[Approved] Service DAO Updated

First, thank you everyone for your feedback
This is a new version of the Service DAO Proposal

Introduction : In response to a recent update from NF, the Near Foundation team has experienced a significant 40% reduction including the Near Community Moderators, raising concerns about the continuity of community support for the Near Community Channels. Community channels are pivotal for user assistance, reporting, and maintaining a positive user experience.

The absence of a dedicated Community moderators team poses a risk of leaving community members without essential resources and support. Moreover, the moderation of multiple platforms is at stake, potentially leading to spam, unresponsiveness, and a decline in user-friendly interactions.

As Near undergoes this transition, it is crucial to address the potential ramifications promptly. Strategic measures must be implemented to fill the void left by the reduction in the Near Community team, ensuring the project’s resilience and sustaining a supportive user community.

To solve these possible future scenarios, we propose to create a unified team of experienced moderators from the ecosystem who can provide the best customer support assistance.

Vision & Goal : In response to the absence of a community support team in Near, we aim to establish a unified and highly proficient team of community support moderators. Focused on providing unparalleled assistance, our vision is to create a cohesive support structure that caters to the specific needs of both Near Protocol and Aurora Network users.

Our vision is rooted in the creation of vibrant and informed communities within the Near Protocol and Aurora ecosystems. We aim to create an environment where users, developers, and enthusiasts seamlessly collaborate, share insights, and receive timely assistance. By consolidating our efforts, we aim to become the go-to hub for community support, ensuring that every query is met with a knowledgeable, timely & friendly response.

Solution : In order to effectively serve the various requirements of the Near Protocol and Aurora Network communities, we suggest setting up a specific team of experienced moderators. Our approach is to create a team that consists of six seasoned moderators, who have experience in Near & Aurora.

A singular team will serve as the only hub for community support, ensuring accessibility and a seamless user experience. This thoughtful setup will streamline user queries, providing clarity and expedited assistance tailored to the specific blockchain in question.

Moderators specializing in Near Protocol will be handling multiple platforms such as Telegram, Discord, Reddit etc. and use tools such as Helpscout to get user tickets directly from the website and assist them with the best support 24/7.

The lead will highlight unresolved dev/tech questions of the week in a dedicated sheet and address them to the respective dev team of the projects in order to resolve tech questions smoothly and quickly.

How we move forward (KPIs):

We look forward to keeping the legacy channels such as Near Protocol Telegram, Discord, Reddit, governance forum and moderate them 24/7. In addition to this, we aim to use new tools such as Helpscout to manage tickets from the website and streamline the process to assign them to the specific team. Goal is to keep the response time < 15 minutes. We aim to create a process to collect a sheet of unresolved tech questions and get them resolved quickly by addressing them to the developer team. A living document will be created by the moderators to store the templates for the frequently asked questions which would help everyone to answer the query within a few minutes and save the time to type the answers every time.

  • Every month, we will report about the number of tickets opened/closed. (> 90% closed to opened ticket)

  • To ensure high quality level, We will share a satisfaction form at the end of each ticket and will share in report the feedback from them. (Satisfaction >= 4.5/5)

  • Average time for ticket opening, we would like to focus on helping as fast as possible the customer.

Platforms To Moderate :

Scope of Work and team:

Core DAO members (councils):

1.Dav: Responsible for leading this DAO. Will be moderating as much as he can. More than 8h / day (except weekend). Checking work from Moderator, managing members and point of contact of this DAO. Making training and providing feedback tutorial / documentation. Responsible for presenting tech question sheets to the DevRel team in weekly meetings.Responsible for monhly reports to HoM

2.Zubair: Responsible for dedicating 8 hours/day for 6 days to moderate the mentioned channels, keep response time on chat platforms < 15 minutes. Co-manage the DAO with David and handle Helpscout & other admin tasks. Additionally, he will be responsible for contributing to the templates document.Responsible for monhly budget

Community Moderators: Four members. Position opened to Near community. Need to be since at least 6months in NEAR Ecosystem.

Advisor: Mr Potato (Will help, give guidance and feedback), @zubairansari07

Budget :

Will be determined according to applicants’ requests and should be approved by House of Merit + CoA.

Service DAO Hiring and Dismissal Procedures

Initial Election Commission (this is a temporary body created with the purpose of initially hiring a mods team and cannot be considered as an additional role for Congress members and shall not include people who want to take up moderator role other than core members) : Dav, @zubairansari07 , @Dacha , @fiatisabubble, @Illuminfti, @bailey12 and @rahulgoel007

Service DAO Hiring process:

  1. Job posting:
  • Publish job vacancies on the Government NEAR forum gov.near.org
  1. Application submission:
  • Accept applications from candidates, along with their resumes
  1. Review by Service DAO election Commission members:
  • The Service DAO election commission reviews received applications
  • Conducts voting for each application
  • Makes decisions based on the voting outcomes
  1. Decision and notification:
  • Service DAO makes the final decision on candidate selection
  • Successful candidates are notified of their acceptance on the forum

This structured process ensures transparency, fairness, and efficiency in hiring, aligning with our commitment to professionalism and excellence.

