Community Squad Weekly Update: 10 May 2021

Briefly describe your ‘key results’ from last week’s work plan and your plan for this week. @weekly-updates
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Finally, this week our :fire: Open Web Community Conference and Hackathon is here :fire: A lot of the work the CommunitySquad is doing this week will be in support of these awesome events.

  • Open Web Community Events kick off (communication, participants support, registration and promotion)
  • Sprint planning for our next DemoDay on May 20th. This week we are planning our sprint together with our marketing colleagues.
  • CommunitySquadDAO fund allocation guidelines
  • Review progress on proposals already funded
  • Review applications for the Community Team open positions
  • Onboard new team member


Last week:

  • India accelerator- 50M views on the press releases in a day
  • Guild onboarding- reviews and interviews
  • Africa proposal meeting- Connected with Ozy to work on a potential ecosystem plan.
  • Call with farming team. Connected with Bowen+Amos.
  • Demo day
  • Japan meetup plan with partners

This week:

  • Guild onboarding
  • India accelerator
  • BI plan, review and contract
  • Hackathon support and outreach with guilds + Ross
  • Japan event planning and guild support
  • India covid relief DAO
  • OWC interviews
  • Africa blockchain initiative proposal meeting
  • India guild monthly call

Priorities for this week:


Key results from last week:

  • hackathon logistics and marketing / communications
  • wrote forum post about “Charity DAOs” and gathered feedback
  • collaborated with partners on use cases for token-gated access control
  • led team working session to decide skill-based roles for contributors on Discord
  • met with 4NTS re: funding Sandbox DAO via Community Squad
  • supported NEAR India Guild in the process of creating a DAO
  • coordinated “Token Engineering Workshop”
  • activated Figment Learn DAO

Plan for this week:

  • promote Open Web Creators and Communities Hackathon
  • kickoff “Governance Challenge” with Metagov DAO
  • discuss forum post about “Guild DAOs”
  • help make progress on Sputnik DAO documentation
  • onboarding calls with potential contributors
  • explore idea of a “CryptoPunk DAO” that leverages Rainbow Bridge
  • implement new role assignment process
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