[CLOSED] NearBuild Funding Proposal: September 2023

Hello Everyone,

NB Funding Proposal: September 2023

TL;DR ~ our team is requesting $10,000 to build and promote a fully decentralized application that drives meaningful adoption of the blockchain operating system: DiscoverBOS.org

Background / Context

NEAR Builders Cooperative aims to connect developer communities around the world to share knowledge, coordinate projects, and learn together. Our goal is to create a better future for everyone by increasing accessibility of blockchain technology, enhancing the quality of experience for builders, and cultivating successful open web applications.

This proposal is focused on development of specific products and services, along with campaigns to activate contributors in / across communities of this ecosystem.

Objectives + Key Results

  • Education: learning about everything together (on-chain)
  • Development: building a better future with everyone
  • Mentorship: empowering contributors who help others

Main Targets

  • 30+ new “librarians” with at least 1 quality curation published via DiscoverBOS
  • 50+ community pages created using our decentralized application by end of Q4
  • 20+ trained mentors; each supporting 1+ builder in their community on a weekly basis


→ comprehensive report will be submitted by Thursday, October 5

Projects / Apps

  1. DiscoverBOS.org: $6500
  2. Builder Rewards: $3500

Total Amount Requested: $10,000

1) DiscoverBOS.org ~ $6500

Explore all things BOS via customizable homepages ~ curated by everyone, for everyone.

Twitter: @DiscoverBOS | Telegram: @DiscoverBOS

GOAL ~ sustainable community development with strategic programs to reward contributors

  • Drive Awareness + Engagement via Social Media
  • Gather Useful Insights from Various Community Groups
  • Create and Curate High-Quality Learning Experiences
  • Develop a Research-Based Content Strategy for BOS

STRATEGY ~ curate an evolving library of resources about BOS to make it more accessible

The funding will be used to pay reputable contributors who fulfill two important roles. Responsibilities of each role are below, along with a proposed budget for compensation.

Content Creation Strategy and Development: $4500

Directly Responsible Individual: Sunlife | Head of Content and Research

example of their amazing and insightful pieces about BOS


  • Define Unique Value Proposition
  • Gather Community Insights
  • Develop Content Strategy
  • Create Educational Resources
  • Produce Graphics and Videos

Community Relations and Ecosystem Partnerships: $2000

Directly Responsible Individual: Ola | Head of Community


  • Design and Implement Community Programs
  • Coordinate Opportunities for Collaboration
  • Engage Contributors with Activations
  • Organize and Promote Events
  • Social Media Coordination

2) Builder Rewards: $3500

GOAL ~ engage contributors to help build a public good for everyone, called DiscoverBOS, which features curated and categorized communities, projects, events, feeds, and other things

  • support new community builders, organized using the products we promote
  • improve onboarding, engagement, participation → more impactful contributions


  • 50+ community pages created using the BOS components that we build
  • 1000+ total members (verified humans with “proof of contribution” tokens)


Full Amount Requested: $10,000


  1. DiscoverBOS Community Programs: $6500
  2. Builder Rewards Program: $3500

Our Team

  • Ola ~ Head of DiscoverBOS Community
  • Sunlife ~ Head of DiscoverBOS Content Strategy
  • Elliot ~ DevHub Contributor + Creator of everything.dev
  • James ~ BOS Ecosystem Coordinator
  • Zeeshan ~ JavaScript Developer
  • Nicole ~ Product Designer

Wallet Address: build.sputnik-dao.near

Potential Impact

Approving this proposal will enable our team of contributors to deliver game-changing products and community programs. This will help accelerate growth by increasing the accessibility of informational / educational resources, while further engaging people to discover opportunities, learn together, and collaborate.

Please let us know any suggestions or questions. Feedback is much appreciated!

