and build a better ecosystem together.

Before my time with NEAR, I transitioned to Web3 in 2021, working with Web3 startups in Business Development and Community roles. I’m passionate about supporting innovative founders and companies that leverage blockchain to deliver true value and impact.

Outside of my working hours, you can find me in the park trying to get my step counts and clear my head :running_woman: I also love cooking and taking care of my plants:potted_plant::relieved:

I look forward to getting to know all of you better, and don’t hesitate to reach out for support or just some chitchat! :handshake:

Mr Potato

Hey everyone! I’m Mr Potato and I’ve been a part of the NEAR Foundation for slightly over 2 months, supporting all of you in making our community the best in the entire Web3 :metal:

I have been involved in crypto before the term Web3 was coined (early 2014). As a non-technical person; I’ve always enjoyed being part of various crypto communities to learn alongside field experts and build great relationships with people from all parts of the world. My involvement in the space grew exponentially over the last few years where I’ve contributed to several projects (L1s, infrastructure and DeFi) and I want to bring to the NEAR community the best of all the positive experiences I’ve had so far.

When I’m afk I like to spend my time practicing sports, going on short treks and traveling whenever possible :airplane:

My DMs are always open so feel free to reach out! We’re one big family :hugs:


Good day folks!

I joined the Foundation last October, but I’ve been lurking around the ecosystem for the better part of a year before that.

Although I almost got into Bitcoin mining in 2012 (if only…), I only made the headlong jump into crypto in the Fall of 2020.

I strongly share Pia Mancini’s deep belief “that we are 21st century citizens doing our very best to interact with 19th century designed institutions built with information technology of the 15th century”, and I’m convinced that web3 can deliver a more suitable environment for human affairs.

Alex (Skidanov)’s compelling and passionate performance at this Fireside chat is what made me focus on NEAR and what it offers. What I learned made me really want to help make web3’s promise a reality on this protocol.

My community management experience is deeply rooted in gaming – some of my biggest time sinks are ESO, EU4 and for the past year Axie. In addition, I studied Psychology at university, which is most certainly helpful when one has to interact with people from diverse backgrounds.

You might not see me chatting about the weather in our comms channels, but I’m doing my best to keep up with all relevant topics, chime in when necessary and, most importantly, amplify the community’s voice internally.


Thanks @DammnThatsCrazy for posting this intro on our behalf.
It’s my pleasure to be here with you all and let’s keep up the good work together! :raised_hands:t2:


Nice to get to know a bit more about you, fam !

You do a wonderful job.


Welcome everyone!! :blush:


Hey everyone. Already been around here for a while but nice to have a formal welcome to the community :saluting_face:


Nice to know you officially guys! :beers:


Hi guys,

Great to meet ye and congrats on your new role! Well done on the work so far.

I’d like to suggest a review of the Near affiliated discords and other communication channels. For example, when I go in to the Open Web Sandbox you can find obvious posts of scam posts in some of the channels.

(invalid invite :smiling_face_with_tear:)

Could we look to monitor these from time to time just to remove these kind of posts? And I’m sure there are other regional discords that may be the same - Near Hispano too sadly I see many scam posts.

Currently there is a working group to create a DAO focused on regional guilds. Once this is sorted out then we will look to revitalise the regional guilds and the heart of NEAR.

Therefore It would be great if we could maintain a minimum for these so that when people randomly arrive in them that they avoid a possibly very negative experience if they were scammed in some way by these posted links.

I’d even do it intermittently if I had access.

What do ye think? Is this within your remit or could we organise a community action whereby a group of us could monitor them until further notice?



Thanks for the constructive feedback Niall!
On the NF Discord side, the mods team is auditing all channels (content, posts including links to other communities channels that you mentioned) and roles permissions which requires much coordination with other departments within NF and Pagoda. Hopefully the initial fine-tuning period will be completed soon and it will always be an on-going task.
For other ecosystem communication channels/ platforms, the mods team doesn’t have access to moderating/ control but we did reach out to give feedbacks and also will evaluate if certain channels are still in good enough shape to introduce/ refer to community members to avoid risk of unpleasant experience.
I believe the effort from regional guilds working group will be much impactful and useful for the community.


Great. Thanks for your response

Yes, its important to maintain a basic level of operations on all those discords. Nothing much, just to remove possible harmful content. There will be a time when more start to flow back in

thanks again