[APPROVED] Funding Request: Fluxus Finance team attending NearCon

Greetings from Fluxus Finance team!

This proposal aims at introducing Fluxus Finance and Near Floripa (comunidade.near), and expressing our belief that the presence of Fluxus’ team at NearCon Lisbon 2022 is beneficial for the ecosystem and strongly fruitful for the existing and upcoming projects on Near. That said, we submit a proposal in order to raise a one-time funding for our team to make it to Lisbon.

What is Fluxus Finance?

The first draft for Fluxus Finance was born in November 2021 during the last Nearcon. Three members of our founding team, then builders from EVM-based ecosystems and Solana, were invited to attend the event and get to know more about the space.

After further studying Near, its technical differences, market positioning and vision, Fluxus was conceived as a Near-native yield aggregator, auto-compounder and yield optimizer. After onboarding onto Near and further diving into the ecosystem, development was kicked off with the help of an initial Foundation grant, and the project started to come out way stronger than initially thought.

Since then, we’ve been bootstrapping the protocol development while also submitting the project to a few hackathons (Encode x NEAR Hackathon Finale Prizewinners and Summary | by Neven Brlek | Encode Club | Medium), with no investments so far. After a lot of work and evolution, we’ve finally completed development of our yield aggregator and decentralized auto investment strategies.

As the Near ecosystem is still very early and full of opportunities, our team built crucial underlying infrastructure for the project itself, and afterwards opening this for many other projects on the ecosystem is a community good that Fluxus brings.

After structuring partnerships with other protocols, we also developed Vision, a DeFi portfolio visualization/management solution. We also intend on providing free Web2.5 APIs for underlying infrastructure we had to develop, such as zaps (turning tokens into seeds/LPs with a single signature), aggregate protocol data & high-level insights on DeFi primitives.

Demo Fluxus

Why NearCon?

NearCon is the moment where the entire ecosystem gathers personally and we have the opportunity to meet the majority of partners, investors, users and developers. That said, we aim at launching our product there, exposing it to the community and using the advantage of having great momentum, since we will be in direct contact with everyone.

The event also gives us the opportunity to connect to other communities and expand our “Vision” tool to also serve the NFT community, as well as real-world-applications, carbon credit protocols and other types of creative blockchain applications on Near. Furthermore, we also want to connect closely with DAOs in order to provide automated investment products specifically for optimized treasury management.

Nevertheless, we can also meet and reinforce connections with VCs, angels and investors of the ecosystem. Since we are thinking about Fundraising, considering market conditions, it is imperative for us to stay closely connected with every one of them. With this, we state that attending the event is really important for our goal of being connected to all the protocols on Near, and maintaining healthy relationships with our partners, as well as serving the protocols we’re connected to with good data, insights and value add.

We currently see a lack of composability among Near protocols, which is natural in early ecosystems. With that in mind, we also intend on kicking off this conversation by connecting to other builders in the space and further understanding their thoughts on structuring a more united landscape, especially among high-TVL protocols that end up leading the way for other developers to join Near.

Part of our team has been accepted to the hackathon, so we plan on attending Nearcon to further flash out “Vision”, further connecting it to protocols outside DeFi, such as NFTs and oracle data, which will be fully open-sourced and free to use.

Partnerships and integrations

Through yield aggregation, users can be exposed directly to all the investment opportunities in the space. As previously mentioned, we built underlying infrastructure to facilitate or enhance usability and user-friendliness of all the operations, such as processes reducing human needed interaction and automating decisions in the most efficient way. This gave us a more product/project and protocol oriented perspective, and we are structuring partnerships with people from the ecosystem to get exactly that onboarded. Considering the fact that Near didn’t have portfolio visualization/management applications, we built it ourselves and people can now manage their wallets, protocol deposits and essentially all their DeFi investments (and futurely NFTs) directly from our UI.

There is a lot of room for collaboration with many other protocols in the ecosystem. Some of the protocols we’re talking to are not necessarily instant partnerships we can form, but instead an ongoing collaboration/communication that tailor-made automatization and instant retail adoption can add a lot of value to.

We also already participated on Near-focused discussions on Twitter spaces, such as the Near Community Chat, hosted by Hack-a-Chain (Near focused Software Company) alongside partners from Trove Labs (founders of the Jump DeFi), discussing topics related to DeFi, projects, community, NFTs, among others. Our positioning as an aggregator is also to concentrate useful insights and updates of the Near DeFi ecosystem on an ongoing basis, and kicking this off during Nearcon is a golden opportunity.