Dismissal Procedure:

  1. Performance evaluation:
  • Periodic performance evaluations are conducted to assess individual contributions and alignment with NDC goals
  1. Service DAO assessment:
  • If the Service DAO is dissatisfied with the individual’s performance, an on-chain voting process is initiated
  1. On-Chain voting:
  • On-chain voting involves Service DAO members expressing their opinions regarding the individual’s continuation in the position
  1. Decision-making:
  • Based on the on-chain voting results, a decision is reached regarding the individual’s status in the organization
  1. Dismissal action:
  • If the decision is to part ways with the individual, the dismissal process is initiated
  1. Search for replacement:
  • Following the dismissal, efforts commence to identify and recruit a suitable replacement for the position.

The election process will be started once the DAO is approved by HoM and CoA

Job description: Community Moderator


As a NEAR Protocol Community Moderator, you will play a crucial role in fostering a positive and engaging community environment within the NEAR Protocol Discord, Telegram, and Reddit channels. Your primary responsibility will be to ensure that the community remains a welcoming space for discussions, questions, and collaboration among members. You will work closely with the community management team to maintain a healthy and vibrant atmosphere, encouraging constructive conversations and discouraging any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Community Engagement:
    • Actively participate in discussions and engage with community members to build a sense of camaraderie.
    • Encourage positive interactions and provide assistance to community members seeking help or information.
    • Foster a supportive environment that promotes knowledge-sharing and collaboration.
  • Content Moderation:
    • Monitor and moderate discussions to ensure compliance with community guidelines and code of conduct.
    • Remove or address inappropriate content, spam, or any form of disruptive behavior promptly and professionally.
    • Report any recurring issues or emerging trends to the community management team.
  • Knowledge Sharing:
    • Stay informed about NEAR Protocol updates, events, and announcements to effectively communicate information to the community.
    • Help answer questions and direct community members to relevant resources or official channels.
  • Conflict Resolution:
    • Mediate disputes or conflicts among community members in a fair and unbiased manner.
    • Escalate issues to the community management team when necessary and provide context for resolution.
  • Event Support:
    • Assist in organizing and promoting community events, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), and other engagement initiatives.
    • Facilitate Q&A sessions during events to ensure a smooth flow of communication.
  • Feedback Collection:
    • Gather feedback from the community regarding their experiences, suggestions, and concerns.
    • Compile and present feedback reports to the community management team to improve community engagement strategies.
  • Moderation Guidelines:
    • Help create and update moderation guidelines, ensuring they align with NEAR Protocol’s values and community standards.
    • Provide guidance to community members on appropriate behavior and content creation.
  • Professional Conduct:
    • Maintain a professional and unbiased demeanor when handling community matters.
    • Uphold NEAR Protocol’s image by representing the community in a positive light.

Note: This role requires a commitment to fostering a positive community environment, a strong understanding of NEAR Protocol, and effective communication skills. The Community Moderator will work closely with the community management team to uphold the standards and values of the NEAR Protocol community. Candidate must be in Near ecosystem since at least 6 months.

Scope of work:

  • Near Protocol Telegram
  • Near Protocol Discord
  • Near Gov Forum
  • Near Reddit
  • Near BOS Page
  • Helpscout

@fiatisabubble hello! Could you please clarity your role in the DAO please? Responsibilities and scope of work. Thank you

@DDeAlmeida asked if id like to help with the slection process so there could be a more varied opinion amongst the group, told him im happy to do it for free, unless stardust opposes. If stardust opposes i would have to decline the position because i hold his opinion in the highest regard.

Dear @DDeAlmeida giving stardusts staunch opposition, and how important their opinion is to me, i may need to reconsider lending my time to this.

Love you @Stardust

First, please check again what corruption means.
Second, you create drama where there Is nothing.
I asked Ilum if he would like to take part in Commission to select potential Moderator.

We haven’t had extensive discussions on the scope of this role as it was only recently that I was invited to help shape this initiative. I will however highlight some of the ways I believe I can contribute in the capacity of an advisor:

  • Facilitate and troubleshoot any issues of this work stream transitioning from NF (if and when this happens)

  • Ensure the team follows best practices that not only uphold professionalism but also make our community platforms a welcoming gateway for new entrants to the ecosystem (i.e. more than just answering questions)

  • Maintain proper coordination and communication channels between ecosystem nodes - NF, Pagoda, NDC, etc.

  • Suggest methods to empower community members to partake in moderation and further decentralize this work stream

  • Offer general and regular constructive feedback (avoid making the same mistakes I or previous teams moderating NEAR’s community platforms made)

This will most likely be a part-time role.


HoM poll approved: https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?page=dao&tab=proposals&daoId=congress-hom-v1.ndc-gwg.near&proposalId=102

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Today @zubairansari07 will step out of Service DAO Council and will be replace by @rahulgoel007 .

I would like to thanks @zubairansari07 for the work done. I really appreciate.

@rahulgoel007 will be the Co-LEad of Service DAO starting now.