codeAREA Hackathon

CodeAREA is AreonNetwork’s hybrid (virtual and offline) hackathon for developers with an amazing $500k reward pool.
It’s a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and share ideas, as well as get funding from AreonNetwork for projects
In the last week of the competition, you will have the option to join the offline event in Istanbul where you can meet industry experts and major investors to pitch your ideas

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For game developers, this challenge is not just about coding; it’s an opportunity to turn their gaming ideas into reality. Meeting industry experts and investors during the offline event in Istanbul can significantly elevate gaming projects.

In the dynamic landscape of gaming, the concept of ‘boosts’ is particularly significant, especially in popular titles like Diablo 4 and World of Warcraft (WoW). In gaming, a ‘boost’ typically refers to a feature or item that accelerates a player’s progress or enhances their in-game abilities.

As game developers immerse themselves in the CodeAREA hackathon, the concept of boosts becomes not only a feature within games but also a metaphor for the potential acceleration and enhancement of their own projects. The collaboration and networking opportunities at CodeAREA have the potential to propel developers and their gaming ideas to new heights, much like a boost in a game propels players forward. This exciting synergy converges the virtual and real worlds, creating a platform for innovation, creativity, and ultimately, the realization of gaming dreams.