[Closed] Proof of Vibes x CDAO Worldwide

Proof of Vibes - FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR June/July -2023**

The Proof of Vibes DAO is a global network of tastemakers, promoters, and curators. Our main goal is to curate exceptional experiences and provide a inclusive platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds.

We are excited to propose a series of global events highlighting and bringing awareness to the Creatives in the Near ecosystem. While at same time fostering collaboration, innovation, and engagement. These events will strategically place Near and Creatives DAO at the heart of key conversations in several high traffic tech confrences. Fostering participation, contribution, and community learning.

PoV is the perfect candidate for funding because of our strong network of industry leaders in music, film, and entertainment. Our relationships with established brands like Time, Mass Appeal, and Google Pixel make us an ideal choice. With over 20 years of event planning experience within our team, we are well-equipped to handle the project. Additionally, our close ties to the Near ecosystem allow us to effectively bridge the gap of understanding for Web2 brands.

So far, we have organized numerous highly successful events in various locations around the world. Some notable examples include Nearcon, Eth Denver, Miami Art Basel, NFT NYC and most recently Consensus. These gatherings serve as a platform for diverse individuals to come together, fostering connections and facilitating networking opportunities.

Heres some of the numbers from our last events
(W3BTHR33 and Frens Happy Hour · Luma)
(Events · Luma)
(ETH Denver Vibe Check | Partiful)

We’ve also been buidling the PoV app as well (https://proof-of-vibes.web.app/)

  1. Art
  2. Music
  3. Culture
  4. Mixed-Media
Event Name Dates What is it? Goal Additional Details Location
Vibes and Verses June 20, 2023 A monthly gathering in NYC for creatives to network, collaborate, and showcase their projects. It features interactive sessions with industry insiders and provides opportunities for real-time feedback. To network, collaborate, and showcase creative projects. More info New York, NY, USA
Near Toronto RC Kickoff June 28-29, 2023 The launch event of Near Toronto RC, aimed at bringing together Near enthusiasts from across Canada. The event will focus on building community, fostering collaboration, and sharing insights. To promote NEAR and Creatives DAO. Live painting session by influencer jyxdi. Toronto, Canada
ETH Barcelona: ReFi House July 5-9, 2023 An event hosting innovators to engage in discussions about revitalizing ReFi on NEAR. The event aims to encourage the ideation, incubation, and innovation of ReFi projects on Near. To revitalize ReFi on NEAR. NEAReFi @ETH Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
ETH CC: Ignite the Future July 17-20, 2023 An emerging tech summit during ETHCC, bringing together ReFi innovators and builders to discuss the revitalization and regeneration of the world. The event will feature a workshop led by Kevin O’wocki, Co-Founder of Gitcoin. Establish Near as a leader in the ReFi ecosystem. More info Paris, France
No. Expected Outcomes
1 Increase the number of NEAR wallets onboarded
2 Increase the number of NEAR social interactions
3 Engage more KOLs and influencers
4 Create and distribute branded content
5 Foster a collaborative environment for creatives
6 Spread the values and benefits of the NEAR protocol and the Creatives DAO
7 Ideate, incubate, and innovate solutions for ReFi on NEAR
8 Increase the amount of I-AM-HUMAN registered voters

We believe that these events will significantly increase awareness and engagement within the NEAR ecosystem, fostering new collaborations and highlighting the value of Creatives DAO. We appreciate your consideration of our proposal and look forward to the possibility of working together to make these events a success.

Total request number:
DAO on-chain address (target wallet):


Please, could you breakdown your request?


Hey @RussLive215 thank you for your proposal, it’s very promising!

I agree with @Bakaka here, could you please present a more detailed breakdown? We would like to know exactly how the requested amount will be spent before deciding whether we are keen to move forward. Thank you in advance!


A great initiative.

However, how can these people continue using these products? Is there a plan to keep them active?
Thanks, thanks


Peace family,

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and appreciate your patience regarding my response. Here, I’m providing a breakdown of my request, focusing on Merch, and Marketing.

The goal here is to collab with CDAO and create a unique up-cycled merchandise capsule for these four cities.

We plan to collect a variety of clothing items from local thrift stores, jeans, white tees, carpenter pants, cargos, etc. All the good blanks which we’ll customize and add our flavor via embroidery, airbrushing, and screen printing, with the latter being the most significant expense.

Heres the thing people love free merch!!! And will ultimately hop through any hoops or hurdles to get there hands on fly pieces. We are expecting anywhere from 50-200 attendees per event, each interested individual must possess a wallet and mint an NFT via shardog link, onboarding them into the Creatives DAO telegram.

Outside of that all other event expenses such as food, beverages, venue, security, staffing, etc are already covered. Hope this helps paint a better picture and offers a clear break down of what we plan on doing.

Category Subcategory Budget
Merchandise Production Thrifted Apparel / Material $700
Embroidery / Air Brush / Screen Printing $1000
Paint/ Accessories $200
Subtotal $1,900
Marketing Promoters / Brand Ambassadors $300
Step and Repeat $300
Subtotal $600
Grand Total $2500

Great point, with the PoV app basically a Web3 Yelp (https://proof-of-vibes.web.app/) Essentially event goers will be able to “check in” each one of these events, leave a review and be rewarded for this. This is all on chain and hope to integrate on BOS here soon.

Good day! What is the location in NYC for the event on June 20th? Thanks!

GM GM, its gonna be here (https://thealphabnb.com/) :). Shoot me a dm on telegram would love to see ya there.

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Hey @RussLive215
Since we currently lack a clear process and parameters for partnerships, we are unable to include your proposal as one of our line items in the funding proposal to NDC. Therefore, we excluded it from the evaluation. However, please note that we are actively working on establishing the parameters for partnerships. Once we reach a community consensus, these parameters will be added to our charter. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to stay engaged as we progress in defining our partnership framework.

Hey @RussLive215

Could you please re share your proposal as per the format shared in the partnerships parameters post?

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