Thanks :smiling_face:


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Hi @Ola thanks for the proposal. A few questions about the proposal:

  • Are you envisioning this funding request as an ongoing one or is this envisioned as a one-time request?
  • Are you, the team or DiscoverBOS receiving funding from other ecosystem entities right now? If so, can you disclose what and amounts granted?
  • What is involved in “curating an evolving library of resources about BOS” – can you explain that in more detail?
  • Can you explain so it’s stated on the forum along with the proposal specifically how you plan to track progress according to the MDAO September KPIs? They are as follows:

This month, we are focused on supporting projects that can demonstrate the following Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs):

  • Increasing numbers of active Developers
  • Increasing numbers of active Users and Transactions
    • On-chain onboarding
    • On-chain engagement
    • On-chain participation in ecosystem dApps
  • Increasing numbers of Tools, dApps on BOS
  • Increasing the number of people educated about NDC governance, BOS and active projects in the ecosystem

As part of that, we ask that proposals clearly state how their activities will achieve these key performance metrics. For example:

  • How do their activities drive builders and developers?
  • What mechanisms will they use to track and report onboarded users, engagement, transactions?



Hello @so608

Thank you for reaching out. And to answer your question

No DiscoverBOS has not or at the current time got any funding or grant from any vertical of the ecosystem and No the team has not got any grant as well.

It takes a lot of research, collaboration and partnerships with contributors, projects, founders/teams, developers, communities and builders

For context:

Let’s take 2 of the many categories:

  • Education Library
    Components Library

Putting an evolving informational/Educational material together for beginners on how to navigate BOS is different from putting together a tutorial on how a builder or user can use a product like TryJuysu( A BOS platform) or other components on BOS.

So while we build original content for the BOS Educational Library, we would still work with builders to produce educational marterials of their projects/Components developed, then we curate it in the Educational Category of DiscoverBOS where builders can discover it

It will also involve collating and curating all the educational BOS events and workshops materials. E.g from BOS hacks and other workshop events on BOS

Are being built and updated constantly, so the need to constantly update and curating an evolving component library where buildera can find the latest updated components to help them build needs a lot of open collaborations with not just developers, we also need with developer communities and contributors that are constantly submitting, reviving and updating the library

The Library will be filled and built with original materials and those from project teams, developers and contributors

While DiscoverBOS acts as a platform that lets users discover the everything happening on on BOS from the:

  • Apps/Tools building on BOS
  • Educational resources and components availability on BOS
  • Communities building on BOS
  • Tracks the Developers building on BOS
  • Opportunities available on BOS

This will provide resources needed for builders and Developers to build on BOS.

It will also a platform for users to easily find, access and navigate and Dapps, tools and communities on BOS

Our Builders Programs

  • Constantly Engages and on boards developer contributors and communities that build new projects and components on BOS and then curate them on DiscoverBOS
  • Our Builders Program will also turn active contributors to mentors to help mentor up and coming developers and developer and regional communities to ship products on BOS

This will provide an inbound channel for builders and increase builder activities on BOS

Then Our Media channel/Content Strategy

  • Develop a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with BOS’s goals and resonates with the target audience based around key metrics. We plan on
  • creating content for users + devs willing to learn to build on bos
  • Build and nurture an engaged and active community around BOS
  • Produce high-quality educational content such as videos, and tutorials that explain BOS’s technology, benefits, and use cases for users and devs from web2
  • Will amplifies not just discoverBOS, it also amplifies every activities happening on BOS

This is used to educate and engage builders and user in real time… it will also be used to increase the awareness and activities happening on BOS

  • The DiscoverBOS dashboard will track users that visit the site, it will also track the resources they interact with.

  • The Builders Program will track the contributors , builders and all the build and work on on chain

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Hello @so608

Can I get the link to the proposal guidelines for Marketing DAOs

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Thanks alot brother

I really appreciate

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Reach out via Telegram if you’d like to discuss a Q4 proposal before submission – thanks!

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Hi @Ola thanks for the proposal and for following up with additional details and explanation. As of the close of the MDAO review period yesterday (9/15), this proposal has not received majority support from the MDAO council. This can be due to a number of factors (outstanding questions, need to refine strategy around KPIs, etc.), and we encourage you to reach out via Telegram so we can continue to communicate about this proposal and a possible way forward in Q4. I hope you will consider resubmitting in the future. In the meantime, moving this proposal to closed.

We appreciate your participation in the NEAR ecosystem and look forward to future collaborations.

Ok… thanks alot. I will do just that