[CLOSED] Proposal for Video Creation on B-BOSS “Building on the BOS Seminars”

Proposal for Video Creation on B-BOSS “Building on the BOS Seminars”


At Ready Layer One, we are excited to present this proposal for the creation of a monthly series of videos focused on building on the BOS. As a seasoned NEAR developer actively involved in the BOS ecosystem, we believe that these videos will significantly contribute to the KPIs set by the NEAR protocol. Each month we will focus on a new topic on BOS. This is for the initial video.


To create a high-quality video that dive deep into the nuances of the BOS, highlighting its unique features, benefits, and potential for developers and users. These videos will aim to achieve the KPIs set by the NEAR protocol.

  • Increase the number of active Developers.
  • Boost the numbers of active Users and Transactions.
  • Promote On-chain onboarding, engagement, and participation in ecosystem dApps.
  • Highlight the growing number of Tools and Components on BOS.
  • Educate a broader audience about BOS and related active projects in the ecosystem.

First topic for the Video:

  • Introduction to BOS & Its Unique Proposition:
    1. Overview of BOS as both a development environment and a social network.
    2. The dual advantage of easy onboarding and high security.
    3. Emphasis on BOS’s role in simplifying Web 3 application development.
  • The Pillars of BOS Explained:
    1. Components: Dive into how small web 3 applications are stored entirely on-chain, the benefits of forking these apps, and the potential of composing them to create full web applications.
    2. Blockchains: Discuss how components can interact with any blockchain, the current support for EVM chains, and the significance of storing source code on NEAR due to its cost-effectiveness.
    3. Gateways: Explain the role of gateways in making decentralized front-ends accessible, and how they bridge protocols built on various platforms with the NEAR blockchain.

Social Media Promotion Plan:

  1. Pre-launch Teasers:

  2. Share short snippets or trailers of the videos on platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram to build anticipation.

  3. Video Launch:

  4. Release each video on YouTube and share the link across all social media platforms.

  5. Use engaging thumbnails and video descriptions with relevant hashtags for better discoverability.

  6. Engage with the Community:

  7. Host Q&A sessions on Twitter Spaces discussing the topics covered in the videos.

  8. Encourage viewers to share their thoughts and feedback using a specific hashtag, e.g., #B-BOSS.

  9. Promote on Developer Forums:

  10. Share the videos on platforms like Reddit, Stack Overflow, and NEAR developer forums to reach a targeted audience.

  11. Engage in Paid Promotions:

  12. Use sponsored posts or ads on platforms like Twitter and Tiktok to reach a broader audience.

  13. Regular Updates:

  14. Share any updates, additional resources, or follow-up content related to the videos to keep the audience engaged and informed.

Budget Breakdown:

  • Video Production Costs: $1,800
    • Scriptwriting, filming, editing, and post-production for the video. Setup of video template for future releases.
  • Marketing & Promotion: $200
    • Promoting the videos on social media platforms, developer forums, and other relevant channels to ensure maximum reach.

Total Budget: $2,000


  • Week 1: Research and scriptwriting.
  • Week 2-3: Filming and production and release.
  • Weeks 3+: Release and promotion of the videos.


With these enhanced topics and a robust social media promotion plan, we aim to provide valuable insights into the BOS and engage a wide range of audiences. We believe this approach will significantly contribute to achieving the desired KPIs set by the NEAR protocol.

DAO: ready-layer-one.sputnik-dao.near
Wallet: readylayerone.near - Owned by Jared & Joe


I was eagerly searching for instructional videos on building with NEAR when I came across your proposal. My hope is that, unlike some others, you won’t simply create a video for one DApp and disappear after taking funds. I kindly request that you provide a comprehensive tutorial, covering everything from the basics to advanced topics. Your commitment to thorough instruction would be greatly appreciated. :pray::pray:


Hey Roizlive,

We have been making content on NEAR since Jan 2022 and are still here. https://readylayer.one is where you can branch out and see our work and we have our own project ShardDog (https://shard.dog & https://sharddog.social which is a BOS gateway).

This will be the first time we are doing more instructional videos as a series.

Appreciate your feedback and we look forward to making these.

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Thank you for your proposal

Any sample videos, and how many clips are you going to provide for the 1,800$ ?

Hi @joe-rlo thanks for the proposal. Since we received word to focus on the ShardDog proposal from your team, I am closing this out for September. You are welcome to resubmit for Q4. Thanks!