Report MintbaseDAO February

These were our expenses in Feburary

For article production

We have paid out

12,66 N to camilags.near

13,4N to camilags.near

6N to mffooo.near

17.5N was paid to ivarcifre.near

For the reddit moderation old bounty

New bounty is this one:

We have paid out

18N to trendheo.near for january (old bounty)

18N to psalmy.near for january (old bounty)

18N to shubham007.near for january (old bounty)

We also paid 15.47N to nightshift.near for moderating our discord and telegram from 15th of january to 15th of february

And then 23.27N for the rest of february (he is not working with us anymore)

For the crypto what workshop

We paid out 46,5n to unpredictable.near for onboarding funds.

For a music competition with educative compounds that happened in Nigeria

7 N was paid to the winner

5 N to the second place

3 N to the third place

And 70 usd in near for the recording of the three songs in a studio - 8N

For FEMINU, a onboarding initiative for feminine and trans artists

6.5N were transferred to ghini.near to repay storage funds

1N was transferred to the philosopher to repay storage funds

219,3N until here 2521,95USD

We created onboarding campaigns via createbase.near Neardrop account. Because of the BUG that was confusing wallets, the funds were taken from mintbase2.near

Through this BUG the funds were taken from the wrong wallet and should be re-paid. I will put this in the report and in the funding proposal for transparency.

Totalling, the bug has costed

2,8N + 53,2N + 28,2N + 49.2N = 133,4N = 1534,1USD