[Approved] Build DAO: NDC Funding Request (February 2024)

NDC Funding Request

Total Amount: $50,000 in February

Detailed Budget Spreadsheet

Background / Context

Proposal for Q1

Previous Request


Enginearing: $32,500

We are building necessary support systems to retain BOS developers. Our strategy is to cultivate open web projects that generate meaningful opportunities for contributors.

To facilitate coordination, we are bolstering our capacity for product management by hiring jass.near and others with a $5,000 dev ops budget. Plus, we will need $5000+ for additional requests.

Communities: $17,500

  • Organize Builder House @ ETHDenver ~ $9,000
  • Hire Developer Relations Lead and community builders ~ $8,000
  • Cover miscellaneous expenses ~ $500


Our process involves hiring developers to build support systems, reviewing proposals from projects, and rewarding contributors based on their posts via the #build feed of Near Social. Also, we are planning a retroactive funding round with PotLock.

Thanks for your consideration!

NEAR Builders Cooperative


Dear @jlwaugh ! Poll created: https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?page=dao&tab=proposals&daoId=congress-hom-v1.ndc-gwg.near&proposalId=95