[CLOSED] Pulsar Finance Support and Expansion on NEAR - September

Hello everyone!

We are thrilled to present our proposal to continue to support the community and provide a comprehensive portfolio dashboard.

Pulsar Finance is currently the most complete cross-chain portfolio manager. Since November of 2022 our dashboard has extended its support to include NEAR and Aurora, enabling users to effortlessly monitor their tokens, DeFi positions, and NFTs within a unified platform. Through Pulsar Finance, NEAR users gain free access to a 360-degree view of their crypto investments.

In conclusion, this proposal seeks to increase our brand awareness across the ecosystem and drive user interaction.

Our Goal and Vision
At the end of July 2022, we launched Pulsar, intending to provide a simple solution for all crypto users looking to get a global view of their assets, whether they are beginners or advanced. We understand the challenges faced when navigating the crypto space, such as the time-consuming task of tracking all your holdings across multiple platforms and the need for real-time updates.

By using our dashboard, users can conveniently view their DeFi positions, including Staking, Loans, LPs, Farms, Futures, Limit orders and others, alongside their tokens and NFTs in a single UI. Our platform also caters to users with multiple wallets, allowing them to create and manage different portfolios across different ecosystems.

Overall, our goal is to empower crypto enthusiasts with in-depth data to make informed decisions, addressing the challenges we encountered when entering this space.

Benefits of our dashboard

  • Cross-Chain Compatibility: Pulsar Finance supports over 81 blockchains and 8 CEXes, ensuring users can seamlessly track their holdings across various ecosystems. NEAR and Aurora were the third and fourth ecosystems we integrated.

  • Comprehensive DeFi Tracking: Our platform goes beyond traditional tracking by including DeFi positions such as Staking, Loans, LPs, Farms, Futures, and Limit orders and others, providing users with a complete overview of their crypto assets.

  • Real-Time Updates: The fast-paced nature of crypto requires real-time data. Pulsar Finance delivers live updates, ensuring users always have the latest information at their fingertips.

  • Multi-Wallet Support: We understand that users often hold assets across multiple wallets. Pulsar Finance enables users to add many wallets, organize them and create and manage different portfolios across various ecosystems, streamlining the tracking process.

  • User-Centric Interface: Pulsar Finance is designed with both beginners and advanced users in mind, offering a simple yet powerful dashboard that caters to a wide range of crypto enthusiasts.

  • Welcoming New Users: By streamlining crypto enthusiasts’ interaction and asset tracking process, we aspire to ease the onboarding experience for crypto-space newcomers. We aim to save them valuable time and provide a user-friendly solution for tracking all their assets in a single dashboard.

Protocols that we support on NEAR and Aurora:
Ref Finance

Aurora Plus
Rift Finance
Pickle Finance

Besides all these protocols, we also support and show the majority of NFTs within the ecosystem.

Our day to day Work
Supporting an ecosystem on our portfolio manager is beyond just adding initial support, it requires support. This support comes in tasks such as:

  • Adding new protocols and marketplaces
  • Adding new contracts of already supported protocols
  • Solving issues and bugs
  • Improving the experience of every user. For example, we created our proposal page, which allows every user to make their requests to the team and have substantial input on our roadmap.

Nonetheless, Pulsar offers a totally free service to the community.

Our Promotion across NEAR
Since we launched on NEAR and Aurora, we have been in contact with various teams on the ecosystem to ensure that we offer a comprehensive portfolio overview to the NEAR community. We have done both Twitter posts, partake in different challenges and did different AMAs, answering as many questions as we can.

Deliverables for September
We have a wide number of cross-chain users, with our deliverables we aim to:

  • Increase the number of users from NEAR on our dashboard;
  • Increase the engagement on our socials from the NEAR and Aurora Community;
  • Educate our cross-chain users about NEAR opportunities and principles;
  • Bring more participation into the NEAR ecosystem from our own cross-chain users.

Hence, we shall produce:

  • 4 educational threads on how NEAR and Aurora users can use Pulsar and the importance of BOS.
    $100 thread
    Total: $400

  • 1 Twitter thread in collaboration with a NEAR influencer: In this manner, we will be able to diversify our audience and communicate with more users about Pulsar and the future of NEAR.
    Collabs: $1.500
    Giveaway: $50 p/ giveaway
    Total: $1550

  • 1 Collab YouTube video: Create a detailed tutorial and review of our dashboard that can tell you how you study different NEAR investment strategies. This aims also, to be a way to onboard new users.
    Collab: $2.500

  • Be present at the NEARCON 2023: It’s our goal to increase our proximity with the community to understand how to better serve them. Therefore, we intend to be present at NEARCON and talk with as many members as possible.
    Flyers and Merch: $5.000

Total Funding:

Wallet: pulsarteam.near

Ultimately all these activities aim to increase users on Pulsar, debate and educate our users about NEAR, thus bringing more users to the space and help to ease the entrance of new users on NEAR by providing a simple solution on tracking their whole portfolio.

How shall we track the impact of these activities:

  • We can actually know the exact number of NEAR and Aurora users we have before we enacted these actions;
  • Track the percentage of engagement on NEAR related content on our Twitter page;
  • Track the number of users during our presence at the NEARCON 2023.

Thank you so much for reading. We are always available to answer any questions you might have.

Pulsar Team
E-mail: support@pulsar.finance

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Hi @Fips – the MDAO is currently reviewing proposals from the community with a cap of $10K per project or initiative. This exceeds that. I

recommend revising and resubmitting along with a clear, detailed explanation of how the funding will meet MDAO KPIs for September and Q4.


On it. Thanks for the feedback. What is the deadline to submit the corrections?

Hey there! As requested, I have changed our proposal. Let us know if there is anything else we can do.

Hi @Fips – Thank you for submitting a proposal to the MDAO this month and for your willingness to update it. I appreciate your willingness to reduce the amount requested. I think with such a dramatic change in scope, we need to further review/discuss this proposal and what you’re aiming to accomplish before we can come to a consensus.

As of the close of the MDAO review period, this proposal has not received majority support from the MDAO council. This can be due to a number of factors (outstanding questions in this case), and we encourage you to reach out via Telegram with questions so we can explore possible ways forward and consider resubmitting in the future. We are moving this proposal to closed.

We appreciate your participation in the NEAR ecosystem and look forward to future collaborations.