Our twitter page (@FluxusFi) has been growing organically through interactions with other protocols and community members, having over 12k impressions over the last month. We also have a Medium page (Fluxus Team) where we have weekly posts regarding DeFi, Near and Web 3.0 topics.

Near in Brazil

Fluxus has joined forces with Hack-a-Chain to build “Near Floripa”. We work together among other companies at the same Web 3 Hub in Florianópolis, a technological and crypto city known in Brazil as the Crypto Island. Alongside Hack-a-Chain, we’re connected to the largest and most influential Web3 communities in Brazil, and we intend on leveraging this to boost Near’s presence here as Near Floripa representatives and content creators.

MarketingDAO members can already check out Near Floripa’s initial posts on Twitter and Medium, as well as our Discord community. (Links in thread)

We’re bringing DeFi to the masses

We are initially focused on converting people that are already exposed to DeFi on NEAR, as well as people from the NFT space. We also aim at getting the DAOs treasury management also being done with us, as doing any sorts of DAO investments right now (and treasury management as a whole) is very inefficient and slow. In this case, having an automated protocol where treasuries can invest in proven, safe and well-known strategies, is in fact a big value for Near treasuries. This is currently our go-to-market strategy for the short term. For the mid/long term, the plan is to also get an On and Off ramp integrated directly to the platform, and have the whole DeFi UX integrated into Fluxus. With that, we can also bring in people who are currently out of the NEAR space and out of DeFi as a whole, thus achieving more massive adoption.

That said, as for our marketing strategy and growth, we focus mostly on partnerships in the beginning, hosting Twitter spaces with partners, and even protocols that are not necessarily already connected and usable with us, but are on our roadmap and have a clear perspective. We add integration value and easier usability to their users.

Grant proposal

Considering the fact that our team has grown considerably (around 10 people at the moment) and the traveling costs, we intend to attend NearCon in a strategically selected group of 5 people, composed by the Near and Web3 Smart Contracts Leads, the Blockchain Lead, the Business Developer (assuring connections and relationships with partners and investors) and the Head of Marketing (assuring quality content and complete event coverage on social media). That said, we hereby apply for a grant considering following costs:

Item Quantity Price Total Value Total $NEAR ($ 4,38 on Aug 4th)
Flight tickets 5 $1,800 $9,000 2,054.80 NEAR
Airbnb 1 $2,000 $2,000 456.60 NEAR
Hackathon Stipend 5 -$1,000 -$5,000 -1,141.50 NEAR
TOTAL Grant $6,000 1,369.90 NEAR

The transportation inside Lisbon, foods, drinks, and further additional costs will be supported by Fluxus Finance.

Near Wallet ID: comunidade.near

Wallet Owner: Kaue Cano (project lead for Fluxus Finance)

Delivered content

Being at the event, we also plan on delivering quality content through different social media platforms, such as:

Type: Event Coverage in Portuguese
Media: Instagram, Twitter & Discord
Description: Daily Portuguese content mainly targeted at Brazilian and other Portuguese- speaking audiences (hence Instagram, a big social media here) covering the event and side-events in Lisbon.

Type: Medium Article
Theme: The State of DeFi on NEAR: What to expect in 2022
Description: Article in English and Portuguese.

Type: Medium Article
Theme: Nearcon Recap
Description: Article written in Portuguese.

Type: Medium Article
Theme: Near Ecosystem Interviews
Description: 1-on-1 interviews with influential protocol leads on Near, presenting their perspective on their growth and vision. Articles written in English and Portuguese.

All delivered content will be linked here in this thread so MarketingDAO community members can have transparency and quality control over the deliverables. Portuguese content will be published as Near Floripa, further adding onto Near’s presence locally, while English content will be posted as Fluxus.

Success metrics and expected outcome

We expect to increase our impressions on twitter posts, reach more accounts through instagram stories (event coverage), and increase our twitter, instagram and discord community; both as Near Floripa and Fluxus. We also understand that reinforcing our contacts with partners and VCs is a success indicator as well and the produced media while being there is a successful outcome for the project and the ecosystem itself.

We hope to meet you there! The future is $NEAR.


Since we’re newcomers to the Forum, we were only able to link 2 URLs on the previous post.

Here are a few links of previous Near Floripa content:

More following >


Here we also have the Discord for Near Floripa:

And some important links regarding Fluxus:



I was researching Nearcon stipend proposals on the forum and felt happy when I find this one!

I’m also a Near active member and enthusiast (almost an evangelist) from Brazil, but on the Creatives “side”. A few days ago I was asking to some other members if there are Brazilians developers on our ecosystem, and if yes, where? — and looks like now I found!

I’d like to talk to you about a few things.
So if you’re up to, please send me a message with better ways to contact you.

