[Approved] Proof of Vibes x Pizza DAO X CDAO Official Nearcon Side Event

Proposal for NEARCON Activation: Pizza Vibes A Official Nearcon Side Event

Project Overview

We are excited to present an absolute banger of an event. This will be the premier side event during Nearcon. The most engaging and memorable activation, aiming to bring together 300+ individuals within the Near ecosystem.

This activation, facilitated by the collaboration of Pizza DAO (https://twitter.com/Pizza_DAO), Proof of Vibes (https://twitter.com/vibesproof) , and Creatives DAO, will serve as an exceptional platform to foster community engagement and cultivate meaningful connections.

Event Details

  • Date: November 9th
  • Time: 9p - 1a
  • Expected Attendance: 200-300 individuals from the Near ecosystem.
  • Venue: Arroz Studios (Tentative)

This is so special because this will be the first collaboration between Pizza DAO and CDAO. Pizza DAO has hosted 100s of events all across the globe and has become a prominent figure in the Web3 space. Mostly within the Ethereum community. With tens of thousands of active DAO contributors all over the world is the perfect community partner. This opportunity will open up the door for future activations between both communities and open the door for a wide new range of participants within the NEAR ecosystem.

Below here’s a few examples of a few of the activations held in the last few months.

Pizza DAO x Collabland





Budget Line Items

Camera Crew and Video Production: To capture the essence of the event and memorable moments, we propose to engage a professional camera crew and production team. This team will be responsible for 10 hours of filming each day over the 4-day period, followed by 20 hours of dedicated editing. The total cost for this service is estimated at $2,000.

Production Team: In addition, a dedicated production team of four people will be actively involved in engaging with the venue, talent and attendees ensuring an interactive and immersive experience throughout the night. Each team member will receive a bounty of $500.

Event Sponsorship: For sponsoring this side event the headline sponsors, including brand placement on the recap video, logo placement on all social media posts, and flyer placement. Event Arrangements:

  • Venue: We are looking to secure the Arroz Studio Venue which we allocated $1000 to funding of that.
  • Drinks/ Bar Tab: Beverages will be provided, ensuring a refreshing and enjoyable experience for all participants. An allocated budget of $1000 has been allocated for this purpose.
  • Live Graffiti Artist: The activation will feature a live graffiti performance from local artists, adding an element of creativity and artistic expression to the event. This performance is estimated to cost $1000


  • 300+ new wallets using Shardog link
  • Recap video with Creative DAO placement
  • 500 On Chain Snaps Using Minsta via Proof of Vibes
  • 80% Net Promoter Score

Film Crew/ Video Editing: $2000
Event Production: $2200
Venue Rental: $1000
Drinks and Bar Tab: $1000
Live Graffiti Artist: $1000

We are confident that the collective efforts of the event team and sponsors will result in a truly special and memorable experience for all participants within the Near ecosystem.

Please let us know if you require any further details or adjustments to the proposal.