Request for funds from Community Squad DAO to Createbase Guild - April

Guild: Createbase
Name: @chloe - chloe.near
Month: April
Target: createbase.sputnikdao.near
Requested amount: 300 NEAR tokens

Reason: To start funding the Bounty DAO’s for the upcoming Createbase Hackathon.

Each of the DAO’s will need at least 100 NEAR per complete submission (Ideation, Presentation, Video Demo, Github Submission). This proposal is to get some minimal funds into each of these DAO’s so that the community is clear that there is support for this initiative.


You should add the “community fund” tag + the voting widget so that the community council can vote to approve this :slightly_smiling_face: I’m happy to walk you through how to add this if you’d like!

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Adding the voting widget is a great idea since proposals should pass here before going to the on-chain DAO anyways (moving forward).

Should “community-fund” tag still be used if this is trying to ask for funds from the community squad SputnikDAO?