I hope this proposal gets funded.
Thanks and good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks for submitting such a detailed, and well structured proposal and congratulations on all the technical achievements in competitions so far.

I am happy to support this proposal.

Notes and comments:

  • Aiming for escape velocity. Starting a new ecosystem is hard. There is A LOT that needs to be build. These things are both technically complex, requiring time and a lot of learning and patience, and the willingness to embrace the risk of being an early mover in a new ecosystem: there are a lot of people willing to jump in after the ecosystem has been validated by others and the tools and resources improve;
  • I am very excited to support the team attend NEARCON as I believe it could both accelerate your journey by connecting to others in the ecosystem but also, all the output you’ve described above could in turn have a multiplier effect in innovation next year.
  • Simple, straightforward budget. Flights and hotel only, no speculation and nothing fancy. A team of 5 costing the same as a single person budget is both remarkable value and something to inspire reflection on other applicants.

The only thing I will mention is to take into account the processing times of the proposal as NEARCON is actually quite close. Would you be able to fund the trip upfront while the Foundation processes the payout?

Can’t wait to see what you build at this year’s hackathon


Good day! Happy to support. Have a great trip!


Hey @bagadefente, thank you for the kind words!

We definitely feel the same about finding other Brazilians in the Near space. Please join our Discord and let’s kick off the conversation on how we can collab! Feel free to tag @kaue from our team and/or rafaelkborges from the Hack-a-Chain squad as they are the leads on Near Floripa currently.

Floripa is little by little becoming the Brazilian crypto hub, so I think the answer to your question is the Silicon Island for now haha

Cheers, have a great weekend.


Hi @satojandro, thank you so much for your positive feedback! It means a lot to us :green_heart:

Addressing your notes & comments:

  • We’ve definitely observed this. We’ve already kicked off the community activities before any funding since the value-add is clear. It’s a win-win situation for anyone involved, we’re confident our work will speak for itself and funding will come afterward. Near has extreme potential here in Brazil, and we aim to bring as many lessons, inspirations and tips from Lisbon as we can. We’re already chatting with Claudio from Near Hispano and other key members of the Foundation so we can both accelerate our growth and make sure we’re taking one step at a time where it matters the most.
  • Once again, thanks for the remarks! We strongly believe Fluxus will bring a lot of expansive value to Near’s DeFi and our goal for Nearcon is clear: further connect the ecosystem itself, beyond DeFi. This is a huge opportunity for our team to honor the “aggregator” title on other fronts as well, such as content and community.
  • We did our research here on the forum, and hopefully, other builders can also take inspiration from this thread :blush:

Since our product has received a NF grant, we’re indeed able to pay for the trip upfront. This is not optimal, as the aforementioned funds are aimed at building Fluxus itself, but we’re happy to do so since we trust the Foundation and we can also leverage personal funds for a while if it comes to that.

Can’t wait to arrive in Lisbon, meet you all in person, and build like there’s no tomorrow!

Have a great weekend mate :pray:t4:



Thank you for the support @Dacha :green_heart:

We hope to meet you in person and further exchange ideas :brain:

Enjoy the weekend!


A lot of NEAR people are heading over to Bogota, Colombia for Devcon in October. Several of us are now also considering heading to Argentina afterwards. Let me know if your team would be interested in helping us organise a stopover in Florida - Hacker Houses in Brazil and Argentina would be amazing :wink:


We’re definitely happy to help out! I think Floripa would be a cool place to host a hacker house. We have access to plenty of interesting spaces on the island :desert_island:

Let us know where is the best way to chat about organizing such things :rocket:


Hey @satojandro, nice to see LATAM getting some love from Near :green_heart:

Are you planning to go to Buenos Aires? It actually is pretty near the southern part of Brazil (direct 2h flights), so the schedule might just work out

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Nice to know that Floripa is becoming a crypto hub in Brazil, I hadn’t heard that yet.

I’ll join your Discord (where can I find the link?) and reach you in a few days, or even weeks — I’m setting up a DAO version of the creative studio/micro publisher I’m part of, so we’re having a lot of learnings and work to do on this, but I can tell that our (in the making) roadmap includes some plans that will need developers :wink:

Meanwhile, feel free to check our introduction and let’s talk soon! :beers:


Feel free to join us here mate: NEAR Floripa
Chat soon!


We’ve done a ton of digging behind the scenes.

These are definitely the type of people that we’re eager to have at Nearcon. Looking forward to seeing the team in person. You have my support.


Thank you for the vote of trust and the kind words, Klint :green_heart:

See you at Nearcon then!