[Closed Video interview regarding blockchain and NEAR | Design & Promotion

  • Guild Name - no
  • Funding scheme: one-time
    -Initiative summary: We have shot and edited video interview with blockchain as a technology, and particularly NEAR Protocol summary. Here is it: Rian Kaznachain about blockchain, corona scene and NEAR prospects| DAO Merchant Guild| NEAR Protocol - YouTube
    Targeting audience for this video: people, who just starting to explore world of blockchain and choose project to use for any purposes. This video is posted on the YouTube channel “izi Goa People”.
    Our plan - involving influencers on YouTube/Instagram/ВКонтакте (Russian social network). Languages, that we are capable to create videos
    At the moment, the interview already exists, and this is our initial work. And for this work we already have preagreement with our partner, who has audience on his vlog, about placements.
    Once we will execute conditions of this proposal, we are planning to expand the project. We are going to create a team, who will be creating educational, news and travel content, promoting NEAR, its news, technologies and ideas. For that purpose we started to create our own DAO.

Metrics for measuring success: for this 1 particular video, concidering so called trial proposal/project, we planning to gain 2000-4000 views within 2 weeks after promotion campaign will start. Once we will prove our capability, content and promotion quality, we expect to move on the higher volumes of relevant traffic, involving bloggers/influencers with much higher audience amounts reach, preferently from tech and investment thematics.

Our report regarding project results will contain statistics upload from YouTube/Other marketing channels analytics systems.
Total requested amount in USD - $650

NEAR Wallet ID: rianshaiakhmedov.near

Wallet owner’s name rianshaiakhmedov.near

Sorry, it’s a no for me.
This is for a single video correct?

That price point just isn’t justified for a single video with the number of subscribers you have on your channel (3.38K) or the average number of views. you get per video (30 - 150)


Thank you for so operative reply.
I guess, here we have some misunderstanding.

If u read the description of our proposal, it includes designs and promotion. Now this video posted on the channel with demonstration purposes. Our partner, who kindly provides his channel audience, will post this video, prior to that we will delete it from our channel

This price, as you can see in project description, includes paid promotions on the channel of other vlogger, whose audience is relevant to tech and blockchain thematic. For Russian audience it will be adopted with subtitles, for Indian we will show as it is. As you can see, our audience catch is from this two countries, and CIS, talking about Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Dear @dmitryne would be great to listen your opinion about this proposal.

@denni_wild @johanga what do you think?

Need more details. Who are these influencers ?

Thank You and have a great day!

Exactly this time our video will be promoted with this channel: https://youtube.com/c/CryptoPM
You can check audience, if it isn’t relevant, so I don’t know, whose is😉

First reason is our team and content aren’t attached exactly to Goa, so that goals and directions of that guild aren’t relevant to our project.

Thank You for your comments. Yes, I gonna suggest to work with Goa Guild. I will vote No for the proposal and looking forward for a new one from Goa Guild.

Have a great day!

So, may I ask you, why we are talking here exactly about Goa Guild and how this guild even potentially could be connected to our project? Does this guild responsible for activities like ours? Is it the guild, that response for all marketing activities in NEAR protocol?
One more question is about next interactions. So, our line is constant and stable video content design and promotion.
Our intention is to create own guild, that will be specified for that kind of activities.
Let’s suppose, now we will create new proposal through that Goa guild, goal will be achieved, then what next? We will continue to interact with Marketing DAO through guild, whose activity line isn’t relevant to our project?
I would kindly request to review the question one more time, and here is 2 options that could be applicable for us in this situation.
First one, to run the proposals from our own guild, and second one - connection through relevant guild.

Good morning! Sorry, Just wanna see on your other works. As I see you familiar with Goa guys you can (probably) use their guild as a kick -starter for your project.

Have a great day!
Ps: this is my opinion only :blush: We have 6 councils in Marketing DAO.

