Community Fund I Wiki

Community Council is the governing body overseeing the NEAR Community Fund I. CF1 has 5M $NEAR & $1.5M to support the growing NEAR ecosystem of communities, DAOs, Guilds, dOrgs, and beyond.

Current council members are:

  1. NiMA Asghari (Chairman, Head of Community/dOrg Incubations)
  2. Matt Lockyer (DevRel :prince: )
  3. Ashley Tyson (Web 3 :princess: )
  4. Peter DePaulo (Head of DevRel)
  5. Shreyas (Guilds lead)
  6. Amos (Asia Community)
  7. Dani (Grants lead)

(*James Waugh as board/council observer)

At the moment, only CC (Community Council) members can submit proposals, but we are working on various paths for open and permissionless funding proposals. You can contact if you would like to get funding for your own DAO, Guild, … dOrg. Guilds should also apply via

Here are a few examples of existing open funding programs backed by NEAR CF1 (DAOs, Guilds, …):

Addendum for CC members:
Please add one of the following tags in the title of your proposals:

[Discussion] : for proposals still in discussion (not ready for voting)
[Proposal] : proposal submitted for voting
[Pass/Fail] : final status once min voting thresholds are met

Proposal submission and voting process (v1.2):

  1. Start with the default template and provide the required information with any additional supporting material
    (use the + New Topic button on the top right corner next to bell button)

  2. Use the voting/polling plug-in on Discourse (select Community_Council under Allowed Groups setting)

  3. All new topics (proposals) are by default Wiki, i.e. all changes made to the proposal will be tracked

  4. After you submit the proposal all members of the group will receive an email notification to vote on the proposal (note for members of CC: click on the bell icon and choose Watching First Post)

  5. If you would like to get more attention for a certain proposal feel free to post it on the private Slack group called Community Council and @ mention the CC members who should definitely vote!

  6. After min voting and quorum requirements are met (see below for details) email for processing.

Voting and quorum thresholds:

  • <2K$ - 1X Yes - no minimum quorum (* quorum defined as min number of members needed for the vote to be valid)
  • 2-10K$ - 2X Yes - no min quorum
  • 10-30K$ - 3X Yes - min quorum 4 of 7 - 4X members should vote in either direction
  • Above 30K$ requires Erik or Illia’s additional approval (Head of NF/Chairman of NFC)
  • Above 100K$ requires NEAR Foundation Council approval

P.S. until now we have been using a closed/private category for CF. Hence, this new open category is somewhat sparse and empty … :slight_smile:


Potential amendment to this clause: 3x Yes votes without min of 4 votes. Council members who clearly are neutral or against a proposal can simply not react and stall the process.

Any comments/feedback? will address this in our next CC meeting.