[Closed] Proof of Vibes Nov 23' "Build and Deploy" Campaign

Peace Near fam, super excited to be sharing our Build and Deploy campaign. The whole gist being to invite devs, founders, marketers and tastemakers alike to join us on this journey to help build the Proof of Vibes application, Nears first loyalty reward program for events.

Section 1 - Project Information

Organization Name: Proof of Vibes
Proposal Title: Proof of Vibes Nov 23’ “Build and Deploy” Campaign
Introduction: Peace Near fam, super excited to be sharing our Build and Deploy campaign. Where we will be interviewing the best devs, founders, marketers and tastemakers alike. Getting all the best insight and alpha, while using this time to actively build out our app in the process.

Section 2. Previous Funding

Have you received funding for this project from any source? • Yes, $45,000 total
Any source of funding. This may include NEAR Foundation Grants, Creatives DAO, Human Guild, among others. • $45k from NEAR, $10k from Creatives DAO
3. Sculpting a Proposal

Section 3. Project URLs

Project Website • proofofvibes.com

Social Media Distribution Channels ( Telegram (Group), Discord (Community), Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Medium, Other




Which region will your project support? Usually a regions can be defined by their language.

North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa

Is Your Project Targeting a Specific Country? No

Section 4. Applicant Information

Your name (Pseudonymous name you are known by the community is acceptable. However, note that you will have to complete KYC to be able to receive funding from NDC) • Russell Ballard

Link to Governance Forum Profile • RussLive215

NEAR Wallet ID • ogruss.near

Wallet ID that will be receiving funds from this application. • ogruss.near

Country of Residence • United States

Twitter • @RussLive215

LinkedIn • https://www.linkedin.com/in/russ-ballard/

Additional Relevant Links (add any other links to resources that highlight your work or involvement with NEAR ecosystem. This may include your portfolio, GitHub, etc.)


Have You Been Paid Directly to Contribute or Lead another Marketing DAO Funded Projects (Previous or Current) ?


Section 5. Team Members
  1. Russ Ballard: Co-Founder and Chief Vibe Officer

  2. Anthony Marshall: Co-Founder

  3. Code Aka Web3 Plug: Chief Technical Officer

  4. Trophy: Community Manager

    Section 6. Experience

Over the last 6 months we have been curating events for the NDC doing them all over the world. The ETH CC, Near APAC, Nearcon. There are a handful of activations we have been responsible for bringing together.


 Section 7. Project Goals

Project Overview: Short High-Level Summary of the Purpose of the Your Project
We aim to produce content and messaging that captures local entrepreneurs, tastemakers, and promoters creating a wider net and larger opportunity to onboard users into Web3.

The ultimate goal of PoV is to be a loyalty reward platform for events. Meaning users can go to activations tap in, vibe and be rewarded for doing so.

What Problem Are You Aiming to Solve?

The public face of web3 technology in the general consumer public is suffering, and Proof of Vibes aims to correct that narrative with a focus on simple onboarding, practical product development and professional implementation.

How Does This Project Help Solve the Problems You’ve Listed?

It directly addresses the fears and concerns that business owners, promoters, and tastemakers have with blockchain technology. It’s an onboarding approach that meets the community where they are versus forcing them to comply.

What Are the Goals of This Project?

Onboarding to NEAR through both IRL activations and URL such as twitter spaces, telegram, instagram by building impactful relationships, and spreading awareness of BOS.

Section 8. Project Deliverables

Deliverable (Short Description of the Initiative or Task) •

10 content clips 0:30-2 min in length

Distribution Channel and Frequency of Posting (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Linkedin, Youtube, TikTok, etc.) • Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, Minds

Number of posts per month • two or three a week

Total Social Media Posts • 10-20

Channel URL(s) (Link to the Distribution Channels •



 Section 9. Budget

Budget (In USD for each Task)
Weekly Twitter Spaces (250) x 4 = 1000
Youtube Videos 5 2-3 minutes (500) = $2500
2 Podcasts (500) = $1000
Weekly Near Giveaway = $500

Links to Similar Proposals from Marketing DAO (if applicable): [Approved] Alpha Leaks w. AVB Youtube Series July 2023

What is the Total Funding Amount You Are Requesting? (USD) • $5,000

What is the length of Commitment to Delivering Your Project? • 4-6 weeks

Start Date of the Project/Campaign • November 19, 2023

Anything Else We should Know? • Nope

Type(s) of Content (Editorial, Promotional, Fact / Statistics, Interview, Q&A, Poll, etc) add a short explanation for each) • all of the above


i support this initiative as proof of vibes has typically been keeping the community vibe on high plus recording them onchain.

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I support this project, they have been constantly building a wonderful product called snap.proofofvibes.com where you basically record onchain vibes

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