[CLOSED] Reddit bounty active until november 2021

Yes, submit 80 USD in Near payout proposal on SputnikDAO, as we talked about in our private chat.
Tried my best to be fair here.
For transparency reasons we agreed after I sent this to @suking49:

"I see you have been posting some things but you are posting more in other channels than on mintbase & you have only posted about mintbase 4 times. That is not enough…
I really appreciate you being active and posting on NEARNFTs, but you have been focusing more on Near news, gaming. We need people talking about mintbase. Can you understand that?

We had talked about you getting 2/3 of the payment as you only started at the 10th of September. So you would be able to submit 66USD per channel.

You can submit payout proposal for 80 USD in NEAR - 66 for the moderation of NEARNFT, and 14 USD for the 4 posts you did on mintbase. What do you think?"

@marianeu is there any issue! I got removed as a Moderator from Mintbase.

really??? how did that happen @Monish016

@caromintbase you know something about this?

Yes! I send everyone a message directly on reddit. Our community manager’s post got removed every time she posted. She didn’t know who it was so we had to remove all the mods. You can still post on Mintbase and we really want to see crossposts in different channels.


We should set up a call with all mods for the month of November so we can plan activities better :slight_smile:


Sure! I wonder who does that keep removing Moderators Post! indeed it needs immediate Action! and whatever you’re done is Fair Enough! it would be better to have a meeting scheduled to have a strategic way of Engaging Mintbase on the Reddit Platform. Regarding the Crossposts - tried with Different Daos in Discord, Telegram - Some Examples Below, Let me know if anything at all Required

Hi, @marianeu
I like to Be Part of These Bounty , and Be the Part of these Project
I like to Apply for Reddit Moderator for November.

Hello I’m u/NEARMEME on Reddit , I am a admin and moderation of Mintbase and NearNFT channels . Can I submit a proposal ? Please check for me . Thank you so much!
Suggest to convert USD to NEAR according to Open Web Sandbox : (External) Rewards - Google Sheets
1N= 11.6 USD

Hi, can I start for the month of September?
If it’s fine with you

@Monish016 @Psalmy @danhdanh269 @TRENDHEO you were the moderators for october. You can submit payout proposal to sputnikdao.

@reginamintbase is going to take on the administration of this bounty.

@tonyesy you want to start now in november???


I also want to continue working in November!

Awesome! Good to meet everyone! I’ll be taking over from @marianeu so if you have any qs let me know :slight_smile: we created a telegram group too so we can keep in touch - Telegram: Join Group Chat

Ok thanks…
Love the moderator work
Hope to continue November thanks

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Glad to meet you…
Also love to work with you

Yes I would love to.
Hope I can start right away…
Already gone through the guidelines

Hi reginamintbase , My reddit is aqualift2 , I have moderated of Mintbase and NearNFT channels , Can I submit a proposal ?

Oh my this explains why i was suddenly removed! I was wondering what had happened, I thought it was due to a period of inactivity while i adjusted to my new job. I would love to rejoin and continue to help grow the community

you need to contact @reginamintbase and not caro :slight_smile:

hey @whatshertoes bounty for november is closed, but we can chat December. reach out to me on telegram @nogueiraregina

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Hello I’m u/NEARMEME on Reddit , I am a admin and moderation of Mintbase and NearNFT channels in November. Can I submit a proposal ? Thank you so much!

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