[CLOSED] RC Funding Proposal: September 2023. CLOSED since a new proposal is made

Hello Community!
We have a proposal to help prepare all RCs for the future on BOS.

Below is the details.

$5000 ~ distributed across the regional communities for engaging builders with opportunities to earn retroactive compensation. This pool of resources will be useful to developer groups and community leaders around the world in recognizing and rewarding contributors.


Near Builders connect developer communities around the world to share knowledge, coordinate, and learn together. We hope to create a positive impact everywhere by increasing accessibility of blockchain technology, enhancing the quality of experience for builders, and cultivating successful open web applications.

Our growing team proposes to fund a regenerative community program which involves marketing, education, and support for developers in strategic locations. Below are several initiatives to help BOS mentors activate developers anywhere and everywhere.


  1. Education: learning to build things on-chain together
  2. Development: improving BOS developer journey
  3. Support: empowering contributors who help others build


  • 30+ new BOS developers with a quality component published on mainnet
  • 20+ trained mentors; each supporting 1+ builder in their community on a weekly basis


→ comprehensive report will be submitted by Thursday, October 5


  • Inclusivity (Non-infringement or Bias)
  • Adaptability (Antifragile)
  • Transparency (Openness)
  • Ecosystem-first (Selflessness)
  • Anti-Cartel (Declaration of Conflicts)
  • Collective Decision Making (Voting)
  • Freedom (Censorship Resistance)
  • Safe Spaces for Everyone
  • Reputation Responsive (Accountability)
  • Community Empowerment (Human-Centric)

BOS Community Pages

→ rewards program for builders (not necessarily engineers) who create a BOS page for their community, leveraging templates, reusable components, and examples of integrations

Activation: engage builders to learn about BOS by contributing to local, community-led projects in order to design and develop fun and useful things together

Key Results:

  • new JS developers onboarded and actively contributing to respective community pages

Metrics of Success:

  • 8+ community pages built on-chain with at least 3 local contributors

Budget: $5,000

Funding would be used to empower qualified BOS mentors in strategic locations with capable teams focused on developers relations, education, and support. Each could propose up to $1000 for anyone who built a useful component, especially if it improved their community page.

Wallet to receive funds: rc-dao.sputnik-dao.near

@marketingdao-council for review


I have doubts that this plan is realistic

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