[PROPOSAL] Meta Campfire, a storytelling event on the metaverse - 3rd Edition: Urban Legends theme

Meta Campfire, a storytelling event on the metaverse - 3rd Edition: Urban Legends theme

Proponent: @klarakopi @becopro

NEAR account for payment: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Project Timeline: July 11th – August 14th


The main objective of this project is to create an event on the metaverse that foments creative writers, enhances our interaction with the community and creates a memorable experience to everyone involved, bringing people from all parts of the world to share stories in a space with no boundaries.

Justification (benefits):

The relevance of this project is to encourage creativity and writers production; engage NEAR’s community, creating a space to hear and share their creative production with a crowd of writers and the public; create an opportunity to distribute funds with people outside of the DAO; encourage more uses of metaverse spaces besides parties with music or art exhibitions (most common uses), inspiring people to make more live performance events on the metaverse.

The project:

In the following weeks we will create bounties to invite writers to write their stories that will be shared LIVE on the metaverse in English language.
We’ll have a storyteller to read everyone’s stories, but we ask them to be present anyway to support their fellow writers. The non-attendance to the event disqualifies the writer and their prize will be distributed among the other writer participants.
Only active users with more than 2 months on the forum are allowed to participate, we want to prevent fraudulent activity.
The writers and the participants will also get an exclusive wearable on the date of the event, that will be sent to their Metamask wallets, a NFT of participation and the 1st place will get an extra NFT for the welcome list on the next edition.
We’ll also have an Open Mic after, if people want to share stories after the winners stories are told.


  • Step one:

    Set the bounty in the NEAR forum
    Select 5 writers/storytellers (the 1st place of the previous edition is already welcome listed to this edition)¹

  • Step two:

    Organize dates and necessary things to the event (parcel decoration, wearable production, etc)
    Divulgation of the event on our socials

  • Step three:

    Hold the event at our parcel
    Send wearables to attendees during the event

¹ In case a welcome listed person don’t apply or follow the rules, another writer will be selected


  • Writers (6 x 50USD) - 300USD
  • Storyteller - 100USD
  • Organization, wearable creation, giveaway and hosting - 100USD


Final Products:

  • Event at Metaverse DAO Parcel on Voxels;
  • NFTs (minted at Mintbase or Paras) to be send to the participant writers;
  • encourage participation, interaction and socialization on the metaverse;
  • an art invitation to the event, for social media;
  • a video of the event on Metaverse TV (our YouTube channel);
  • an NFT from the video minted at our NEAR Metaverse History store;
  • 6 stories to be added to NEAR Metaverse Magazine #08

This project is a continuation of:

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Project Report

Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi - July

Project Status: Completed

Project Timeline: July 11th – 16th August

Project Accounting:

Meta Campfire was delayed because it has a bounty and that depends on funds to happen. The delayed funding was received and now we can proceed.
Bounty was created, the metaverse space is ready and the event will happen Sunday, August 14th.

Update: I had to rebuild the whole space the day before the event in another space because ou metaverse building was sold. As I had to improvise unforeseen technical problems happened and I was also taking care alone. This time metrics didn’t work and I couldn’t record the event, because I had to fulfill multiple roles.

Despite these problems the event happened as usual, everyone did the best they could and we had a good time together. All the writers attended the event.

Highlights and Links:

  • Bounty:
  • This video (on Twitter) was created to advertise the event (for no extra cost):
  • Meta Campfire 3rd Edition - Welcome List (1st place)
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