NEARCON Hackathon 2023!

We’re gearing up for this year’s NEARCON Hackathon, and it’s going to be nothing short of iconic!

Remember last year’s success with 500+ participants and 90+ incredible projects ?

Well, get ready because we’re taking it to the next level at NEARCON 2023!

:earth_africa: More Diversity: DevHub is offering travel stipends to bright minds worldwide. We’ve also invited winners from ETHGlobal and Web3Hackfest to join us.

:bulb: Exciting Challenges: Leading projects like SWEAT Economy and Cosmose AI are contributing bounties , adding even more excitement to the hackathon.

:building_construction: Builder Focus: We’ve secured a dedicated venue for hackathon activities and dev-focused content. Plus, our decentralized DevRel team will provide unparalleled support throughout the NEARCON journey.

:star2: Celebrity Judges: They’re back! Our judges will not only select winners but also engage with hackers, sharing insights on the future of Web3.

:moneybag: Bounty Pool: We have $140k in prizes , including 3 main awards, 4 track nominations, and a pitching competition. Core team members, NEAR DevHub, NEAR Horizon, and key ecosystem players will handpick the next Web3 stars.

:computer: Know Talented Builders? Invite them to register HERE.

:airplane: Travel Stipends: The application window is open for one more week.

:portugal: See you in Lisbon, and let’s make NEARCON Hackathon 2023 truly iconic! :tada:


Thanks for supporting us!:pray::sunflower:
See you there !

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