I got your point, here I want to clarify if it’s any chance (after proposal and it’s successful execution
through Goa Guild) to interact with NEAR Marketing DAO if not direct, but at least through guild/DAO/community, which has decent expertise on the marketing field? I think, then our results could be much higher.
And also, by any chance, may we listen to other council’s opinions about the proposal?
Thank you for reply
Have a nice and productive day!

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You can work directly with Marketing DAO or any guilds/community members. I only suggested to work with GOA, because you know these guys and they have lot of content for your project :blush:.

We have two advisors (Marketing professionals in DAO). They will review your proposal as soon as possible .

Have a great day!

Hi @Have_LoveWill_Travel! May I ask around how many outputs (graphic designs and promotional posts) are included in the $650 payment?

Would also love to know who these influencers you guys are currently in partnership with to get a grasp of how wide the audience reach would be? And who is your partner with his/her own channel? Can you send here his channel link?


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Hi, @erikaprepon !
If u will check the thread, first Youtube channel is https://youtube.com/c/CryptoPM. So, as our goal to get 2000+ views for the video, if it’s not reaching, we involve other channels, now we already got preagreements with 4 more, audience type is same.

Hi, @Dacha
I got an answer from Goa Dao regarding my proposal, which I applied through their DAO, and they say, our project isn’t relevant for them - their activities are different
Any suggestions about how to make it work?

Good morning. May be this opportunity fits to you ?

Try to reach our YouTube gurus from Stars or Kitchen guilds. May be your project will be interesting for them .

Thank You


Hi @Have_LoveWill_Travel – I’m helping to advise the MarketingDAO. I reviewed your proposal, looked at the video and the partner channel. Here’s my take from a marketing standpoint:

You’re proposing to run this video on a partner channel with solid influence (64.K+), but the video itself is not produced in the style of the channel or the partner’s content. I understand why that is and I understand that this is an experiment.

That said, in my view, effective marketing means putting messages in the right context or presentation, and while both this video and your partner on YouTube talk about crypto, the video you’ve produced is not on-brand or really in the style of the partner’s content from what I can tell.

Because of that, I don’t think the channel subscribers are going to get the message and turn into Near fans, long-term users and parts of the ecosystem because of the video.

That leads me to advise the council to not support the proposal.

What would have made a proposal like yours stronger, in my view, and again this is my individual opinion:

  • Requesting funds to create a video requested by an influential YouTuber who wants to share more about the Near ecosystem, but does not have the background or understanding of the platform and needs help to do that
  • Proposing to produce the video in the style and brand of the YouTube channel where the content will appear so it will resonate with that channel’s existing audience
  • Proposing a clear Call to Action as part of the collaboration that is intended to lead viewers from that channel to a specific place that is likely to engage them with the Near community (follow, join, sign-up, open a wallet, submit, etc.)

Hope those thoughts help for future proposals

Hi, @so608
Thank you for such helpful advice, really appreciate this
As from your experience, could you give me some tips about video duration and format of interviews (it seems, interview and educational type is more preferred by us)?
We are flexible with content, and we can create more, meeting the requirements
Also, tell me, what more is applicable to NEAR Protocol promotion? For example, one more format could be travel thematics, promoting lifestyle of NEAR followers.
If it’s suits, we can immediately start to create some of this

Thank you for reply and have a nice day!

Rian, sorry to say , but your idea is not resonate with Goa Dao goals for now…
we have another good content to make target ads on…

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good morning!
sorry for delay reply, 2 weeks i was severe sick . so starting to return back here now with better condition
happy to see the solution for Rian! good luck to you, guys
i didnt get any request about this proposal from guys
as for facts and question to me: last month Rian was working on our nft-quest, and it shown the worst result metrics comparing to others fields of goa DAO activities
btw we’re open and ready to support valuable creative and educational ideas from goa people

Hi @Have_LoveWill_Travel i have read your proposal and would suggest that, as others have suggested, that you might find more sucess if you linked up with an existing guild or other members of the community.

If your passion is making videos… then the suggestions made by @so608 give direction in terms of content. I would also like to see a ‘showreel’ for your works…